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  1. Please PM me any questions and I will respond rapidly, thank you for looking!
  2. stonehenge

    WTB rzr aftermarket seats

    If anybody is looking at their beautifully over accessorized utv and are thinking , hmmmmm.... I won't be sitting in these seats, its for sale, and I'm giving it away already, maybe this is a great idea to make some quick money and still be able to sell my rzr. Heck they are just seats, right?
  3. stonehenge

    New manx long body w/1915

    That is so beautiful! Manx style Dune buggies are timeless pieces of pure American genius.
  4. stonehenge

    WTB rzr aftermarket seats

    Looking for some aftermarket seats for a ghayzer. If your selling and want to make a quick buck, or worried your 50 grand utv is going for a lot less and want to recoup some funds, or sold yours and want some quick cash, I'm your huckleberry. 2014-2019 (I am told these all are the same for mounting purposes) I have some brand new take outs that can be worked into the deal if needed (see pic below) Would prefer all black, or black and grey, or black and silver, or black and blue. Open to any brand, love JetTrim, Simpson are cool, PRP's are fine, would kill for some Deegan 38 comp utv by PRP Have cash, will travel. Please PM me if interested in some cold, hard, fast cash.
  5. Thx for all the PM's. A board member is picking it up today. Cheers!
  6. stonehenge

    Desertcraft filters are here!!!

    At $99.00 dollars for the filter and $10.00 for the bracket, shipping and handling, plus tax, seems like a nice filter. How does the bracket attach to the air box and why wouldn't that be included with the product if the manf. thought it might be needed, in addition can one use the filter without the bracket and still feel safe it will stay attached? Plus do you have any photos of the bracket standing alone, how it attaches to the filter and how it attaches to the air box? If holes need to be drilled into a stock air box, one with a 6 year warranty might be concerned about a dealership raising issue to the hole let alone an aftermarket air filter. Whenever a vehicle of mine goes in for anything that might become warranty work they always have the oem super clean (new) air filter and oem oil filter. Cheap insurance for dealing with picky warranty F-ers.
  7. Please PM me with questions or concerns, thanks for looking. Gotta spend that tax return on something, right? (these pics are actual items) night desert vintage parka with removable liner, mint cond. (mens medium, which is kinda a large/xl cause it is designed to go over the military uniforms, fyi) brought home from Persian gulf war- 10 bucks axo helmet black and silver with bag good shape, would be a nice extra helmet large/xlarge- six back of pacifico 2 solid oak bar stools, seat 29 1/2 high, total height 48", be great in a playroom, bar, river house, etc. can deliver local for the right deal - 20 bucks for both Alpine IVA-W203, mobile media station, double din, excellent cond. w/cords, manual etc. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-Hv6v54I5rUI/p_500IVAW203/Alpine-iVA-W203.html - 80 bucks Arai XD4 (style) XL helmet, with original bag, paid over 600, in great shape, new clear face shield, fully operational, never need goggles again-30 bucks Sony DPF-D70 7" digital picture photo frame, brand new, never opened, complete, untouched by human hands, paid 180- 20 bucks Officejet 4630 brand new, sealed box, paid over 300, go for 200 on ebay, my loss is your gain, maybe for the kid, or your home office, etc- 80 bucks Tile patio table and 6 chairs, solid wood, excellent cond. , removable cushions (toss those ghay ones) had it on a covered patio, almost new, can deliver local for the right deal-40 bucks 2 Antique solid oak "detective office chair" in perfect working condition, rescued from a famous socal PD station that was being demo'd, these are very rare in great shape considering their age-40 each PM with inquires please. I'm in Glamis all winter and the Colorado river all summer, can deliver to G or river area or locally for the right deal. Pick-up is preferred, San Dimas, Arcadia and Downtown LA is where I'm at when not in G or the river. Shipping is ok also, at your expense, I'm not an ebay seller, and packaging, shipping, etc, all a pain in the ass, but will do it for a GD'er, I suppose. But your paying the shipping cost. FYI Accept cash, check, venmo, paypal, CC'ds, cashiers checks, combo of any. Booze also accepted, ciroq vodka.
  8. Sold to the man with the devil juice!
  9. https://www.autometer.com/3-3-4-tach-8-000-rpm-std-ign.html Brand new, paid couple hundy, no box, never installed. Trade for some booze, not picky, I drink vodka, not a snob, couple bottles of ciroc would be fine, come by (Glamis) we can toast to maybe having a wall built someday, or to Pelosi getting hit by a bus. Prefer PM for arrangements, keeps the poparazzi guessing.
  10. stonehenge

    Honda Talon

    "large-bump performance" isn't that just a bigger straw? lol
  11. stonehenge

    Honda Talon

    You wont have to wait that long, Polaris will have the trans 2020. plus 220 + hps, ground up changes and a nice 35 to 38G price tag.
  12. Like the title states. Trade for some Pacifico, must bring some limes with you, I have salt. I'm in G often, if you want it, PM me.
  13. stonehenge

    2 seat supercharged sequential LS6/S4 sandrail

    Good looking car!

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