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  1. The tires that I have were on the car when I purchased it.. according to the DOT code, they are 15 years old and dont have any markings other than 33. ☹️
  2. I have been searching for a few hours and cant find the answer. I need to buy new paddles for next season, I now have 33 blasters but not sure if they are cut #1 or #2. Can someone tell me what the scoop heights are? THANK YOU!!!!!
  3. How much for the rears if you separate? I may be interested...
  4. Can I get a price on STU 33x15 #2 cut. shipped to 85383
  5. I have a 2400# car with an Ls 383 stroker. I want to ad a single turbo this off season, but have no idea about what size I should run. I have scoured the webb and now feel more confused than before. I now I will need bigger injectors and posible a turbo cam. Any advice would be great
  6. I mean 5 seperate seats, two i the front and three in the rear. Not a bench seat, 3 seperate seats.
  7. I know Revenge builds one. I was just wondering if they are the only builder that does it.
  8. How much do you use? and do you go thrue the valve stem??
  9. They are 930 Race Cages, and I replaced it just to be safe. I bought a new cage for the other side in case it looks the same when I pull it apart. The wear marks don't bother me as much as the dents from the balls.
  10. I was changeing a cv boot and thought I would clean things up and inspect them, this is what I found. The car has about 20 hours total, and they are not hard hours. I contacted the builder and he told me that is normal wear for a LT car. Others have told me the limit straps are to long and over extending the CV. What do you think?? Normal or not?? [attachmentid=118630] [attachmentid=118631]
  11. I have the same trailer and I put a Z400 in the kitchen stood up on end, a 5-seater Sandwinder, and a trx90 turned sideways against the back of the rail. It is very tight and uses ALL of the space.
  12. I have a 38' and have had no problems in a year and a half. I dont think mine is extra heavy eather.
  13. I am going to be out there with my new Sandwinder also .....have two other cars camping with me. We should hook up and go for a ride!!
  14. [attachmentid=98763] Sandwinder, El Mirage

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