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  1. So it looks like weather gods my be on our side again. Next Saturday's high they say will be 102 low 81. That's unreal For August. WHO else is coming?
  2. There will be a date it just not set yet. Any suggestions?
  3. Will be there. Pads 3/5 unless we change where we are camping. I will post if change. If you will be there I will camp at 3/5. I its just me and Dev then I will camp at the store.
  4. Yes there is a thread with date. It is the 24 of this month. Have not set date yet for next month.
  5. Coyne Powersports in El Centro gave me a great price on 2019 X3 RS this was 4 months ago 5k under MSRP. Seen a add for 7K under the other day.
  6. I will be there. Who else is up for it.
  7. The Honda 7000 I think is better then the Yamaha as it is fuel injected so no carb issues. 2 smaller gens in parallel are easier to move around and lift.
  8. I check with buddy of mine he may want them. What color are they?
  9. Looks like July 19 trip is a bust. Im going to make different plans. Maybe 2 dates for Aug. First weekend 3 and the 24. Dev can make those dates also.
  10. I been out 7 times since May. They change way more then you think. Sand Hyw going out to olds almost goes away. Its know dune Hyw. The shape of the dunes change as wind blows from other directions during summer. I love summer out there. Sand is smooth every thing has sharp edges no ruts whoops. There are some soft spots. It something else when it is just you and a few buddy's and no one else in all of Glamis. You set a the top of Olds and not a sound out there.
  11. Dose a different weekend work better. Seems we have very few for that weekend.
  12. Who is going to make trip on the July 19?????
  13. Think July 19 is next date. Let us know how this works for others.

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