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  1. C'mon!! no way its going to be more fun than blasting our Rhinos down sand highway at breakneck speeds of 25MPH!!!
  2. My 2000 XJ that I'll probably sell to get back into rails..
  3. thanks giving 2010 at wash 4
  4. sun.bmpTaken the Monday night before this ThanksGiving 2010 at Wash 4
  5. No biggie.. 4-link with f-100 cross link steering, 6 over beams, 5.0 up against a c4, spooled 9"
  6. Here's a picture of the snake. It was about a foot long, and didn't like shovels pushed in its face.
  7. Thanks for the heads up... I put about 130 miles on it last trip, checked it at the end of every trip for loose hardware and found none. I'll be going to a full system a little later when I beef up the motor. My friends have the Yoshi twin set-up and have nothing but head aches with it.. loose or lost head nuts and end-cap hardware flying off...
  8. Well I back!!! Absolutly no problems, The Rhino had a lot of bottom end torque and cruzed through the bigger dunes at 20-30mph... I NEED TO GET THIS THING A LONG TRAVEL! found myself losing momentum hitting the small whoop at the begining (of almost every) steep hill. On the longer climbs she would bogg down a bit, but the front paddles seemed to pull me over the top ( I could feel them grabing). After a long ride ( hour straight) I could smell the packing heating up, and saw some clogging in the spark arrestor. I'll take it out before the next trip. No popping or sputtering or back-fire with the stock jets. I did knotice that the rhino wanted to idle high after a long run, this made it lurch when putting it into forward or reverse. Now comes the expense of ownership. I let my wife drive it a couple of times, and with so many words ( as I took it ), I need to get suspension seats, long travel, and beef up the motor. She is used to the long travel sandrail we sold to "down size" our hassels of going to the desert. Good for me bad for my wallet.... I'm sure I can make it work!!!!
  9. The paddle set-up came with the Rhino.. ( bought used )... I'd like to go with the Hiper Carbon wheels.... save about 7lbs per wheel
  10. I just installed the Dubach Racing Development slip on pipe for the 660 Rhino. Stock foam filter, stock jetting ( Dr. Ds says no re-jetting required untill aftermarket filter installed - then go one up on pilot jet.) Took it up and down the block a couple times. No popping or back fireing. Top speed stayed the same (47), But it has more torque and gets to the top speed faster. I'll be going to Glamis this weekend( Prez Day). and I'll post my likes and regrets for going with this set up. also if re-jetting is required after I get to sea level. Peace
  11. Smaller balls!!!!! I thought bigger was better!!!
  12. How long will the black last, being sandblasted during the season.. I know my A-arms get dull quick. Look at black chrome as a color.... very nice
  13. GREAT idea and I think everybody would support it 100%. The problem is when there is a mass of humanity, not to mention darkness, it's very difficult to catch people in the actual act of littering. Just like somebody else posted about thier own friends burying the trash in the sand so they don't get caught with the empties. The other issue is the judges down the line. You can slap any fine you want on a violation but if they fight it, 98% of all fines are determined by what mood the judge is in. Just as an *example* only, a glass bottle ticket in San Diego is $200 when you get the fine thru the mail. If you fight it, the fine doled out by the judge is *usually* $50....the city has to pay me (4) hours OT just to show up so they actually LOSE money when people fight tickets in court. Last year I saw a guy dig a hole and drain his Trans fluid in the sand at the washes. Karma is a bitch.... The next big weekend he was camped at the same spot and dug his fire-pit in the same spot..... Hello trannyfluid friend... smelly
  14. Thanks for the info... I'm going to run Amsoil with Lucas stabilizer,,, I'll let you know how it goes. After all its only a Megasand and $$$$

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