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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. Very helpful. One last question, how much cargo space is typically needed for a rail? Would 16' be sufficient?
  2. So the wife wants to upgrade from our 27' Stealth bumper pull toyhauler and get into a 5th wheel. I am looking at getting rid of the rzr and get a sandrail in the next year so I wanted something that will fit a sand car which I assumed meant that I would not be able to have any slides in the living room. My brother in law told me last night that there is a part of the slide out that flips up that can accomodate sand cars if you load them in first and then put the slide in but I dont see how there would be enough space. What is everyone running in here for sand cars and a 5th wheel set up? Can you have slides and still load in a full size sand car?
  3. I can get my shoulder straps moving pretty easy by splitting the opening and pulling up. It is the side straps that give me the most trouble....
  4. Glad to hear your dad is doing better. I wish him a speedy recovery. This thread gave me some pause and I went out and bought some restraints for my rzr. 40 bucks is cheap to have some peace of mind...
  5. Well I found a guy that says he will rent it for 600 for two days delivered to glamis and it includes insurance. This is way less than what the others are quoting. Hopefully its not one of those too good to be true deals. 1500 deposit though....
  6. 900 a day includes insurance etc plus you need to leave them 1k for a damage deposit. 900 seems fair to me for a two day rental plus pickup and delivery. One vendor row fellow i spoke with said he rents out 21 of these all the time at that price. He seemed offended when I told him he "has a nice hustle" going......
  7. Good Morning All, I am bringing a colleague out for the first time this December and he wants to bring some of his family to see the dunes. I therefore need to rent a 4 seat RZR for the weekend. I have called all the vendor row rental places and they want almost 900 a day for a rental. Thus I have started to scour craigslist for local rentals but have not gotten a lot of responses thus far. Does anyone here know of an individual that will rent a 4 seater for two days and deliver and pick up to G? I would pick it up myself but I need to tow my toy hauler etc out and don't want to make two trips. I know with delivery etc it is not going to be cheap but I would imagine it would have to be less than renting from vendor row at 900 a day. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  8. Are these recommended for dirt side wrists only or both? I was just having this conversation today with a friend and then read this thread. Definitely going to buy now.
  9. All great advice. We are headed out this weekend so I will cruise him through the baby dunes and get him acclimated to how it all feels. Or we could do a trial by fire and set the gps from Gecko to Olds and carve up the big bowls on the way out
  10. Good Morning All, I grew up riding quads in the dunes and have recently switched to a rzr 1000. My father in law recently purchased a 1k as well but has zero riding experience. Last year when we both had 800's briefly we took them to glamis and he had the hardest time trusting the machine to be thrown over the top of the dune. Time after time we had to take the long way home as he was just not comfortable tossing the thing over the top. He would get to the top then turn down. Repeatedly, I have tried to tell him to follow me and trust the machine but it is falling on deaf ears. I'm thinking I am just not explaining it right for him to understand. So what say ya'll? How do you put into words that he can throw a 1k over the dune ridge without rolling down a hill?
  11. Glad someone else brought this up. I had this exact conversation with the wife last night. Some great ideas here. I love eating rib eye and lobster tails out there, but man it adds up fast....
  12. With the advent of youtube and all that we see kids doing stupid stuff all the time. That's never going to change. I would imagine this guy just wanted his 15 minutes of fame in an attempt to become the next ken block viral superstar. Not condoning it btw.
  13. Cleaning the toy hauler and fixing some odds and ends on it getting her ready for the season!
  14. good responses by all! Keep them coming!!!!

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