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  1. Will come with start up warranty - need this gone!
  2. It all depends on your intercooling, gear box, etc.... But 800RWHP is pretty common.
  3. Hello everyone - I built this motor for my personal car, but have decided to go a different direction. Everything is brand new and the motor has 0 miles. I'm asking $16,500 + shipping. I started with a new GM LS3 block. Torque plate honed. Inside it has a fully forged K1 4.125 stroke crank shaft, K1 forged H-Beam 6.125 rods, and Forged Wiseco 4.070 pistons - all balanced. Compression is set at 10.5.1. All new bearings, seals, ZL1 oil pump and water pump. ZL1 headgaskets, ARP mains and ARP head studs. Custom supercharger grind COMP cam, and Trend Performance push rods. On top is a ported and polished ZL1 Supercharger Snout with ZL1 Lid and Trick Flow CNC GENX 255 cylinder heads, complete with stainless valves, dual springs and titanium retainers! Holley tall valve covers finish it up. I also installed an Ultimate Performance & Design (UPD) 10” overdrive crank pulley And UPD billet 5 piece high performance idler kit. The LSA supercharger has a modular pulley system installed with a ZZP 2.7 upper pulley. It should make ~16 lbs of boost. Billet goodies include CBM AN thermostat housing and water pump fitting. It also includes Sweet power steering pump w/ CBM billet pulley. Fuel comes from ID1000 injectors which are included. I also have a Holley Dominator system, harness, etc. ready for this if interested. I’m probably missing something but this Engine is ready to go! Give me a shout 734.794.3082 ext. 1 or email sales@alphafabindustries.com.
  4. Hello Everyone, We're keeping it warm this winter by developing some cool boosted projects! Our new Ecotec LEA/LAF turbo kits are here and they make great power on pump gas! Our Stage 1 kit is rated at 325HP [crankshaft] and we are seeing 280+HP to the wheels. This is done with a low boost setup [8lbs]. AFI 2.4 ECOTEC LEA DIRECT INJECTION STAGE 1 TURBO KIT: $3800 The kit includes: AFI Turbo Exhaust Manifold [2000* Ceramic Coated] External WG AFI GT28 Ball Bearing Turbo [ceramic turbine housing optional] AFI GT28 V-Band Downpipe [ceramic coating optional] Tial 38MM MVS Wastegate AFI -3AN Oil feed line, fittings, and adapters AFI -10AN Oil drain line, fittings, and adapters AFI -6AN Water feed line, fittings, and adapters AFI -6AN Water drain line, fittings, and adapters AFI Water Block Off AFI 2.5" V-Band Flange & Clamp Set GM 2 BAR MAP Sensor AFI STAGE I E39 ECM TURBO TUNE AFI A2A Top Mount IC w/ Ecotec Mount AFI Intercooler piping, silicone hoses, & T-bolt clamps AFI Throttle Body Transition Hose TIAL 50mm Q BOV AFI Hi-Flow Turbo Air Filter & Hoses All gaskets, nuts, bolts, and hardware This kit can be ran with any year 2010-PRESENT Ecotec 2.4 DIRECT INJECTION LAF/LEA Kits are put together on order. We currently have ceramic coated manifolds in stock. Give us a call 743.794.3082 ext.1 or email sales@alphafabindustries.com
  5. The MEFI is a solid setup for most applications. NOS, Boost, Boost control, two-step, CAN-BUS dashes, PDM, etc., go to a Holley, Haltech, AEM, or if you have the cash Motec. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Looks good! I'm assuming stock pulley and 42 or 60# injectors? Depending on your trans you should see 220-230HP to the wheels! I think the stock pulley makes ~ 9-11 PSI. Make sure you run a good heat exchanger and dual pass the stock laminova core intercooler. Have fun! -AFI
  7. Flowmaster 10 or 40 series work great. Although this is a turbo ecotec car, it sounds great!
  8. Thanks Bob! Yes, this is on 93 pump! Even better numbers with E85.....
  9. Pre-AFI everyone used the MEFI 4. Mostly based on the 7X reluctor and the use of a cable throttle body. Now we can offer the stock GM ECM compatible with the stock Electronic TB and/or LS3! -AFI
  10. Great info! We've used the Daily Engineering dry sump to rid of the oil pickup issues on higher HP or race engines! Works great! The LSJ is very stout. Blocks will hold 800 RWHP. I run a Leduc Racing built 091 in my Stage 2 turbo LE5. Once I changed out to the Weddle R&P I've had no issues! Working on the HV1 retrofit now. We're moving to E85 and larger turbo :p What ECM are you using? MEFI 4? -AFI
  11. We use a standard GM E39. That's hard to say. It depends on your modifications, fuel used, etc. I would say average for the 2.2 is 140-150 RWHP. The 2.4 LE5 around 170-180 and the DI you'll see close to 200 RWHP. Again, these are averages, and depends on your mods, fuel, etc. The only way to tell for sure what your car will do is put your car and engine on a dyno. -AFI
  12. The DI's start at $6K. Yes, we have both NA and turbo tunes for the 2.2 L61. Depending on mods, cal's start @ $350. -AFI
  13. Hey Folks, Thought we'd share our newest offering - the 2.4 Direct Injection LAF/LEA. Super solid motor from the R&D we've done. On 93 pump gas we're seeing solid 220+ HP numbers on our calibration. Great investment for the money. Solid power and torque. Great little dune motor for small to medium size cars. Next up? We're throwing our Stage 2 turbo system on and seeing what she'll really do! Should be interesting! I suspect [as our LE5's do] out spool, torque, and power the direct injected LNF/LHU/LTG variants. And save you $3K to put into your trans! I'll post videos once we get them edited! -AFI
  14. Awesome! Yes sir, you don't necessarily need an O2 sensor, the E67 can operate in Open Loop!
  15. Hi TurboDon - if you're not getting injector pulses check your crank sensor. Steve will make right. While the MEFI 5 has it's uses, we stray away from them. Mostly due to the limited ability for folks to scan and diagnose. Almost everyone using the MEFI 5 is using it because they want to run a 'cable' throttle body. It's the 2.2 Ecotec TB and much smaller than the normal 2.4. If you've got a cable already ran, why not run a wire instead? Same difference, easier. Won't get clogged with sand, etc. Just my 2 cents. The E67 is the exact computer. It can be cal'd in both Speed Density and MAF. It does use virtual VE tables which allow for some in-depth tuning curves. The MEFI 5 also doesn't support VVT worth a crap [iMO]. We can change the cams pretty intensely with the E67 and have done so with good results. I could go on and on lol. We've successfully used the E67 to run a LS3 Throttle Body. In fact, most of GM's 6 and 8 pin TB's would probably work if you were so inclined. Thanks Tony - glad it's running good for you!

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