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  1. ace70

    Carburetor On V8

    Been running mine for 5 yrs no problems at all,I used supreme air idea on mine
  2. ace70

    Will It Help........?

    Ok no go on that idea if they don't let trailer in.
  3. ace70

    Will It Help........?

    Just trying to see if it will help sell a sand car sitting in the parking lot of the sand show on a trailer for people to look at,Or is it a waste of time Just checkin
  4. ace70

    Powder Coat Questions On Frame?

    Heres my car, Frame and body semi black
  5. ace70

    Rain For President Weekend

    Little water never hurt anybody
  6. ace70

    Who Pulls A 5th Wheel With Their 7.3?

    I hace 03 f350 with 4" lift 36'tires bullydog chip 4"pipes and 04 ww 3905 with dualsport car it pulls great I don't now the wieghts but your not the fastest but you will get there just fine.
  7. ace70

    Sandwinder Make Over

    I like the all one color deal makes the car look clean.
  8. ace70

    2009 Sandwinder Regatta!

    Just sent my invite I'm in
  9. ace70

    Want To Powdercoat Wheels?

    Did mine flat black 2years ago and thay look get but if you think you are going with gloss they will be flat color by the end of a big weekend.
  10. ace70

    Sucker System

    The rubber hose doesn"t do the trick I have done that it still not as good as this set up.
  11. ace70

    Well I Finally Decided To Get My Tin Work Done!

    I would keep in mind how big of windsheild you should go it looks like to me that the top of WS is to low you won't be able to see going up a big dune and you can't see going down very much.That's my exp with my WS.
  12. ace70

    Trailer Storage At The Dunes

    What about your toys how many leave there toy's in their trailers like LT sandcars.
  13. ace70

    Who Is Running Fuel Cells In There Sand Cars?

    Back on topic!!! Here's what I'm running 22gal Jaz watch out for the foam coming apart.
  14. ace70

    Nice Ass

    Thanks to flair4photo!!
  15. ace70

    V-8 Oil Cooler

    It's a steal 400 block,No I don't have oil temp but i know that that oil has to be getting hotter than hell in the motor or it woulded be killing my bearings

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