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  1. And now we're narrowing it down. I found this place: https://www.predatorpeestore.com/ SMH, but the car will be on rocks in about a 200sqft side yard, so I can sprinkle the predator flakes in the rocks, Use a couple of lights and some peppermint oil on tires. Wife has tons of that. On a side note, how do you get 12oz of pure Mt. Lion urine?
  2. Thank you all for your help. I agree with the total fence, but I am going to start with the LED strobe lights. I might even try some game deterrent spray??? Family will be pissed if dogs eat poisoned rodents and die.
  3. I'm getting ready to store a car in my side yard. I've got no more outside cats. I'm going to cover it to protect it from the weather. It will get used once a month. The last car that was there did get some rodent damage. I have three small dogs who live in the back yard and will have access to where the car will be. The rodents aren't coming from my yard. My stuff is pretty clear. Is there a poison that can be put up in the undercarriage that works? Another method to keep them out of it that won't hurt the dogs. The dogs are locked in crates at night and in a separate side yard during the day otherwise I think their presence would keep the rodents away. The wife is against me keeping a pee perimeter around it.
  4. pretty sure every honda still runs....even 17years later.
  5. I've spent many a day on a friends tri-toon--22' with a Mercury 150 4-stroke. it hits about 22 fully loaded--10 people and gear. Even loaded, it will take anything Parker can throw at it. Smooth ride. I'd dump my 21' commander jet in a minute, if he ever thinks of getting ride of it. 15 kids have grown up on it now. best buy ever.
  6. I've been here in The Estates for 18 years. I love it. Nights are dark. Skies are beautiful. It is kinda like the old Moreno Valley I grew up in. Main Street gets a lot more action from different folks. The HOA in the estates is hit and miss. It is way cheaper than most places down the hill, but they are selective on how they enforce the rules. The roads are actually under county jurisdiction, so you can leave almost anything there, and unless a neighbor complains and the CHP comes and cites, you can do what you want. The minute you move anything onto your lot, HOA can mess with you. Most people keep things acceptably clean. I commute to PQ, and my wife commutes to Encinitas /Solana Beach/ Rancho Santa Fe, and we take turns shuttling a kid to Chula Vista several days a week. We're used to that drive. We committed to it from the get go. However, now that our youngest will be a sophomore in HS, we started talking about looking into a place where we could walk to a store, a bar, fun stuff, etc. If you are into hiking and trail sports, there is a ton of stuff here, but both of us drive so much during the week, we kinda like not driving during the weekend and on time off. Not an option if you're here. Living here has made us appreciate the vacations we take when we can leave the car in the garage for the whole time. It's Sunday. I needed a car smogged. There are tons of places in town to do that, none of them open. I had to drive down to Poway. No Movie Theater. The old one still hosts Midget Wrestling. If you're a foodie, you'll die a slow death. When your friends come for BBQ, they can't drink, because they have 40 minute drive home or they are sleeping on your couch. Lot to love here. Generally good people. I'll wipe a few tears if we move. Mike
  7. Sold. Guy bought it to restore it.
  8. I agree. I think a guy is coming Sunday to look at it. He wants something to pull behind his old truck for parades and events. I'm hoping it is perfect for him. I don't need anther project. If I was going to restore it, I would make it a Hotdog Trailer and use it at local Concert in the Park events and for family and friends, but again..NO MORE PROJECTS <---gotta keep telling myself that.
  9. Make me an offer. Bearings are okay. Just towed it 90 miles to Ramona from Moreno Valley. It doesn't bounce or wobble. New tires. Temp lights, so it is legal to tow. Vintage <--- that adds 1 billion dollars to the price. 1944. Was hand built with scrap since there was no new steel around because of war. The original registration ticket says handmade. I've got the pink slip. Not currently registered. My grandpa used it to move his horses around. My dad used it to move 4H live stock around. It has been sitting in a barn for 50 years but the wood is not rotted. Drilled through it to add lights and it was clean inside. Could be converted for other purposes. It would make an awesome Chili Cheese Dog Stand.
  10. The school I work at uses chrome books and chrome boxes exclusively in our labs and computer carts. Ours certainly aren't the same thing you have, but they are darn near indestructible. They are routinely dropped, tossed onto desks, slammed shut, left unplugged and run completely dead, etc. They rarely need more than a re-boot to clean up any issues with apps. The only thing that cripples them is when kids pop off the keys and break the little plastic pieces underneath them so that new or replacement keys can be popped back on. The keys actually still work when missing as long as the rubber covering is still on. The work well for what we need.
  11. I just bought a used 2006 Suburban, and it has video screens installed in the back of the front headrests. It has a drop down 10" screen in the center. It has a Double Din Pioneer AVIC-F90BT premier head unit w/ navigation that works great. The separate DVD unit has USB, and both the head unit and DVD have slots for HD cards and aux cords. It all works. Reality: When we go anywhere, everyone falls asleep or pulls blankets over their heads, because I like it cold, and watch movies on their phones or listen to music. This stuff will never get used. If my kids were still in car seats, it would be great! I'm thinking of just buying a new head unit with apple play, updating the speakers, maybe adding an amp and deleting all of the AV equipment. I'll have a fair amount of good working AV stuff that will fit a 2001-06 suburban (I think). I'd be willing to trade all the AV stuff when I take it out for two new OEM headrests, tan leather. The stuff is still installed. I'm heading to the river in a few days. Not in a hurry. Anyone want this set-up. I've got pics if you want them. mike
  12. I've searched threads here and have read about spark plug issues and fixes on the early ones as well as the high rpm. Not worried about gas mileage. Also searched the interwebs. What is the real story on early V10s any reliable fixes?
  13. Need another bus for the family. Has to be 4x4. Don't want a project. Cash in hand.
  14. I have a 2006, purchased in 10/2005, Toyota Matrix XR with 289,000 miles on it and it purrs like a kitten. I replaced the clutch just 5,000 miles ago for the first time. I replaced an exhaust support bar in the rear with a redesigned one about 8 years ago. The exhaust manifold gasket failed, and I had it fixed because it was loud. The dipstick tube broke which is a known issue but was easy to replace in the drive way. Had to replace the really expensive wiring harness in the steering wheel when I took it in for the takata airbag recall. They did the airbag for free, but the harness had also failed?? Other than that, just regular maintenance. With back seats folded flat it will hold a TRX 70 but not an LT 80. I'm 5'10" and can sleep in the back too if I sleep at a diagonal. Original AC compressor and has never been recharged, but driving to /back from the river with five people in the car at 1:00 pm, when it is 115 outside, the AC struggles to keep us cool, but I also don't have tinted windows. I get 33 mpg on the dot with nearly every fill-up, but If I baby it and keep highway speeds down below 65, It will do 35. I normally drive 75-80 on the freeway. I'm going to shoot for 500,000 miles with this. I drive between 50-115 miles a day.

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