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  1. my guess would be fear of lawsuits. black family claims racism and being attacked by security because they are black. even with the video the jury is likely to be made up of minorities with the same mentality as these people. its sad to say but it is a lose lose situation for Disney. cant jump in fast enough but also cant let those situations get out of control. the family would play the victim and Disney would be made out to be the bad guy.
  2. had hankooks on my Duramax when I bought it and they did the same thing, separate from the inside, tires were shaped like eggs and the truck would bounce all over the place. this happened after a Pismo trip, pulling a 10,000lb toy hauler
  3. two cooler method is the best, been doing that forever since I did have a trailer. and now im back to doing that since I don't have a trailer again. but hope to have one this season but im good sleeping in the truck if I don't.
  4. so cal supertrucks is not too far, they might have one or im sure they work with a shop that does. give them a call
  5. check out rex specs for some cool googles for the pup. they are more of the shape of snowboard googles, I have some for my dogs but have not had them in the tyrex.
  6. rocking the 08 tyrex, bought from a board member. my first thing stepping away from a quad. my daughter and I have a blast in it. hopefully step up to a rzr turbo and keep this for her once she can reach the peddles
  7. were you able to watch it live? I don't have cable but had the nbc gold. on the app it showed it as live but would not let me watch it unless I signed in to a cable account. I bought the gold because I don't have cable. I wont get the gold next year, I rarely watched the race live anyways.
  8. my 09 has leather, but after 10 years in the desert, the leather is cracking. my 08 had cloth and I actually miss the cloth
  9. I feel like I got dumber just watching that, didn't even make it half way.
  10. just look at her district. Obama dumped all these refugees in the same area, which is the district she is over. her district is going to be like the no go zones in france
  11. can try this stuff, I used to be over one of the Costco gas stations and this is what we used when we had gas spills https://www.ecschem.com/product/fm-186-2/
  12. was a couple weeks behind and went to catch up last night and the Daytona race was not one the gold app, only qualifying was kinda bummed about that.
  13. thank you so much i didnt even know that was really an option, those are 42" apart so that will work.
  14. depending on the size of what you need done maybe check coast air brush in Anaheim, I have not been there in years but they used to have a lot of house of kolor paints. they know paint and might be able to help you out. can probably get a smaller size of paint if its a small job
  15. was hoping to use the bar clamp type mount so I don't have to drill or cut the roof. was not sure with using a 42in that would leave about 3 inches on each side, and a 50" bar would have an over hang of about an inch and a half on each. im hoping the clamp type mounts are an option. I was looking more at the curved bars.

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