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  1. Thanks everyone for the tips and advice. My trip out to get this ready to go was a success. Hotter than hell. I can't believe hot effing hot it was. Blisters from grabbing the tool box and tools. Drained 8 gallons of 14 year old gas out of the tank. I think I could have varnished a piece of furniture with that stuff. Smelled allot like poly sealer. It wasn't very dirty. Much to my surprise. Then poured in some old clean coleman fuel and a few gallons of new gas and let that sit in there a day or so. I rocked the trailer back n forth many times to get the fuel sloshing around in the tank to see if it stirred up some sediments. Then pumped that out and filtered through a very fine mesh strainer multiple times.... some black specs but not much at all was stuck in the filter. Pulled the carb and cleaned it all out thoroughly. Change the stock filters, oil. Added fresh gas and she fired right up and ran well. Wired up and installed (2) 6 Volt Trojan batteries and new boxes. Had a little fab modification so the battery rails would hold the new size boxes. I'm in the steel fabrication biz so that was an easy fix. Just had to add in a plate on the bottom. Re-packed the wheel bearings. Greased / lubed everything I could see / reach. Flushed all the tanks out. That wasn't that bad either. After the initial dump we filled the black again twice and flushed till it ran clear. Bought a clear discharge hose extension so we could see all that loveliness escaping. It has a stock black tank flush connection so that was helpful in getting it cleaned easily. Flushed and sanitized the fresh water tank and all liines. Checked the water heater...it works fine AC had us puzzled for a bit. The trailer does not have an auto transfer switch to fire up the AC when you run the genny. We have to plug it in to an output receptacle that comes from the genny then into the side of the trailer...... Where you plug in for shore power. The trailer has some nice features so we were surprised it was set up that way. Not a big deal. Good thing is the AC worked good once I figured that out. Refrigerator worked great. Its a bigger size frig too. I like that. Added vent covers on the roof for 3 of 4 vents. We got it all cleaned it all up inside and ready to go. They left us with towels, blankets, etc. Pot's and pans, silverware, plates, cups, BBQ utensils so that all got washed. Now bring on November 1st!!! Thanks again everyone.
  2. Yep. I come in from Illinois and my buddy from Denver twice a season minimum. We just figured solar would be good in the future. We are not anxious to get solar in just want to be informed. Thanks guys
  3. Can you please send me some info on the solar kits? It'll be upgrade that we'll likely do in the near future so we'd like to educate ourselves a bit more on the subject and options. thx
  4. The time is near. Headed to Phoenix this Wed to get some work done on this. I'll be testing this "dry heat" theory! What size gas line do I need to get for the genny? I'm thinking we'll replace it all. Any ideas on how much gas hose would be needed. I was thinking of ordering that and a few in line filters so it's there waiting for me on Wed or Thursday. I'm sure more questions will arise.....
  5. Due to being in Illinois I need to plan my trips way ahead of time. So our group is thinking the 1st trip will be Nov. 1,2,3,4th. My question is since Halloween is on a Wednesday this year is it safe to assume the big Halloween crowd will be the weekend before Halloween and not after...correct? We do not want to be in Glamis on big weekends. thanks
  6. Hi Monica! Hell yes this has been a long time coming! Can't wait. 1st trip will be the 1st weekend of November! I'll have to watch the Cubs win the World Series in the dunes! I like the Trailer Warming Party idea
  7. Yep, I guess that would be true about Bearing Buddy's. I never had them on a trailer with brakes. That would be a bad situation.
  8. Great information guys! Thank you, we really appreciate the help. I'm glad to hear some of our thoughts are correct, and some are not correct, and that we can take care of the fixes ourselves. We are not cheap asses but I prefer not to piss my money away. Plus if we get into the repairs ourselves we'll learn allot along the way that'll help us when ( not IF ) trouble does arise. It's always good to get a better understanding of this rig and how it operates and is put together. The best way I learn is to dive in and get the hands dirty and tear stuff apart and put it back together. Keep the ideas coming if anyone wants to chime in. It'll be a little while before we get out there to get these tasks accomplished. We'll be planning a trip soon to get these things taken care of. Worst part is its gonna be hotter than hell when we have to do all this. I'm sure I'll have more questions along the way... Thanks again!
