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  1. " gave me a temporary case of PTSD." JEEBUS.
  2. Was the auctioneer Dirty Sanchez?
  3. The fuel safe sump mentioned above is a great product. But start with a few simple checks- Is the in-tank fuel pick up hose intact and not deteriorated? Is the pick up hose properly routed to the bottom center of the tank-and does it have the bat-wing fitting that wedges the end of the hose into the foam at the bottom? Is the foam in good condition? Also make sure that you don't have foam pieces clogging your filter or pump. And you should have a filter before the pump to protect the pump from fuel cell foam and other debris. If I had a buck for every time I have seen or heard about clogged fuel lines/pumps from foam particles and a lack of or improperly sized/placed filter...
  4. I'd say sounds like grounding issues too. You have so many devices affected, I'd start with the simple stuff at the power source-coach batteries. Check for loose or corroded connections. Check for any ground jumpers from frame to body and see if they are loose. Check for good connections in the 12V power distribution/fuse panel-which also usually has a ground buss as well. The trailer brake one is a bit odd, as trailer brakes derive both their power and ground from the tow vehicle and the brake system is typically isolated from the trailers electrical system. With that in mind, the wiring harness or cable for the trailer plug may also be having issues. Also, most newer trailers have a splice junction box where the cable/plug splices to the trailer wiring via a bunch of studs and ring terminals-check for good tight connections there too. Good luck!
  5. Yeah-Happy Holidays G.D.Fairy! Oh yes, the rest of you moofers too!
  6. First make sure that the wires supplying your fans are big enough. Too small of wire combined with the inrush current of both fans starting at once can cause pretty severe voltage sag. There are 12 volt time delay relays. I once used one that looks like the timer relays used in air conditioning applications to stagger second fan for a few seconds. Worked pretty good.
  7. Anybody remember the Cornay joints? They claimed high deflection angles (up to 80 degrees, IIRC) with little or no torque losses. Team Mac and Baby Mac (McPherson) used them on their Chevy sponsored desert trucks way back in the day. They were super duper-and super duper expensive. The company actually made lots of high-angle joints, mostly for industrial applications. I believe they were bought out years ago. IIRC, you could get steering-size joints, but the larger ones never really became widely available.
  8. That's funny, I was thinking the same thing a bit ago. But I wasn't sure if that would be frowned upon as making too many threads about one subject. I will go ahead and do that. Thanks!
  9. Seriously, quit horsing around and buy this sweet car before I just start using it again!
  10. This car is so cool, even horses love it! Hey Wilbur! I'd give my front teeth to ride in this thing! Is that REAL ostrich skin on this seat?! (it's not.) Here little girl, let me get your seat belt for you. Don't forget to buckle up!
  11. Looking for a one-of-a-kind RZR? This one certainly fits that description! This one's for sale. If you're interested, shoot me a PM. Looking to go a different direction and entertaining offers. Hot chicks and kooky dogs love it!
  12. They make thin teflon washers for the dzus fasteners. Keeps the fastener from grabbing the vinyl. I think Speedway carries them. Probably Summit too.

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