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  1. RJ65

    Turbo subi, which one?

    Just a question. I read some where that E-85 is getting hard,or going to get hard to find. Is that true or just internet gossip? RJ
  2. RJ65

    Tires Tires Tires!

    Ok, thanks.
  3. RJ65

    Tires Tires Tires!

    How about a price for "Sand Tires Unlimited Sand Blaster Tire 26 x 12 Number 1 Full Paddles " shipped to zip code 85501? Thanks, RJ
  4. RJ65

    Summer Vacation Plans

    Our plans are a couple of weekends at Havasu. A week at the beach doing nothing. A week in the White Mountains here in Az. and hoping to do a 10 day road trip thru Tahoe up to the Oregon border, then down the coast to LA. Its nice only working 14 days a month LOL.
  5. RJ65

    Quad Question

    Why choose? I ride both!!!
  6. RJ65

    Stop Blm Harassment

    Signed and comment added.
  7. RJ65

    Chocolate Mountains

    Thanks for sharing!!
  8. As much as I hated to, I asked 2 rangers setting on the flats BSing for a jump start. I was promptly turned down as they said they had to be available to respond to any calls that came in and also the liability of jumping my vehicle.
  9. I'm game.... Muhammed Ali Glen Campbell
  10. RJ65

    Camarillo Fire

    Damn, hate seeing these big fires so close to neighborhoods. Thoughts and prayers for the fire fighters and home owners!!
  11. Sign me up for the polaris club too. Picked up our rzr4 xp saturday. Totally love it!!
  12. RJ65

    Super Bowl Mobbin'

    Nice!!! Best RZR video I have ever seen.

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