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  1. JaredDustin

    Do You Know How To Tow?

    I live in palm springs area, and I see a lot of AZ plates on the 10 west towing in the fast lane passing me and im not towing. do they thing its ok because they are from out of state?
  2. F Pelosi. she can do everything but attend meetings with trump to work on getting the government open. she ignores families that want to talk to her who lost loved ones to illegals. doesn't talk to secret service or homeland security before she says its not safe for the state of the union.
  3. JaredDustin

    Teacher Strike 3: Freddy's Revenge

    my senior year government/civics teacher (1999). he used to write conservative really big across my papers, he was a liberal but didn't push anything on us, always wanted us to learn and decide for ourselves and give reasons. he helped me out with letters of recommendation, helped with things outside of the class. just a great guy. years later wrote a thank you note to him for a college writing class. got a letter back it was nice to hear from him and that he had still remembered me. he told me he retired partly because of all the politics in teaching and the changes at the admin level. there are some great teachers out there but admin and people who don't teach dictating whats done in the class room is a problem.
  4. has to be this year. can not nominate in an election year. Im sure if it is with in the second half of this year the dems will try anything possible to delay a nomination until after the 2020 election. when RGB was first appointed she was considered much more of a moderate but as of late she has been seen as the liberal hero. I lost respect when she back tracked on her kapernick comments because it didn't fit the liberal narrative. she called the protests dumb which is what all of thought then comes back and says that was not the right thing to say then would not saying else about it. im more right wing but I do agree with some of her rulings in cases. don't wish death on anyone but I hope she steps down, I would love to see the shit show the dems put on, im sure it will be Kavanagh on mega steroids.
  5. JaredDustin


    got mine at the AMPM in salton sea, $35, I believe the big gas station at the end of Brawley has them too.
  6. JaredDustin

    California Laws 2019

    welcome to California where you can change your gender but not your muffler!
  7. JaredDustin

    Dem's first day

    we all know they are not going to keep their mouths shut, the media lets cortez have air time when ever she wants it, and it comedy gold every time she goes off on a subject
  8. JaredDustin

    California Laws 2019

    we were getting tickets for modified exhaust on our mini trucks back in like 2002, everyone is going nuts about this. it was not a $1000 fine then but its always been a law. my 2500 hd is over 6k but im not going to go put a big ass exhaust on it.
  9. JaredDustin

    Fed Shutdown

    at first I thought I was getting asked to pull over not directing me to the open trash bin, I was like my pass is hanging I have a front plate, im sober, what did I do. odd seeing rangers help with trash duty.
  10. JaredDustin

    Fed Shutdown

    over new years all was normal, and they were checking for permits, buddy behind me leaving the washes got pulled over because his permit was on his dash not hanging, at least they were nice and just let him go since he had one. trash trucks were out there.
  11. JaredDustin

    Dem's first day

    while the swearing on the bible thing does bother me as much as it does others, im not a religious person but we do have freedom of religion. Jefferson had a quran not because he practiced but because he understood one must know your enemy. the problem I had with the swearing on the quran is that you can not uphold the constitution and follow the quran, they are way too different. the rest is just a bunch of grandstanding bullshit, not one thing in there to help the American people. I wish dem voters would see that. just like that cortez chick said facts don't matter only feelings (my own paraphrasing her quote) all these younger voters spent the last 8 years being molded to feelings and not facts or laws.
  12. JaredDustin

    SX / Motorcross

    yes that would depend on data signal I do it at home on wifi reception has gotten way better out in glamis compared to how it used to be
  13. JaredDustin

    SX / Motorcross

    I got the nbc gold pass, load it on my ipad and broadcast to my tv. could not get the nbc app on my tv. if you can do that with your rv tv it could work.
  14. JaredDustin

    Spectrum cable and KTLA

    ditched cable awhile ago, don't really miss it, can get all the news from the news channels facebook, they do live broadcasts from fb a lot, the weather girl does a live fb thing almost every day. one of the morning news casters is my neighbor and just follow his stuff on fb. all the same stuff. if there is breaking news its live on facebook as well.
  15. JaredDustin

    So it begins

    look on top of the cabinet there is a decoration of a black monkey eating a piece of watermelon, just imagine how crazy the media would be if a republican had that in their house

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