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  1. sand highway was pretty bad. we made a pretty fast run from wash to gecko Saturday for the drags, I was the passenger in a friends x3, I actually got a mild concussion from my head bouncing around so bad, I have had plenty in the past so I can get them a lot easier. but that run put an end to my weekend, and probably my thanksgiving trip as well just to be on the safe side was some good wind sunday and the dunes were looking looking pretty smooth from the highway when we were heading home. my friends came back early from the sunday morning ride because of the wind.
  2. the parking lot sale has been going on forever. but they started doing their own SxS event the weekend before the sand show. did not go this year but went last year and had some good deals, I would imagine that event will only get bigger.
  3. I had the nitto grappler g2 on my truck for 4 years, but the last 2-3 the truck sits more than I drive it. one of the rear tires the tread started to separate. I really thing this was because where I park it the neighbors sprinkler would hit that tire, and then the sun hitting it. I put on a tire from Americas tire I think it is their house brand. called pathfinder. still E rated, A/T tire. was a lot less than the nittos, and Americas tire replaced the bad tire for free even thought it was out of the time frame that their warranty certs cover. only done a little bit of driving on the new ones so far but on the freeway they seam smooth and quite.
  4. god damn how do crack so many wheels, how many curbs do you hit? even in my mini truck days I never messed up a wheel. have had the same set of 17" MB wheels on my Duramax for 6 years never a problem.
  5. had a new one the other day. had a homeless lady ring my doorbell, asking if I could give anything. and im not on the first corner, im at the end of one of the cul de sacs in the middle of the community. she had to be making rounds door to door. I live a nice neighborhood, but like any nice community in CA you go a few blocks away and there is some type of homeless camps.
  6. I have used the uhaul car trailer for my tyrex a few times, they just would not let me get the insurance since it was not on their list. maybe just that location. also check united rentals they have flatbed trailers tilt trailers, I think they are like 90 a day, they all have pendal hitches, I didn't have one but they let me use one at no extra cost.
  7. last week he was by the republican headquarters in la quinta, after he left the headquarters was egged. reading all the comments on the news story people are like good f them, bla bla bla. yet trump is blamed for the violence. on el paseo in palm desert one the shop owners is a big republican and always has some type of pollical stuff in the window display, of course people vandalize her store a lot.
  8. just wanted to include a pic incase people were not sure what I was talking about. true it does not, but when they are crying for unity and stop dividing us. the NY times of all papers tries, and the same people crying about division bitch and cry because of their hate.
  9. shit like this. changing headlines because they are not mean to the president.
  10. so all the media and left was bitching about how trump needs to get everyone to come together and not divide us bla bla bla. so he does all that and then the NY times changed the headline to the story after his speech because leftiest complained it was too nice to him. Dayton mayor tells people to protest trump coming to visit. el paso protests and waves Mexican flags. and trump is the one who is dividing us. we all know that it is the media and the left. just pisses me off that people are too stupid to see that
  11. surprised they were not towing a uhaul trailer. just yesterday on the 10 east before the windmills saw a guy with an open uhaul trailer doing 85 in the fast lane. in the tailer he had added some type of gates on the side so they could stack stuff higher up, probably around 8ft high. got as far away from him as possible. get past him and mini van towing the big enclosed uhaul trailer. going about 80 down the big hill after whitewater.
  12. my guess would be fear of lawsuits. black family claims racism and being attacked by security because they are black. even with the video the jury is likely to be made up of minorities with the same mentality as these people. its sad to say but it is a lose lose situation for Disney. cant jump in fast enough but also cant let those situations get out of control. the family would play the victim and Disney would be made out to be the bad guy.
  13. two cooler method is the best, been doing that forever since I did have a trailer. and now im back to doing that since I don't have a trailer again. but hope to have one this season but im good sleeping in the truck if I don't.
  14. so cal supertrucks is not too far, they might have one or im sure they work with a shop that does. give them a call
  15. check out rex specs for some cool googles for the pup. they are more of the shape of snowboard googles, I have some for my dogs but have not had them in the tyrex.

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