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  1. Was driving through Brawely and saw this little ezy-up, table and a sign next to a liquor store, pulled in, thought it was to receive a free blowjob, boy was I wrong.
  2. Anyone here have their rv recliners (ww style possibly) professionally recovered? If so, where? Thanks I have gone to multiple shops and all have said "nope"
  3. Well thank the Lord that there were no fatalities from these evil ghost camps, and all survived the treachery that was cast upon the masses during the T-day holidays.
  4. These look very promising. But as some have slightly eluded to, they will be in the 40 grand and up range once you have added a few options and tax, lic. title, etc. Not that 40 grand is a problem to anyone on this web site, merely pointing out the painfully obvious. And I agree with many previous posts, it will force the manf's to raise the bar in several areas if they desire to be crowned king of the sxs world. lol
  5. a silly lady on pad 3 decides to call 911 multiple times over loud music. (Not my camp) She called until 1 am although the music was turned off before 10pm. (They were on Pad 5 and for the record the music wasn't any louder than most camps in the dunes) Anyway we had an upset ranger coming around the next day checking camps due to him getting a call at 1am What I can't figure out is how and the heck, (or why in the heck) did this lovely person call the BLM for loud music in Glamis?!? And 911 to boot, wtf. In 36 years of doing G, I had no f-n clue anyone could call the leo's for loud music, that is a made up part of the story right? Sorry back to the topic at hand.
  6. This is a great write up. Thank you for sharing. Just one item I thought was worth mentioning, when filling the hub it is a good idea to definitely STOP the second you hear or see it full or near full. Just a friendly FYI Again, good post, and very useful info.
  7. Tastfully built, priced right, will be sold very rapidly. Love the simplcity of the metal work, very clean.
  8. Sandroosten, that floor turned out very nice. Where did you find those recliners? super bitchen upgrade
  9. It was added on the 13th, but yes it is hidden within the format
  10. Enjoy this pic from the ledge on sat eve, relax, take in the beauty of a harvest moon. Besides, there is always plenty of room in the washes.
  11. If your in sales you might want to consider career change. Not sure if you noticed, but this is Glamis Dunes .com, i.e. sand dunes. But good luck with your sale.
  12. any word on belt access/ease of belt change? Our rex was a great machine, but changing the belt was not a pleasurable experience.

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