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  1. Just another hang out spot to watch the chit show just like any other destination in G.
  2. Towed a Genesis 40cr with my 2015 F250 short bed with a Pullrite super glide for 6 years with zero issues. My truck has a 16k pound fifth wheel tow rating which I was probably at loaded with what I took (trailer was 11,800 lb empty).
  3. Fabulous Fords Forever show was this past Sunday there was a few for sale there I should’ve snapped pictures of them if I seen this sooner.
  4. I was entertained with the last Desert Dynamics/ Buggyworks/ dual sport/ sand chassis/ boxed arms/ center pivot/ leading edge/ that made the last site crash.
  5. BD XL80’s! I only ran two on the front bumper and it was all I needed.
  6. My brothers quad racer GS 1100 conversion on the left, my buddy’s ‘85 250r in the middle, and my old ‘85 250r on the right. Pismo back in the day!
  7. No, it belongs to a really good friend of mine it was his father in laws gun he inherited. He brought it out when we went shooting a few years back not knowing what he had I told him to put it away and I have first dibs if he sells it. It’ll be a nice piece to ad to my dads Colt 1911 collection.
  8. 15 year old on a yfz 450 and 10 year old on a Raptor 250. I wish I still had my ‘88 R!
  9. Reverse searing in a smoker is amazing! 👌🏼

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