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  1. I'm going. Just wanted to hear somebody else say that its not going to be like Thanksgiving out there and confirm what I'm expecting the dunes to look like. Sweeeeeet powder!!
  2. I saw the weather and with the wind blowing im thinking this is a great weekend. I think I'll just update from the dunes! Thanks for the input , it was exactly what i needed to make the choice to go
  3. Anybody want to make a guess on if this weekend is going to be packed out at the dunes or has everybody moved on to boating already.
  4. Tech3 mid engine. I tried to get ahold of Darren for a new Sand sprite but I couldn't so I purchased the tech 3
  5. As is. 9800Sand sprite 4swing arm front end with carerra shocks (500 on the shocks alone)blade front tires gauges for oil pressure, oil temp and volts with lights for oil pressure and alt all up front, redundant mechanical gauges behind seats on aluminum dash and a 12 volt power supply via a cigarette lighter also on rear dash led front light bar, i also have the day light small lights that came with the carpower for lighted whip on a separate switchaluminum panel for external oil cooler and fan mounted to side of car. fan control is either temp or via an over ride switch.plate for electronic fuel pumpspun aluminum fuel cellplate for external hp1 oil filterrear brake lightsrear coil oversstearing quickiner with quick release stearing wheelremoved fiberglass pan seats and installed padded seats from moore parts4 point harness strapsheavy duty front spindles from darren at sand spritealuminum side panelsPaint is not perfect but it is safety orange and that's an easy touch up colorcar is in my name and title is cleanim probably missing something, if i think of anything else ill update iti can post more pics if i still have this this sunday when its out of the trailer.that motor is a 2332 turbo 18lbs of boost 350hp runs on 110******if I remove my engine my gearbox and paddles, my fuel pump, its a high volume pump for my turbo and my oil cooler I'll take 1800 want any more pics just ask
  6. Cars in glamis right now. I'll be out there this weekend. I was hoping to find somebody that had or has one to just jump on a good pair of shocks. Rear is coil over 4 link. front sucks balls. I'm running 2332 non turbo right but building a 2500 turbo 18lbs to replace it with.
  7. I have fox shocks now but want to run coil overs . does anybody have the same car that has changed over to coil overs? If so what shocks did you go with and where can I find a set. Im going with asking before buying and that why I dont end up with a stack of shocks I dont like. Thanks in advamce for any help
  8. newbee here I have a old sand sprite mid engine with the a arm front end. just built a 2332 with turbo 18lbs boost. thinking with this much engine I may want to get a new frame, like a tech 3 midengine. do a motor swap. does anybody know or have one that either has a cooked block or has upgraded and no longer uses the old car. not ready to jump as far as money goes but I am looking to see whats out there and a price ranges thank you guys!!!

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