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  1. FKs. i take it you want the 70$ ones? So many hiems on the interwebs. looking at price ranges around 30-45$.
  2. thank you. definitely would be a plus to make the lowers a little beefier.
  3. so why do i want to use chromoly over regular steel? my rig dosent weigh but 900#s. plus i have to fab the front a-arm mount from plate, and regular steel is way cheaper at that point? having to order all this metal has a huge shipping fee, ruffstuffspecialties has a great rate and i could get every thing i need but one piece for 1050.00 and 26$ shipping. thats shocks, heims, tube, and a piece of plate steel.
  4. i know of some fab store web sites but is there a one stop shopping for tube, heim joints, and tube adapters/weld in bungs of ALL sizes. i think mostly what im looking for is a shop with good heims, medium duty but good quality, and bungs of all sizes with an option to get discounts on 10+ heims, nuts, bungs, bolts
  5. yes sir i am when its put like that. thank you for the info.. dosnt really make a difference at 3#s.
  6. ITS TIME! A-Arm Suspension. I am learning that i have no idea what the fk i am looking for, and is compiling into "i dont have a clue what im doing." i have a very light weight mid engine vw sand rail, im sure one of you remember me from a few years ago, the rails name is Freshly Squeezed, its an orange Prowlers Sand Sprite 3. it weighs no more then 7- 800#s if that, i can pick the front end up with one arm, with some effort, of course. i want to use: chromoly 4130, 1" od x.095" wall 5/8 hiems and reduce to 1/2 inch x 5/8 im fabricating my own spindles with 1 -1/4 tube, 1/2 inch bolt size bungs at both ends, with a spindle attached to one side and a boxed steering arm that welds around the tube and onto the spindle. im pretty confident on this idea #1. i am having problems finding weld inserts to fit 1' OD x .095, so do i reduce the OD to 7/8 od x .095 wall which i am able to to find 3/4 ID pipe bungs easliy and use the 5/8 male end? Any suggestions i am open to. using 1 inch male end heims, etc #2 am i even starting out with the right idea on the tube size? strong but no need to make it stronger then the frame, lite, but not to build it so it fails. I started out with 1'" OD x .120" wall but i really thing that is going to be WAY to much and really heavy, then theres 1"ODx .065 wall but the threaded bung thing and will that be to weak?
  7. theres two that drive around with license plates here..
  8. thats what i saw...holy crap that dude was FLYIN...
  9. isnt pin holes in copper due to electrolysis..? pex is good stuff...just check the fittings for imperfections on the ribs when installing..this is the only leaks ive ever had.. i think theres a pex test thing that has been under psi and moving water for 40 yrs...no fails.. theres a hell of a warranty on pex products..
  10. the view from the back deck of the house im buildin..ski parks open..lakes are full...droughts over..lol
  11. freakin bad a$$ vid...
  12. i gonna try it..if it saves the final cut faster then the "gopro movie edit" then it will be a plus!

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