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  1. quiet day today. What's going on?
  2. Los Algodones was originally an agricultural town dedicated to the harvest of cotton, hence the name. But the economy started shifting after the first medical consultation office opened in 1986. Thirty years later, the medical tourism boom is far from over.
  3. So was there anything positive from Speed at the show? I'm not bashing him or the car. It will be nice once they are up and running. Has a delivery date for any car been announced? I don't care how they would of had to do it but a car should of been delivered at the SSSS.
  4. Following. I just bought 100 pounds of shock and it was over 400.00
  5. More vendors will start arriving to the show today. Maybe some super secret spy pictures will start popping up.
  6. Glamis weather this weekend is high of 86 on Friday and Saturday. Anyone in here going? Oh wait still no cars.
  7. We have the Lifetime cooler from Walmart with no issue. I would not pay for the higher end coolers.
  8. Ventura City Firefighter-Paramedic Matthew Clapsaddle is coming home. Last week he and his wife Jennifer were celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary in Hawaii when he suffered "a sudden, critical medical emergency" and passed away. Friday, there will be a procession for Clapsaddle as he returns to Ventura County. The Ventura City Fire Department released the following information about the Friday morning procession... "Please note that the exact route and estimated time of arrival at each location may vary and are subject to change: - 8:00 am: Depart LAX - 8:20 am: Pass through Santa Monica - 8:55 am: Drive through Malibu on the PCH - 9:40am: Take Harbor Boulevard through Oxnard and into Ventura - 9:55 am: Pass the Ventura Pier - 10:05 am: Pass Station 2, located at 41 S. Seaward Avenue - 10:15 am: Pass Station 5, Matt’s second home, located at 4225 E. Main Street - 10:30 am: Arrive in Camarillo Matt is a 28-year-veteran of the Ventura City Fire Department, and is already deeply missed." The department also released the following statement... “It is truly heartbreaking when we lose a teammate and friend. Matt was a positive and dedicated leader who brought so much joy and energy to our fire family,” shared Fire Chief David Endaya. “These are difficult days with more to come. We hold Matt’s family in our hearts and will continue to lift them up as they navigate this unexpected path.” Firefighter Clapsaddle was an active-duty member of the department since 1994. In addition to his role as a firefighter and paramedic, he had been integrally involved in the department’s Ocean Rescue Team, Urban Search and Rescue Team, and ladder truck company at Fire Station 5. Clapsaddle is survived by his wife, Jennifer and son, Tanner." All flags are being flown at half-staff until further notice and badge shrouds are being worn by local firefighters in honor of Clapsaddle.
  9. Just doing my part to help get to 200. lol
  10. We just went this June for the first time. It was very warn and not enjoyable riding during the day. You would have to ride early in the day. Overall it is a nice place. Camping with hook ups, a lake, and an off road area. There is not enough sand to take a buggy. You would not want to run paddles at all. I would recommend going no later than May. I would also suggest to either go to Coral Pink Sand Dunes about 1.5 hours away. Its fun but on the small side, also a little cooler. Plus there is also Little Sahara and that's about 4 hours north.
  11. With the amount of people have upgraded, I would think you could find a used one cheap.
  12. Andrew La Rochelle <andrew.larochelle@fcfundingsolutions.com> CELL: 909-964-5348

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