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  1. 4.5" KIT W/ 37" 2.5" W/35" Thats tight maybe with stock wheels. 4.5" kit with 35" more like it.
  2. CST 9-11 DUAL KINGS 22" XD 40" TOYO MT [attachmentid=168406]
  3. ...... at no extra charge Just to clear this up let me say a couple things. There has been 3 cases of this happening. 2 of them were due to failed injectors and the 3rd, which no one really talks about was a turbo shaft failure. Lets do some easy math: 30,000 trucks produced/on the road at the time of failure. 30,000 engines x 8 injectors = 240,000 injectors Having 2 bad out of 240,000 seems to be a pretty good failure rate. The turbo shaft failure was fluke deal and was in EXTREME cold climate during testing. To fix this "Flame Throwing" problem "if" an injector failed Ford updated the computer to shut down the engine upon extreme heat in the exhaust. I bet that 6.4L will have problems just like the 6.0 2 bad injectors Go talk to your service manager get the real #'s Anyways I have heard of several flame shooters from guys @ Hemborg Ford I will admit the f-450 looks awsome though
  4. Less horse power eff that. Go 2500hd the load difference is not way more so why 3500
  5. Torsion keys are a waste of money they do not let it ride any different. They are just capable of getting you more height which would give you severe angles and a stiffer ride. Either way you look at it a re-clocked just gives you a more cranked starting position. Someone bring there truck to my shop I will take some pictures and post them. I will do the work for free just to prove its a waste.. $600 shocks and keys $85 per shock x 2 = $170 $100 keys total parts $270 Time about 1 hour $70-100 Alignment $60-$90 Should not be more than $500 w/ tax
  6. This has nothing to do w/ your post. Just wanted to say your logo looks cool good job on that.
  8. Keys are a waste of money!! If you insist on using them buy them @ gm just ask for the green keys. Cheaper than aftermarket and clocked the same. The cognito arms do use junk ball joints thats why I dont sell those arms. You dont even need arms w/ that small lift. Just spot weld your stock ball joints to the stock arms that is just fine. The cognito steering kit is the way to go though.
  9. I want to lose height, plus its a dually, im looking for the better ride, im also taking out the overload springs on top. Oh I see Yeah the dually ride is like a tank and sit very high in rear. Put some fleetside springs in it. If you want I will save you a set.
  10. If you are refering to the bottom overload spring. Do not remove them because you will lose some height just install them upside down it makes a softer ride but no height lose.
  11. Not much off an upgrade for the extra money a 285 is about a 32" Get the bilsteins and Cognito motorsports steering support instead. Just my opnion
  12. You know with what mods? Not a stock trans, I'll tell you that. Andy my duramax ran 12.50 @105 slips to prove it.Stock tranny lifted on 35" tires That same power in that lighter car would be about 11s. PPE defuels hard on shifts saves the trans somewhat. 3 years ago w/ all the new stuff my truck is slow campared to know
  13. He was not putting anybody in harms way you you stupid mother effer. Also they were filming for a tv show everybody there knew that so whats the problem. Also was not trying to be cool at all just saying I was closer to all that then you had wet dreams about and was still in no harms way. SO JUST CHILL OUT FREEK
  14. If your block is tapered get a tapered spacer. You need like a 3" spacer for that truck.

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