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  1. View Advert GM 8 lug rims/ 297/75/16 General Grabber Tires 15000 miles on the tires. Rims are American Racing 16/8.5 Teflon Coated. Everting is in great condition. Call or text Joe 562-230-5678 Advertiser jmart233 Date 12/23/2019 Price $600.00 Category Cars / Trucks and Parts  
  2. Time Left: 26 days and 7 hours

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    15000 miles on the tires. Rims are American Racing 16/8.5 Teflon Coated. Everting is in great condition. Call or text Joe 562-230-5678


    Lakewood , California - US

  3. It is an Alba Hushpower. Sounds great. Makes 3 rear wheel hp on the dyno.
  4. Thanks Tim, see you next weekend. It looks even better in person. You can't go wrong with SDR!
  5. Looks awesome Tim, can't wait to pick up my xp4 cage.
  6. Hey josh, those things happen. Glad he is enjoying it. Looking forward to setting you guys. I should have my sdr cage in as week or two. Can't wait to test this thing out.
  7. What was it OTD / These seem to be a reliable way to go these days?? $22k with all the fees
  8. I agree, Berts is a joke. They wanted to mark up the price of the xp4 $1,000 over retail. I told them to pound sand. They said everyone was doing it. On my way home I made a quick call to the sales guy I was working with and said I got one for the price he said was impossible.
  9. I finally picked it up yesterday and can't wait to take it out over Presidents to to Glamis.
  10. Tim , I just sent you an email today regarding an XP4 cage. I should have my LE my the end of January and will be ready to go. What kind of pricing are you giving the glamisdune.com community on this?
  11. I ordered mine yesterday. I am getting the first one that comes into my dealer. Should have it within three weeks. Getting the LE model.
  12. My grandfather owns Gils Long Beach Plating and Cal Bumper located in Long Beach on East Anaheim Street. (562) 437-7491 1555 W Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA He does great work and will give you a reasonable price. Cost of materials has greatly gone up in the past two years. Be cautious, good chrome work all comes down to the prep of the material, kind of like painting a house. The better the prep work, generally the better the job.
  13. I will take some pics at Glamis this weekend. But I must say it looks just like the one Tim put in the earlier post.
  14. I installed the bumper yesterday. A perfect fit. You can order it with light tabs so that you can mount lights under the top hoop. A very nice piece and a he11 of a deal. Thanks Tim

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