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  1. Temps high 93 lows 66 both days. Windy Friday maybe Saturday also am rides should be real nice.
  2. I like them except. After 1 year 1300 miles the paddles are tearing off in center of paddle and know I just replaced them. I ran them on 19 X3 RS. My friend is having same issue with same tires that he runs on RZR XPT S. I would say pass. I went with Sand Craft 32x15 11 paddle. Fronts being comp cut may work better then mine without. They liked to grab things on my X3. My friend did not have same issue with fronts with RZR. They worked good but short life span. Good price might be worth testing. Only used at Glamis.
  3. There will be a small group of us doing a rides on Saturday & Sunday this weekend 6/6 & 6/7. If you like to come out we will camp kinda by wash 1. Temps look good this weekend and sand has been great. Send me a PM if need more info or come on out.
  4. Fullerton's Sand Sport paddles came apart. Paddles are tearing of in center of paddles.
  5. They are on back order. Sand craft say it will take at least 2 months to get. They did give me some numbers to call and I found a shop that had some in stock. Bought a set. 32 for my X3 RS. Had Fullerton Sand Sports. They worked good but the paddles started to come apart after 1 year. My friend is having same issue with his. Sucks to get only 1 year out of set of paddles. Fronts also grab things' to much.
  6. I will be there Friday night. Other will start to arrive thru out the week Deven is already there.
  7. There will be a group of us camped close to wash 1 about 18 in our group. Ride time is 6:00 am. We will also do night rides. If have any questions ask Deven at the store for more ride info.
  8. ocjeff

    Heats On

    We have ride planed for 5/9-5/10 first summer trip. Just got back from there. Washes are open. Memorial day next trip. I hope Geko will be open for it.
  9. Spent over 20 years working on Lamborghini. I have driving after market tween turbos V10s that run 1500HP some can make 2000HP. They cut out the stock cylinders and add steal cylinder liners. Gen 1 Gallardos made 500HP and up to 530HP that was a 5.0LT with port injection. Then a 5.2 LT direct injection 560hp-570HP. Then the Huracan engine 5.2LT direct injection with port injection 610HP-640HP. The 5.2LT is a better engine. On all of them redline was 8300. Even out of totaled cars they are not cheep to buy. On the Lamborghini the only belt driven item is the alternator, every thing else is shaft driven.
  10. Don't have a last trip. Summer in Glamis rocks. The real season is almost here.
  11. A lot of people would not have survived that long. Bet that dog was hungry scared & thirsty. Great to hear happy ending for that pup.
  12. I have used them. Got good service & good parts.
  13. Bump for a bad axx RZR all top of the line after market parts done right and well taken care of.
  14. I have been using the Rugged unit for some time know. Works well. Keep in mind the cost to replace the lens on the helmet. I m going to buy the Bell as the lens for my HJC is 2 times the price. I find about every 4--5 days it need replaced as Im not the leader in our group and it gets sand blasted in Glamis. The S&B particle separator one looks very good as there is no filter to get dirty. The filters do get dirty and that slows the air flow. I have heard on the Bell if you open the air inlet holes they work better.
  15. Yes it was just as good as it gets the sand was insane good, good people to ride and camp with and nice weather. No real breakdowns. It was one hell of aa weekend.

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