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  1. i looked at that one too. Its just quite a bit mare expensive $120 vs $277. The ports would match up better but i will sill have to modify the handle.
  2. My CNC turning brake is leaking and needs to be replaced. Anyone have any negative feedback on the Jamar single handle before i pick one up? Thanks for the help
  3. Here is a link to the kit my buddy used, it has pretty good rundown in the description of how it works and what you need https://www.ebay.com/itm/Saturn-Vue-Chevy-Equinox-Electric-power-steering-electronic-controller-box-EPAS/142461763061?hash=item212b61fdf5:g:DRQAAOSwr7tZfvQP
  4. Getting my axles cut down because they are too long, how much play should I have them put in? 1/8, 1/4, 3/8? Thanks
  5. What are you Gen 3 guys running on the Rack and pinion for boots? The stock ones cut to fit? Looking for something that fits better. This is for the Mustang II rack Thanks
  6. I've been doing some searching as well, some people are running the smaller Odyssey PC680 also came across these https://www.lowes.com/pd/Deka-12-Volt-Motorcycle-Battery/50183753
  7. I need my axles cut down a bit and new clip grooves added, who does it in the Valley? Foddrills? Who else? Thanks in advance
  8. I didn't see it mentioned but the cage has a big hole and a smaller hole. Big hole to the axle side. Not sure if that would make it bind
  9. I would say yes on both vehicles. My truck and motorhome both go once a year. Unless you have a friend up north where you could register them there, then they would be exempt
  10. In regards to the tow yard, and this is in Phx, I had a tow company tow my truck from my apt back in the day. I called a buddy who told me to just call the cops. I called them, they came down and told the tow yard they couldn't hold my stuff and had to release it. I was forced to show my id but didn't have to pay. Buddy said they would have to make a claim or whatever and most of the time they dont want to deal with it. Never heard anything from them again
  11. Not sure how many will actually be able to chime in but... In a pure duning situation, not drag racing, and i know it would change per car depending on size and suspension What is the level of HP before its too much to make you go faster? Not talking about fun level and being able to have extra power but what is range that you and your skill level can handle 500? 600, 800
  12. Thanks for all the replies I am going to go with the Sweet since i already have it, If it wont clear there is plenty of material i can shave a little off.
  13. That was my original thought, its not really a bearing, its like a square piece of metal that it pivots on. I figured it was easier to replace the whole thing and have a nicer bearing but...
  14. Wanted to change out my sloppy u joint but didn't expect the Sweet unit to be so big. It will be really close to the tunnel through the gas tank (Funco gen 3) i have not called Funco so you can't post that what would you do? try to run this one or find a smaller unit? The sweet u joint probably weighs as much as the whole original shaft
  15. Thanks, I should explained better, total roof is 4'x7' but there is a center bar so its more like 2 squares of 4'x3.5'. Its a gen 3 Funco. Aluminum is expensive so wanted to get some info

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