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  1. Nothing here either , eff*ing chase bank.
  2. Sorry guys interested in this sand car. The car was sold to me. I bought this car in January . Great fun car to rub it in a little .
  3. And in a couple days the media and government have completely controlled most of the people.
  4. Some neighbor girl was walking her pit. Not on a leash . As both my lab , who I was throwing the ball for and our little Pom were in our front yard . Now our yards are all big as we live on horse property . But enjoy being in the front yard hanging and playing . Well the pit bolted after our lab , the lab held her own , but then ran to our front door , with pit in chase . Both crashing into the door . In a split second I put the Pom in my truck , he would of been dead . Grabbed the pit and through him of the porch , as far as I could . I was eff*ing pissed , because that same dog has chased my daughter , walking the dogs . And was warned by my daughter already. To keep your dogs , in your yard . the stupid girl ,started going off on me ,that I threw her dog , I told her , if that dog ever is in my yard again , it's going down with a shot from my gun . She flips me off and leaves . We call animal control , and they told us , our dogs needed to be on a leash in our yard. That was it . Then we have the pits that go by our business on a leash, that are super nice , and freindly , so eff*ing knows . I love the pits , there awsome looking . But there's always that feeling, that they could go off . sorry for long winded story .
  5. I just started my sand season last month. hope to go through June . if nothing stupid happens.
  6. I was going to head out today for a few days , then postponed it. Seems like it rained south and east more then at my house , in north LA
  7. I wish trump would of done one of those, hand shakes , like put his hand out , to shake her hand and then pull it back , adjust his hair and turn around .
  8. Thanks for all the info . And positive vibes. Going to try and find group to run with . First trip went good , last month . Just taking it slow , been re-searching on glamis dunes for a few years. on lots of stuff. About duning with a car. What kind of car , motor , 2 seat or 4 seat , or S x S , which I didn't want . Something cheaper to start , not to get in over my head . As I can learn and eventually , make the car more my own . At least I didn't get rid of my dually , lol I was trying to trade . Wife was happy about that.
  9. I was told about the tranny . not to abuse it , and don't use reverse . hope to make it through the next few months, with out to many issues. trying to get out this Monday again. for a few days.
  10. Been 30 years in the making . as I have been a river rat for 50 + years . Finally made a decision to buy a sand car. This year. been to Glamis a few times renting quads . But really have no idea about anything . Wanted a two seater as I will be by myself , most of time . Wife might appear on occasions. most of my trips will be Monday —Wednesday . As weekends and holidays are not for me . Usually working anyways . didn’t want anything to radical . just something to dune and try and figure it out . here is a few pictures of my rig and rail Sand rail fab dominator 3.5 gm ,mega sand trans ,king shocks needs a little tlc , but super happy with my first trip out with it . will change it up a little after the last trip of the year . What a blast . Stayed at pad 3 and stayed close to gecko rd and sand hwy but did venture out a little any week day duners ? I can tag along with . Anyways Life is good . Hope to enjoy this part of it for a long time Robert
  11. We bought our first house in 89. Interst rates at 10.5 % Six months later the housing market and economy crashed. We were in a drought and the first gulf wAr just started. Price of diesel went from. .95 gal to 2.50 a gallon overnight. Tough times for a newly married couple, for a 24 year old and 22 year old wife with a new business and a baby on the way. We littlerly hung on and eventually things got better? We sold in 2001 to move. Figured I would rent . Because we were thinking of moving out of Cali. Kids playing club sports we were never Home any ways.15 years later we are still hear. We did not buy until 2010 . We had many realtors and lenders come into our business and kept telling us to buy. We have been through it before. We knew it was going to pop again. It did, and someone bought the house we are living in for 845k in 2005. 5 years later we picked it up for $425k . Now it's back up to 725k. Glad I spent the last few years doubling up a few months and now only owe $275. Moral of my story. Wait to buy, it will take a big hit again. It always does.
  12. Sum bitch this thread is gay
  13. Great story, does your wife have a sister ?

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