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  1. Thanks, finally got in touch with him.
  2. Was wondering if anyone has this persons cell number, his name isn't Jr, but everyone refers to him as Jr. He works or runs the storage place across from GBS. Evidently he is a jack of all trades? Anyways, if anyone has his number could you please PM me. Thank you very much.
  3. Helping a friend list her Dunes trailer. I am super familiar with this rig and have owned several Dunes over the years, so I am a big fan of this manf. Hands down they are well built and very study rigs. She bought it in 2009 from the original owner and has kept it in storage since she purchased it (trailer lives at Dunes Edge) She keeps a rzr inside and uses for Glamis season only, only gets towed from Dunes Edge storage to Gecko (10 miles) so not many miles on the rig. She is pricing to sell, everything seems to be in working order except the genny (generac). It will fit most UTV's, some small buggies and any bikes, quads, 3-wheelers, road bikes, etc. 2001 Curtis Industries Dunes Deluxe 22 (front bath) all 4 tires in good shape spare tire in good shape always lubed the bearings & and all tires aired up 110 gallon fresh 50 grey 50 black 15000 btu air conditioning 12 volt gas heater 3-burner stove gas oven gas/electric fridge and freezer gas/electric water heater dual kitchen sink electric vented fan over cooking area microwave bathroom sink shower bathtub toilet bathroom closet and ample cabinets pull out pantry built in ATS (automatic transfer switch) 2-new 6 volt batteries electric tongue jack 1-7 1/2 gallon propane tanks propane tank cover 7.5 amp commercial large solar panel smart charge solar monitor system two cute ottomans with built in storage queen size rear loft privacy curtain for loft loft folds up half way when not in use if desired extra padding in loft loft ladder escape hatch in loft 2-fold down gouchos/sofas, full size beds solid oak cabinets throughout trailer lots of floor anchor points d-rings fuel tank for genny pump station and fuel tank for toys porch light curb side porch light rear door porch light front area porch light max air vent cover in bathroom new vent/escape hatch in loft area large awning rear door flood lights entry door side flood lights weight distribution set up included clean title, pink in hand, no damage, never in accident genny non-op Measurements- 71" high 91 1/2" at ramp 80" between bunks 12' 4" to first cabinet You don't have to ask your wife before you PM, DM or call to come look at it. Cash is preferred, but will negotiate cashier checks, personal checks, cc's, on-line payments, heck there's always exceptions. Always welcome help selling it Trailer is out in Glamis area, 24/7, always willing to show it. Thank you for looking!
  4. I respectfully disagree. I you are referring to a vehicle on the street, 4 slabs of grease and a tow hook unto a flatbed, sure your right. But a utv or buggy in the sand, in your camp, steering becomes a real issue. But lets not forget I never stated the wheel removal alone, and I said only 10% better feeling with locks, cables, insurance, firearms, etc. But I challenge anyone to push or drag anything in the sand that can't be steered. ain't fun Besides, most are stolen while they are still in the trailer, so the point is mute. Or they are "stolen" wink wink hint hint, i.e. and insurance opportunity. For one more thing to make the crook go to the next ghost camp, having no steering wheel might help him do just that.
  5. I love guns and keep them everywhere. You can never have one close enough and never have to many. (the pillow comment was a slight exaggeration) Although in the Marines we did sleep with our weapons, so maybe it just carried over. As far as Kalifornia laws, rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6! My daughter could shoot at a very, very young age. (could water ski before she could swim, hey she is wearing a life vest right, and floating head up)
  6. I assume most have the wheel removable cause the "racers" use them to get in and out of the tight compartment and for the non racers it looks cool. Whatever. I bought mine on my last utv cause I'm a fluffy guy and thought it would deter a theft if they couldn't steer it. Locks and cables only keep honest people honest. But at night when I would lock it up, remove the key and take the steering wheel inside my rig I did feel 10% better about it not being stolen. But I always insure my stuff, and I have .357 reasons under my pillow just in case they still try.
  7. stonehenge

    Honda 2000 genny

    Looking for a used honda genny, doesn't have to be shiney or pretty, just need it to run. Have cash will travel. Prefer a PM please. thanks for looking
  8. Was driving through Brawely and saw this little ezy-up, table and a sign next to a liquor store, pulled in, thought it was to receive a free blowjob, boy was I wrong.
  9. Anyone here have their rv recliners (ww style possibly) professionally recovered? If so, where? Thanks I have gone to multiple shops and all have said "nope"
  10. Well thank the Lord that there were no fatalities from these evil ghost camps, and all survived the treachery that was cast upon the masses during the T-day holidays.
  11. These look very promising. But as some have slightly eluded to, they will be in the 40 grand and up range once you have added a few options and tax, lic. title, etc. Not that 40 grand is a problem to anyone on this web site, merely pointing out the painfully obvious. And I agree with many previous posts, it will force the manf's to raise the bar in several areas if they desire to be crowned king of the sxs world. lol
  12. a silly lady on pad 3 decides to call 911 multiple times over loud music. (Not my camp) She called until 1 am although the music was turned off before 10pm. (They were on Pad 5 and for the record the music wasn't any louder than most camps in the dunes) Anyway we had an upset ranger coming around the next day checking camps due to him getting a call at 1am What I can't figure out is how and the heck, (or why in the heck) did this lovely person call the BLM for loud music in Glamis?!? And 911 to boot, wtf. In 36 years of doing G, I had no f-n clue anyone could call the leo's for loud music, that is a made up part of the story right? Sorry back to the topic at hand.

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