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  1. Enjoy this pic from the ledge on sat eve, relax, take in the beauty of a harvest moon. Besides, there is always plenty of room in the washes.
  2. If your in sales you might want to consider career change. Not sure if you noticed, but this is Glamis Dunes .com, i.e. sand dunes. But good luck with your sale.
  3. any word on belt access/ease of belt change? Our rex was a great machine, but changing the belt was not a pleasurable experience.
  4. It kinda looks like the kawi kfx 800 quad in the front end, kinda like the yami utv has some similiar lines of their raptor quads. Doesn't look bad. OEM belt gauge, that is an industry first. But dam, 1900 pounds, thats a healthy girl right there.
  5. The temp gauge I bought at home dump for a few bucks, drilled a hole in the lid and installed it just above the handle like the weber upgraded models have, took 120 seconds to install, cost a few dollars and works wonderfully. Highly recommend. My lid does not have the indent for the gauge like this newer model, and my gauge is a few cm's lower. But looks, fits and works identical to this.
  6. I use the weber Q 2000 all Glamis season, and all river season, which is kinda all year. Love it so much I have often thought of ditching my home bbq and buying another weber Q. I bought my weber Q in 2005, they had come out the year before I believe. Going on 15 years of use, and never had one single issue! Well not entirely true, the weber Q duffle bag zipper broke and I had to search to hell and back to find another one (discontnued years ago) and nobody would fix the zipper, trust me I tried. But the grill, kicks ass. I have the folding weber table, weber cover, I added a temp gauge, I have a grill that goes on top when needed, and a 2.6 gallon/11 lbs. tank for easier movement and use. Not the biggest grilling surface and the wind can be a bitch occasionally, but other than that it is my favorite thing in my trailer, but I'm a fat guy so that isn't saying to much. Weber Q tips- I keep foil in the drip pan and if it gets nasty just toss the foil, and I do keep the grill rather clean and occasionally use the ezy-off or simple green bbq foam cleaner and hose off. Plus I clean off the shelves prior to storing or covering it, casue mother g has her ways of getting into my grub.
  7. Very nice, love all the chrome running gear and bling, plus a 70 grand rzr for only $65,000.00, smok'in deal right there. GLWTS
  8. My drivers license says I weigh 237, just like all the ladies who are honest on their drivers licenses! lol
  9. It weighs 237 pounds more than the xp. So its like one extra fat guy riding with you, kinda eats up a few of those ponies doesn't it?
  10. I would have to agree with this statement 100%
  11. The specific model is in your signature, FSWL (front sleeper walkaround luxury) I believe the 09' fswl's had a double door bathroom and they took the TV off the wall and placed it back into the wall pocket, plus kicked the bed back sideways to give more cargo space. and it is not billet, it is distress interior, which is way better than the billet, more classy, timeless and does not have that "1999 flatbiller look" or the tired garage look of billet. Nice rig.

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