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  1. Put one on the wifes 19' XPT, installed it in about 10 minutes, plug and play! No drilling, no wires to run, no switches to run, no silicon, no hoses to run, no hassle install. It has an incredible amount of cfm and was priced very inexpensive. I have noticed it moves so much air that when I blow it out there is almost no dust in the clutches. Works so well and was so painless to install I recommend giving it a looksy.
  2. These kits are fine to use if all you are attempting to monitor is the ambient temperature of your CVT compartment. However the razorback kit and hopefully soon this AIM kit, they actually and more accurately monitor the belt temperature. Which is a more focused solution to maintaining belt longevity.
  3. I had trouble finding this product, any help would be appreciated greatly, thank you.
  4. At $99.00 dollars for the filter and $10.00 for the bracket, shipping and handling, plus tax, seems like a nice filter. How does the bracket attach to the air box and why wouldn't that be included with the product if the manf. thought it might be needed, in addition can one use the filter without the bracket and still feel safe it will stay attached? Plus do you have any photos of the bracket standing alone, how it attaches to the filter and how it attaches to the air box? If holes need to be drilled into a stock air box, one with a 6 year warranty might be concerned about a dealership raising issue to the hole let alone an aftermarket air filter. Whenever a vehicle of mine goes in for anything that might become warranty work they always have the oem super clean (new) air filter and oem oil filter. Cheap insurance for dealing with picky warranty F-ers.
  5. "large-bump performance" isn't that just a bigger straw? lol
  6. You wont have to wait that long, Polaris will have the trans 2020. plus 220 + hps, ground up changes and a nice 35 to 38G price tag.
  7. I can't confirm anything, merely speculation. However the fires have stretched many agencies to breaking point, and the border happens to be of concern lately as well. I'm not implying the fine men and women of the BLM law enforcement side is busy putting out fires or keeping out illegal aliens, only suggesting these two pressing issues could have some merit on the actual numbers of them being allocated to baby sit "duners" Just saying. But whatever the reason is, I F-N LOVE IT!!!!
  8. stonehenge

    EPO_Jan 11 _34.jpg

    Ol'rex keeping it real!
  9. My jet pump stuck out the back of the garage, so I just put the dog house over the pump. Dog didn't seem to mind, never went in the dog house anyways.
  10. Yea, I hope it is the pump, takes two seconds to swap out and not expensive at all. thx again for the impute!
  11. thanks for all the reply's When it was throwing the #36 code it would run for 10-20 then shut down, regardless of ambient outside temp and regardless with or without a load on it. Tried the fuel can trick, and decided to do the fuel lines just in case as a good measure. Genny has brand new fuel line ran all the way back. The pump does "spit" when priming it, might be the pump even though it is not very old and has little use. They are affordable so I will order another one and try it. Kinda dragged my ass on the flight systems board, was not cheap and now looking like it wasn't the issue after all. We always would run the genny on a monthly maintance schedule to keep everything happy. Even use good fuel and don't leave it in for long periods of time. Heck, we change the oil and filter so much its sick, and the plugs, and the air filter, both fuel filters and a brand new carb. (third carb I think) The genny has less than 300 hours total, and we have solar, 6 volts and a honda 2000. So it only gets used to run the convection oven (occasionally) and to keep all the parts lubricated/etc. Why even bother I ask myself often. But I like it to work because I'm wired that way, everything has to work and be clean, blah blah, you know type A personality. I think I even waxed the genny cover the other day, for what reason I have no clue.
  12. Have a Onan 5500 marqui. Been chasing the trouble code dragon. Finally put a new flight systems gen set controller in this last weekend. Was wondering if a fuel pump will work in the "prime mode" i.e. when you are priming it, the thing works fine, but then under normal conditions it won't work? Curious, the pump is relatively new and works excellent under the prime condition. But not sure if she is pumping under normal running conditions? Make sense what Im asking? Hope so. Please advise. thanks

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