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  1. JaredDustin

    How far is your commute for work?

    12 miles pretty straight shot down the 10. longest commute I have had in about 14 years, was only 5 miles before I moved so I could have RV parking and better schools.
  2. JaredDustin

    Fresh Water Fill up

    flying J off the 10 between bob hope and Monterey. I live a few miles from the polo fields, off Jefferson not far off the freeway if you are in need hit me up you can fill up at my house. that short of a drive just be easier to fill up before you leave.
  3. JaredDustin

    Diesel Spill in ToyHauler

    can try this stuff, I used to be over one of the Costco gas stations and this is what we used when we had gas spills https://www.ecschem.com/product/fm-186-2/
  4. JaredDustin

    Old BMX bike?

    so awesome she loves that movie! me and my friends wish we would of kept our bikes from the early/ mid 90s I still have my dyno flat land bike from late 90s but I cant find pegs for it. since the frame is different from the bikes now the ones I have tried don't fit, had a local bike shop try and they could not find one either. the originals are in my buddies garage somewhere but that is like finding a needle in a hay stack in his garage.
  5. JaredDustin

    Glamis Off-Weekend Pics

    I think the night shots with the long exposer are awesome!! last one with just the front of the canam is my fav. good for him!
  6. JaredDustin

    Ebay BS...

    had the same issue a year ago or so when selling a piece of office equipment I didn't use anymore. after the buyer paid and picked it up I still had to wait 30 days before the money was released. it was around $1700. in your case maybe its because a lot of high end watches could be fake.
  7. JaredDustin

    The Dirt

    I believe because tommy did jail time for assault against pamela is why that whole part with her was left out of the movie.
  8. JaredDustin

    The Dirt

    I really liked it, have watched it a couple times. didn't expect it to be some crazy awesome movie but it was entertaining.
  9. JaredDustin

    SX / Motorcross

    was a couple weeks behind and went to catch up last night and the Daytona race was not one the gold app, only qualifying was kinda bummed about that.
  10. JaredDustin

    light bar size question

    thank you so much i didnt even know that was really an option, those are 42" apart so that will work.
  11. JaredDustin

    repainting car after repairs and add ons

    depending on the size of what you need done maybe check coast air brush in Anaheim, I have not been there in years but they used to have a lot of house of kolor paints. they know paint and might be able to help you out. can probably get a smaller size of paint if its a small job
  12. JaredDustin

    light bar size question

    was hoping to use the bar clamp type mount so I don't have to drill or cut the roof. was not sure with using a 42in that would leave about 3 inches on each side, and a 50" bar would have an over hang of about an inch and a half on each. im hoping the clamp type mounts are an option. I was looking more at the curved bars.
  13. JaredDustin

    light bar size question

    at the top of my cage from bar to bar is about 47" I want run a light bar that would fit the best across the top using the bar clamp attachments, most light bars I am seeing are 42" or 50" what would be the best size to go with? I have some free cash back rewards for amazon and was hoping to buy one from there so its basically free to me. attached is a pic of the front to give an idea. thanks for the help
  14. JaredDustin


    random fact for you, the mountain by palm springs you were talking about is the fastest rising mountain in north America. the military used to do climbing training there for the fighter pilots. palm springs airport is very close to the bottom of the mountain, but all the old people that lived by the airport bitched and complained about the noise so no more. there is a tram that will take you to the top. but right now it is closed because the road to it washed away, in the last storm palm springs got over 60% of its annual rainfall in one day. it was nuts, golf courses were raging rivers, roads are just washed out.
  15. JaredDustin

    2011 Polaris razor 800 set of paddles/$195.00

    running a 08 kawi teryx with the funco long travel, any idea if the bolt pattern is the same? I think the are different but im just not sure.

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