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  1. Yes it was just as good as it gets the sand was insane good, good people to ride and camp with and nice weather. No real breakdowns. It was one hell of aa weekend.
  2. Most seem to think OEM is the way to go. There are some after market that are suppose to be better but around same price. Always carry a spare. Should do a trial run on belt replacement at home to make sure you have the tools you need and how it done.
  3. Sound like its you first belt that broke. How many miles did you get out of the belt?
  4. It was a weekend for the books. Weather was great and the sand was about as good as it gets. The rain pack the sand so it was very firm and fast. With hardly any one there it did not get rutted. The rain gave the sand a cool texture. Sand was some of the best I have had in Glamis.
  5. Weather looks great Sat High 86 low 61 Sun 84/60 see you out there.
  6. 5 or 4 point harnesses are not DOT legal unless they have retractors as they don't work unless they are adjusted correctly. That's why side x sides did not come with them until they added retractors to them. I worked at the dealer level on Lamborghini for over 20 years we could not install harnesses with out liability issues. Only way we would do it is if stock belts stayed in place and harnes was for track use only. Customer had to sign a wavier to that. Still could have had liability issues at that. When they added air bags to the seats we had to stop changing seats and doing tall man modes to seats for liability issues. Lambo convertibles 2005 and up come with roll bars that deploy if the car rolls over. Coups are built to hold up during roll over and can do well in roll over except under the most extreme crashes.
  7. I have seen warmer temps in November.
  8. Next weekend ride 9/28-29 should have great weather. Forecast is high of 89 low is 65 for Sat, Sun is 87 and 64. Dose not get any better for a summer ride. Come one come all Pad 3/5 on Geko road. Forecast update Sat 86 low 62 Sun 83 low 60 wow.
  9. Ride this weekend 9/14. Any one need a sand fix Pads 3/5 on Geko road.
  10. That is a compression tester not fuel pressure but still a good deal at that price.
  11. Temps where great for morning rides. It was overcast in am 80 deg. and 10 mph wind. Rides were good had a lot fun.
  12. I went to Glamis this weekend and the weather was great. 80 deg. and cloudy with a 10 mile wind and the sand was great. Sunday was the same. Able to ride until 10:30.
  13. So it looks like weather gods my be on our side again. Next Saturday's high they say will be 102 low 81. That's unreal For August. WHO else is coming?

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