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  1. Believe me after 18 years of hispanic birthday parties, 15 year old parties, parties just to party, and the last three teenage years of my daughters life im to partied to poop errr.... uh to pooped to party!
  2. Anyone want to call my wife and explain to her that my daughters 18th birthday party isnt as important as a good poker game?
  3. 20 bucs is a cheap buy in for sure.
  4. Thats cool, There is enough water for all of us out there. Now you guys that drink and drive your 100 mph boats and run my butt into the reeds and then flip me off as you go by thats another story!
  5. Rule #8 All water skiers stay off of the morning glass so us jet skiers can zig zag and do donuts.
  6. I was camped just south of the 13.5 crowd this weekend in an all white fs30 being towed by a grey dodge. Seems like a mellow crowd. They kept the kids busy on the little quads all day. I approached two gentelman and asked if this was the glamisdunes.com camp and they shrugged and said yeah over on that side of the camp. Sooo I just headed back to my camp and called it a day.
  7. Im new here but my family will keep her in our prayers. My mom has cancer so we know what your going through. Look into Moores cancer center @ UCSD they are doing amazing things and they are looking for people that are comming out of remission, clinical trial type stuff. Academic medicine is where the leading edge of medicine is at.
  8. We'll kick a few $ for firewood and will have the smudge pot with me... anyone that has any used motor oil and wants to get rid of it, lemme know I have 8 gallons of used motor oil. If you need it im in el cajon.

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