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  1. What is preferred for belts..... Continental vs Goodyear Gatorback ?
  2. They are on backorder.
  3. Looking for a SX Performance 18201 fuel pump or an Edelbrock 182031......both same part as Edelbrock bought SX. Does anyone have one they want to sell or know where to buy one. Cradle mounted on car is for this specific pump, but can't other brands for 3.25" diameter. Thanks
  4. Anybody in north county interested in free tickets to todays Econdido Renaissance Fair from 10am-6pm.
  5. All the Polaris's that have been owned by friends were turds!!!!
  6. Thing is, i'm gone need two and don't want to spend $5-6000.
  7. Redline has always built big HP motors, their just building more now and advertising it......like on IG.
  8. Joe's tires on market st was the best price on Toyo's. I shopped for the same tires your looking for and Joe's was a few hundred cheaper then Wayne Miller. Just make sure to say you want the newest date codes available.
  9. Is anyone else having their screen blink every 30-45 seconds? Mine only does it on the is site.
  10. Look up Champion Ford. This dealership has the cheapest ESP warranties. Champion, Flood and Zeigler are definely way cheaper then any local dealership.
  11. Tranny looks to be a 2D or MD4S (medium duty 4 speed), not S4D.

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