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  1. 2 things, 1)idle is searching. Idles up and down. won't rest 2) looking for the wire for coolant fan relays. any help would be great. Thank you
  2. Selling our kids seat. Wife bought a new one. Asking 175.00
  3. I did the 55 gallon tank for a few years, then costco wouldn't let me put gas anymore unless it was bolted to the bed of the truck. then i bought a l shaped fuewl tank. I just don't want to put it into the trailer,. But if push comes to shove...
  4. Ended up buying a 24 foot trailer. Weighing my options as what to do for fuel. Would like a fuel station and wondering if anyone knows someone who installs them? Or am I better off just taking fuel tanks?
  5. if i'm not mistaken to be see if its a closed deck i would have to pull the heads.
  6. Hmmm. As tempting as that sounds. I might have to decline
  7. I tried calling outfront and left three messages. I dm'd John but nothing. I know they are usually really busy. But I would love to get rid of this, As far as specs I'll see what i can find as far as part numbers.
  8. So I have this DOHC Subi engine, EJ25, with turbo, intercooler, computer, harness, and stage 3 clutch. I am trying to see what it's worth. Called a few places but had no luck.. as in no calls were ever returned. I do want to sell it. just need to know what is reasonable.
  9. just updated this. I was informed it was a bit confusing. My apologies guys!
  10. Front spindles are gear one I think I didn't write this post correctly originally. I got these parts because someone owed me money. yes I do want to sell these parts, i just don't know their worth. Need some help maybe on what they are worth. Thank you lardass for pointing that out. I was told rears may be tatum mid board hubs which look to be 4 piston calipers. I see what they are new but being that they are used I don’t know the worth. Also have a j25 turbo Subaru with looks to be a stinger setup. Harness turbo and inter cooler. Was trying to get info on it. Guy who Owed me money said it was running and fairly new
  11. is the 7 seven better thAn the 5? I'm running the mefi computer
  12. Getting the dash redone. what are some of the options to get as far as a dash display. I have digital gauges now but thinking about getting a digital dash. what are you guys using and your thoughts.
  13. I bought an S4 from dave. 11 years old and i just had it gone through for the first time.

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