  9. GD.com is a wealth of knowledge and we need some ideas and advice: A friend of mine and I just dove into the world of RV ownership a week ago. After 16 -17 years of me going to the dunes and camping in various ways, renting or staying with others in their RV's I'm really looking forward to this next season in my own trailer. We've been renting toy haulers the past few years and are tired of renting crap, poor service, etc. We are in the process of waiting on a title transfer from Cali. Keep in mind that my buddy lives in the Denver area and I'm 90 miles west of Chicago in Illinois so repairs and such can be challenging to say the least. Luckily we have a very good, smart and reliable friend in Tempe that helps us out more than we could ever expect. We'd like to keep him from hauling this place to place to get work done. We do plan on taking a trip out to do some work ourselves and get this setup before Nov. rolls around. We are capable and willing to do some work ourselves but the time we have to get stuff done is very limited. So we know some of the things that would need to be done to get this into shape before next dune season but I'd like to hear some solid, educated opinions of the tasks that must be done and the best way achieve that. Keep in mind I have not laid eyes on this in person yet. Our friend in Tempe has owned trailers and is a very detailed person so that's why we trusted his opinion on purchasing this rig. Plus it's practically "new" Here's the deal....we bought a 2004 Vortex tow behind toy hauler. It was only used a few times the first year of ownership. Only 21 hrs. on the generator. It's like brand new inside and out. It's been stored inside the warehouse of a business the previous owner had. It's been stored since the last time he used it. 13-14 years now. Generator: Carb will need to be replaced is what the RV places tell us. I did see the pinned thread on how to clean them.... thoughts? $300+ for a carb and $300 to install it. Seems pricey. How hard are they to get to and replace? Gas Tank: Will need to be cleaned. We've been told they have to drop the tank then send it out for cleaning. They will cut the tank so they can power wash it. Then re-weld it and re-certify it. Seems like allot of work & $$$ to just clean varnishing out of the tank. Can we do this using some cleaners? $300 for drop and re-install. $500 to clean and re-weld it. Are replacement tanks that expensive? Why are RV fuel tanks made of metal or have they changed since 2004? What do we need to do about the fuel lines and fuel pump? Black & Grey Tanks: Apparently wasn't emptied.... My thoughts are to add some chemicals and water and let it set in there since I'm sure it's dried up. Then after some driving around go dump it and then refill with more water and dump again. Thoughts? Fresh Water Tank... Do the same as the black & grey tanks except what type of cleaner / disinfectant do we use? Wheel Bearings... hardly any miles on them. My thought is those ought to be fine as is. After all wheel bearing grease is rated for high temps. Thoughts? I have owned other trailers for 20-30 years and always install Bearing Buddy's on them. I know they still need hard packing once in a great while but I never had a single issue on trailers I've had with Bearing Buddy's installed.Does anybody use those on RV's? What's the downside? Batteries: We are going to convert it to (2) 6 volt batteries. I did see the thread on here for doing that. Seems straight forward and pretty easy. What batteries are most reliable? Tires: We are going to replace them all. I know I'm forgetting a few things so any other suggestions on what we need to inspect or possibly have to replace? My ability to check back will be limited this weekend. I will respond to any questions or comments as soon as I can. Could be Monday. Thanks everyone!
  10. No worries Moni it's nothing on you. We had a blast so that's what's most important.
  11. Well it took awhile for me to post our results.... maybe because it wasn't great. Waited for a while for the trailer to be dropped off. Not a big deal but did keep us from a ride. Trailer was as expected. Not nice but OK because I had low expectations I guess. Then I looked at the mattresses in back or.....NASTY foam cushions. Yuk! We only had 2 of us staying in it. We got there Thursday....we didn't take showers Thursday night. First shower was me on Friday. I made it thru but my buddy was in the shower all soapy and it ran out of water! WTF? Had hardly used any on Thursday. They didn't fill it before bringing it out. They did come out that evening and fill it up but my buddy was pissed! Black tank was nearly full too. We knew we wouldn't have as nice of a trailer as when we rent and haul it out there ourselves but no water? That's ridiculous. Luckily that weekends weather was the best ever. Dunes were a mess from Halloween because of no wind the week in between. We had a blast but the trailer sucked. We definitely didn't get one his newer ones. Never again from Glamis Rentals. Can't wait to be back there for the 1st weekend of March! We'll haul one out if at all possible next time.
  12. Hi Monica....talked with my buddy who's making the arrangements. That is who we are renting from. So tell him to hook us up with his best rig!
  13. Of course I remember who you are Monica... How could I forget!? Hope all is good in your world. Thank you for the info. That just might be the guy my buddy contacted. I've passed along all the info here to him. He's in charge of the rental so hopefully he makes a good decision. He usually does so I'll trust him. We'll be getting out there on Thurs 11/2 and leave Sunday. Will you be out there that weekend Monica ?
  14. Thanks everyone. Yes we normally rent one around Phoenix and tow it out there. That's how we prefer it but this time it's not going to work out. I sent my buddy the info from here and the PMs that were sent to me. Two weeks away and I'm friggin pumped to hit the sand
  15. It's been a long time since I've posted here. Figured this would be the best spot to hear some opinions...O' boy that opens it up! We normally do not rent a trailer for Glamis but this trip we need to rent one that gets dropped to our campsite that'll be in the washes. It's been a good 6-8 years since I rented one that way. Any ideas / opinions on who has the nicest trailers and good service. I know there's Luv to Camp and I forgot the name of the other place I used previously. Are there others now in business doing the same thing? I need solid businesses / owners. I'm coming from Rockford , Il and my buddy is making it from Denver so that last thing we need is a place that's not reliable or crappy trailers. Let's here it and Thank you!

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