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  1. Just a question. I read some where that E-85 is getting hard,or going to get hard to find. Is that true or just internet gossip? RJ
  2. How about a price for "Sand Tires Unlimited Sand Blaster Tire 26 x 12 Number 1 Full Paddles " shipped to zip code 85501? Thanks, RJ
  3. Thanks for the info Maxx-D. Much appreciated!
  4. Just out of curiosity, how is the river between the Avi and the entrance to Pirates Cove as far as depth, rocky or hazardous areas etc...? Do you guys run jet boats or would larger daycruiser style boats be ok? Thanks for any info.
  5. I'm up to. Getting ready to start nightshift tomorrow night, LOL.+
  6. LMAO.....More proof that money cant buy talent or common sense.
  7. LOL, my 3 year old grandson asked if we could. Grr doing a last walk around and I noticed a tire on the enclosed was about to come apart or I would be leaving in 3 hours.
  8. Leaving for Glamis in about 7 hours with the new xp...... AND I CANT FREAKIN GO TO SLEEP!!!
  9. Sign me up for the polaris club too. Picked up our rzr4 xp saturday. Totally love it!!
  10. . So not WHERE but WHO has thefast quads? K & T RACING!!! You will have to go to a track though!!! If you are serious about racing some fast quads, try to hit Dumont summer night races or look up North Shore Drag racing. They have some get togethers with some fast bikes. Have fun, stay safe!!!

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