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  1. 77...This is what I expect and have yet to see..... What I like besides "fresh trans" is the guy who says he does his own maintenance and his garage/shop has a TV, couch, beer cooler and two cars and the rail not a tool box, work bench nothing not even a lawn mower for the yard and no back garage just a pool in the back yard........call me crazy but don't think he is wrenching in his stuff.....
  2. Yeah I walked away not my first rodeo with used stuff just kinda surprised me as to how many buggies for sale that people don't maintain and they act like these things are you run of the mill Honda civic...
  3. Questions from the buyer: on a Buggy that is 13 years old by a known but out of business builder.....who by what I can tell made like 20 or so buggies.... What maintenance has been done in the last 6 months? Nothing just keep it in my trailer. basically I bought it about 7 years ago and just used it. I just changing the oil in the motor every season. Have the CVs been looked at no the boots are fine....that was confusing... Has the trans been rebuilt no they only $7500 bucks new whats the big deal..... So I offered him a number and he seemed offended like you waisted my time are there actual buyers out there who pay 30K plus when they get these answers to basic questions?
  4. Bad Ass ride and congrats on the sale......
  5. Off from work but need to clean out the garage and a bit of clean up around the house then chillin.....
  6. I started out as most do quads for many years them jumped to a S&S roller took me about 2 years to get motor tranny and all the other necessities then just couldn't find the time to get it all together. So I took it to Twisted Alloy and had it assembled.........used it once literally one day in the dunes just to shake it down then hit a bit of a bump in the road financially and off she went.took a hit but didn't loose my house... I thought the car was everything I could dream of basic LS1 with a 2D nothing compared to some of the beasts out there but she was all mine......getting ready to jump back into a buggy hoping to not get hosed in the used market.....
  7. lucky guy.....did that once until mamma got home and then back to the hot box.....plus my little guys tend to eat anything that falls on the floor....
  8. Front looks killer also......
  9. Very clean set up and rear cage redesign........ Please post those hp and tq numbers when you get them........ I am a N/A and cubes guy now but my younger self a Turbo guy all the way never had the money when I was younger to play with anything other than the ebay turbo kits which actually do work with in reason and for the money not a bad option....not that this is a ebay turbo kit at all....
  10. I like the total loss cooling system......cool set up I miss my S&S great rides.....

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