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  1. I’m in the same boat. Sounds like we live close to each other. I’m in the skyridge community. I’m going to eventually go with a permanent back up from generac. They arnt too crazy expensive and seem to be a nice set up if these shut downs are going to become a thing.
  2. These cars are awesome. Really for half the cost of a sxs and 10 times the fun if your just looking to dune mostly. Throw a turbo on it and it’s a game changer
  3. They all go to dumont now. They kept getting harassed for grading the hill and what not. So they just meet up at dumont mostly now. Still plenty fast quads but a big chunk goes elsewhere to race
  4. Not sure if you have seen the new 5150 mount. It’s magnet based and doesn’t require screwing on and off but it does have a little box to wire.
  5. Curious to see as well. They really seem to be nice machines. Biggest issue is the torn boots besides that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of problems with them all things considered with all the other sxs.
  6. Anyone running an MS3 based ecu in their sand cars? How do you like it? Reliability and such?Just looking for some feedback. Thanks guys
  7. Rigids are really nice. But just purchased vision x xpr 30 inch. Blown away by the quality. Diffently a contender
  8. Chapparal has been out of 18 xp4 turbos since before the show I believe.
  9. Thank you everyone hopefully it is the clutch I’ll get it looked at soon just to be safe
  10. Yeah I’m not doing all of that lol I’ll have the dealer check it seeing how it’s brand new. It just does it at very low speed in reverse and a bit going forward
  11. Hey everyone we purchased a new rzr4 turbo this weekend. I noticed that it makes a popping clunking noise sometimes when I’m backing up. Is this normal? Chain maybe?
  12. Chaparral sxs expo suppose to have some good deals. 16,300 for xp turbo. Should be cheaper otd
  13. I beg to differ with the reverse box. When dewayne was running over 30lbs Of boost and nitrous on the car it held up for years. Toms reverse box is a solid unit
  14. Hey everyone I’m looking to get my first tig welder. I already have a mig/flux set up and want to get into tig welding. Im good to have a 100 amp breaker so I’m not hell bent either way on the inverter vs transformer. Everyone seems to like syncrowaves. The syncrowave 210 is now Inverted type. Open to used as well just weary since I’m not even sure what to test or check. Thermal dynamics 186 seem to do a lot for the money as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys
  15. A lot of people are complaining about the power. But quite frankly if the over all build is superior and more robust than the competitor then I think it’s a win. Sounds like a lot of real life R&D has gone into is. Horsepower is cheap to add on these motors and handle it well. I guess we will just have to see
  16. Sounds like a sweet machine from the info that’s been leaked out. Can’t wait to see it!
  17. Good looking car. Especially with turbo and reverse box.
  18. I would steer away from aem dry filters. Maybe ok on N/A but for turbo application seen them let sand in a lot more than a basic K&N
  19. I would Differently look into a tom pro. Especially since no one is really still around besides him.

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