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  1. Back to the top happy Christmas to all.....hint 15K might just put this little rocket on a trailer to your house......
  2. I would call it 78 inches to be safe but you could also mount the rims the other way and probably get it down to 73 or 74 inches....
  3. When I get home I will measure it for a rock solid number....and post a pic....
  4. Thanks for the info.......guess a trip to the west side is in order.....
  5. Not in a big rush sourcing for a new project for next season just seeing what is out there and if there was a reasonable purchase jump on it but if not wait.......
  6. Guys looking for a sequential mendeola s4 or s4d if you have one in really any condition as long as its not totally f'ed have cash I will drive to you I am in AZ....What you got?
  7. I love these topics.....there are more shit people out there than stand up people but I have found if you look and are patient it all comes around especially the off road community......
  8. By New do you mean you have a receipt for that transmission and the date of purchase on said receipt is within the last 6 months or by new do you mean is purchased 8 years ago and you have no receipt for it?
  9. Do those exist when it comes to fun....... I have one but usually go far beyond by the time I am done...... I wait and watch for parts here and with my builder he knows what I am looking for and when he runs across them he directs the seller to me.... Went to see Ford vs Ferrari and now i am inspired to build something not normally seen in the sandbar/buggy world but who knows by the time I get going...
  10. Yeah I had a feeling the 2D wasn't going to fly with how I use my stuff.......besides when I get done with this rebuild I probably be over budget anyway so what's a few more thousand.....
  11. I use my stuff a lot don't really shoot the hill or blast the drags never had a small buggy this is the first one that doesn't have a S4S and was thinking maybe I try keep the 2D thanks for the good info I think I am going to stay with a combo I know works for how I use my stuff....
  12. So I was wondering as I embark on a rebuild of a Sand Limo that currently has a 2D and a little Honda motor and will be changing to a V8(don't know at this piont LS or Coyote) and either rebuilding the2D trans or changing to a S4S the question is with what you know now about the 2D would you bridge the gap now and just go with the S4S? The total weight of the buggy should be no more than 2k all dressed out with no more than 450hp V8.... What does everyone think?
  13. BLKturbo91

    switch pro

    Pre ordered the 12 friday yes right at 1K......

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