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  1. MCR500

    Re-sealing Leaky Roof

    I put Eternabond tape on the front and rear caps of my 04 SLC about four years ago. Holding up great!!! One caution: Once you touch the roof with the tape, it WILL NOT come back up for re-alignment or whatever. This stuff sticks like no tomorrow!! Bought a 4" wide roll off Amazon for like $60 IIRC. Had enough to do my trailer and my buddies SLC. C-Ya!!
  2. MCR500

    SxS's Lets See 'em!

    I know you guys are RZR biased, but I still love my Cat!!!! And yes, if I wasn't so goddamn far in to this thing, the 1000 would be in my garage! No brand loyalty here!!! C-Ya!!!
  3. MCR500

    Teryx In Fs26 Weekend Warrior

    This is exactly what I did to my 04' SLC, but I didn't saw the bed shorter. I basically removed the bed from the FW, removed the metal brackets, and lowered them 6" down on the sides. I then removed the window valances, and moved them higher on the wall so they would clear. I can now drive my Rhino in without airing down the tires, and can walk under the bed without hitting my head anymore. Bottom of bed is now 76" off the floor. Cost $8 in new hardware, and a couple hours of time. Well worth the effort; airing down tires is a pain!!! C-Ya!!
  4. MCR500

    Toyhauler Fuel Gauge

    You do have access, it is just a pain to get to it. When I replaced my stereo head unit in my SLC, I had to carefully pry/remove the staples/finish nails that held the cabinet floor down. Once you remove all the nails, you have total access. My gas guage is just to the left of my stereo; pretty sure they are all the same. PS- Be prepared to get pissed off at the custom wiring job the WW employees did on the guage/stereo!!! C-Ya!!
  5. MCR500

    Running Lights On My Ww

    Pretty sure the fuses under the pinbox on the FW are for the trailer brakes only. All the light connections are fused through the trucks fuse box. C-Ya!!
  6. MCR500

    Sealant Question.....again!

    Did you use the 3M on the siding/windows/trim pieces??? Thanks.
  7. MCR500

    Ford 6.0 Good Years? Or Try And Find Another 7.3?

    x2!!! 89K on my 05. Put a coolant filter on it, get the crap Ford Gold coolant out of there, switch to ELC( like IH BUILT the 6.0 with), ScanguageII to monitor vital EWT and EOT, drive the snot out of it often. No major probs. with my truck. Pulls my FW at 17K great!!! Leave it STOCK. FWIW. C-Ya!!
  8. MCR500

    Sealant Question.....again!

    Getting ready to do some roof/gelcoat siding sealing maintenance on the WW. I have already purchased the Eternabond tape, and Dicor sealant for the roof seams. I am having trouble determining what exactly is best for the vertical seams where the siding meets trim pieces/windows/utility openings. I have searched this great forum with limited success; lots of info on what to use on the roof though!!! So what is the preferred material for the vertical seams, that is resistant to UV, and will last. Name brands, and where to purchase would be of great help!!! Thanks in advance! C-Ya!! Mike
  9. MCR500

    Where Is The Map Sensor On My Truck?

    x2. Have seen the fitting going in to the intake manifold get plugged with soot and stuff. Likes to mess up your boost strategy. CAREFULLY remove hose/fitting and clean them if you are having issues. C-Ya!!!
  10. MCR500

    Big Props To I Shock

    Glad to hear they took care of you. I have their +6 kit on my 2 seater and luv it!! I had a couple of questions at time of install, and Wes and Darren at I-Shock were more than helpful. C-Ya!!
  11. MCR500

    Generator Tech Forum!

    This is the most common issue with these little gems. This is the prob. with mine. Disconnect the switch, and it fires right up. Has anyone taken the rotary switch apart to clean it? I looked at it, but can't figure it out! Thanks, C-Ya!!
  12. MCR500

    2002 F250 Supercrew 7.3

    All you guys that live in Cali. that didn't get a "smog req." this year WILL get one next year. Check your vin#; I'll bet it ends in an "odd" number. Vin# ends in "even"= smog req. for 2010. Then bi-annual. Vin# ends in "odd" = smog req. in 2011. Then bi-annual. Gotta love Ca!!! C-Ya!!
  13. MCR500

    We Are Off And Running....build Thread...

    Shawn, I wish your company all the luck in the world. I have never dealt with you directly (wish WL was closer to me!), but the concensus that I have read on GD is that WL really takes care of the customer. Almost extinct, these days. I look forward to the new FW models. Love my SLC; have had zero probs with it. Maybe we can do some business in the future!!(if I can get permission from the boss ) The WL tags look great so far. Keep up the good work!!! C-Ya!!
  14. MCR500

    Remember Your Wheel Bearings And Suspension!

    I see that most of you guy's have installed this kit on newer WW and such (06+). I have an 04' SLC, with Alko axles(I think!) Will this Dexter kit work on my coach? Has anyone done this to an older WW? By chance, does anyone have a part # for the kit that I would use? Thanks in advance for any/all help. Mike
  15. MCR500


    Good luck on finding one on the diesel boards. When Cali announced pending diesel emissions testing, I saw the writing on the wall. These cats were going to be a hot item!!!! There are/were A LOT of people who took the cat off completely and went to a bigger exhaust, me included. Never thought to save it, what a DUMBA_ _ !!! I was!!! I bought two, one for me, one for a friend. There were bidding wars going on for these things!!! Finally found one in SC that had the front flange cut off for $200. Got that one for my buddy. Found a total stocker, un-cut, that had 50 miles on it for me. $300 later, it was at my door. Mine came out of FL. DieselStop, Ford Truck Enthusiasts, and SoCaps are all good places to keep an eye on. Better jump quick; they go FAST!!! C-Ya!!

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