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  1. Howdy yourself! I haven't been here in awhile-looks a lot different!
  2. " gave me a temporary case of PTSD." JEEBUS.
  3. I usually don't get involved in these threads-though I do find them entertaining. But here two things come to mind-either 1-somebody stole this guys phone number or I.D or whatever and you may be about to unleash a bunch of crap on an unwitting victim. 2-Or this guy is really a creep-in which case, if your sister is really getting disturbing texts, scaring him away from her may only lead to his eventually hurting someone else. Meaning you should go ahead and gather your information, but let the proper authorities act upon it. you might scare him away from your family-but he will just find a new victim down the road if left unchecked. Plus, there is a possible legal can of worms you may be letting yourself in for by attempting a character assassination on him by spreading info to all his friends and family. food for thought.
  4. Was the auctioneer Dirty Sanchez?
  5. Only problem is your food will taste like crap and your beer like toilet water!
  6. The fuel safe sump mentioned above is a great product. But start with a few simple checks- Is the in-tank fuel pick up hose intact and not deteriorated? Is the pick up hose properly routed to the bottom center of the tank-and does it have the bat-wing fitting that wedges the end of the hose into the foam at the bottom? Is the foam in good condition? Also make sure that you don't have foam pieces clogging your filter or pump. And you should have a filter before the pump to protect the pump from fuel cell foam and other debris. If I had a buck for every time I have seen or heard about clogged fuel lines/pumps from foam particles and a lack of or improperly sized/placed filter...
  7. I just went through this thread again and realized there is a whole section that has disappeared-it detailed the building of the trash can cover. Bummer.
  8. ah, so this is the story.. i forgot to look it up after you told me you had posted it years ago. Yep. LOL. Explains a few things, eh?
  9. LOL! That's unfortunate for him, 'cause he's gonna get to have a bunch of hot dogs in prison!

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