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  1. Sold to the man with the devil juice!
  2. https://www.autometer.com/3-3-4-tach-8-000-rpm-std-ign.html Brand new, paid couple hundy, no box, never installed. Trade for some booze, not picky, I drink vodka, not a snob, couple bottles of ciroc would be fine, come by (Glamis) we can toast to maybe having a wall built someday, or to Pelosi getting hit by a bus. Prefer PM for arrangements, keeps the poparazzi guessing.
  3. stonehenge

    WTB Aceco 2-seater sand buggy

    I know this is a shot in the dark, (pun intended) but I'm looking for an a-arm front end, 2-seat Aceco sand buggy. With or without a motor, roller or raw frame, complete or in a box. Has to be an original Aceco two seat with an original Aceco a-arm front end. Basically looking for a 2 seat Aceco sand car. If your wondering what they look like, I have attached exactly what I'm looking for. Not an Aceco race car. Sand car, for the sand. Oh yea, with 2 seats, not 4. 2 seats 2 seats not 4, but 2 seats, only two Would prefer a PM, thank you.
  4. stonehenge

    Honda Talon

    "large-bump performance" isn't that just a bigger straw? lol
  5. stonehenge

    Honda Talon

    You wont have to wait that long, Polaris will have the trans 2020. plus 220 + hps, ground up changes and a nice 35 to 38G price tag.
  6. Like the title states. Trade for some Pacifico, must bring some limes with you, I have salt. I'm in G often, if you want it, PM me.
  7. stonehenge

    Kawasaki Teryx (sold)

  8. stonehenge

    2 seat supercharged sequential LS6/S4 sandrail

    Good looking car!
  9. stonehenge

    F the CBD

  10. stonehenge

    Buggy-4 Seat offroad $15500

    Seems like a lot of car for a very low price. GLWS
  11. I can't confirm anything, merely speculation. However the fires have stretched many agencies to breaking point, and the border happens to be of concern lately as well. I'm not implying the fine men and women of the BLM law enforcement side is busy putting out fires or keeping out illegal aliens, only suggesting these two pressing issues could have some merit on the actual numbers of them being allocated to baby sit "duners" Just saying. But whatever the reason is, I F-N LOVE IT!!!!
  12. stonehenge

    Aftermarket seats

    two words JET TRIM Done.
  13. stonehenge

    EPO_Jan 11 _34.jpg

    Ol'rex keeping it real!
  14. stonehenge

    Wanted Honda Atc 70 Thread.

    Jesus this was a long time ago when I started this thread, 03' yikes!
  15. stonehenge

    2018 RZR Turbo S

  16. stonehenge

    Cheap Stacker

    Sorry sir, this sight is for sand cars, if your selling sad cars please refer to the ghayzer forums.
  17. stonehenge

    wanted ww wheel 16"

    yep, this will be our 35th year anniversary at the park!
  18. stonehenge

    wanted ww wheel 16"

    Looking for a 16" ww wheel like this one, don't need tire, ok if it does. Have cash will travel, venmo, paypal, check, cc, money order, booze, hookers & blow, etc....
  19. stonehenge

    wanted ww wheel 16"

    Wheel came fast and perfect. Very inexpensive and free shipping, other than the Commie/Kali tax is was painless. Having it mounted today! thx for the link Orange R
  20. stonehenge

    Wanted custom flags and whips

    I have a friend who is trying to locate a company that will make custom flags and whips for a fundraising event in Glamis for families and victims of the Las Vegas shooting. A link or phone number of a flag/whip company would be tremendous! Thanks she will appreciate it.

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