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  1. I'm sure this question has been asked several times, but I couldn't find what I was looking for in the search. I am looking for opinions on the 33x15 STU Blaster between the #1 and #2 cut. I have a 5 seat with an LS1 and 2d, running 930 CVs. Majority of my time is spent duning, but I still enjoy making the occasional run down the drags or up the hill. If anybody has run both I'd love to hear your opinion on both. Thanks!
  2. bpasanders

    Tires Tires Tires!

    Can I get a price on STU 33x15 #2 cut and 10.75x15 fronts. Shipping to 85641. Thanks!
  3. bpasanders

    Tires Tires Tires!

    Interested in the pricing on Blaster 33, 15 inch wheel and number 1 cut. Thanks
  4. bpasanders

    Ddr Darrins Dune Run Gordon's Well

    Sounds like a blast. We'll be there.
  5. bpasanders

    Amplified Performance Never Ending Additions

    Damn dog read the posts before u open ur mouth....I didn't run the car without a functioning waterpump....I may be crazy but I'm not stupid. Go piss around with ur Hondas.....this is a big boys club.... Besides, I KNEW the waterpump was running....we just drained all the oil from the engine to see if it would run faster My bad. Back to engine swap, what, #4? Have fun in the "big boys club"... Shoulda stuck with your puny 4 cylinder, your kids seemed to get more dune time. Yeah SUCKA.... What else u got doggie??? My son has more driving time than your clown ass does in the past three years.....go tell someone who cares...puny what is PUNY??? Oh that's right.... 'Small and weak' sounds like a description of ur stupid azz Next....BRODOWN Wow! Read all of this and was going to comment on the nice progression you were making with the car. After the last few posts you just sound like a douche with a small man's complex!
  6. bpasanders

    Desert Tires And Wheels

    I would definitely be interested, let me know what you want for them.
  7. bpasanders

    Desert Tires And Wheels

    I know there was a topic on here awhile back, but for the life of me I can't find it. I am looking for a set of desert tires and wheels for my rail. I have an Amplified Performance with a LS1/2D. I don't plan on running it that hard in the desert. Mostly to go to Rocky Point and a little around the house. Are you guys running the same size front and back or smaller up front? Thanks, Jarrod
  8. bpasanders

    Transaxle Guy In Tucson

    Thanks. Taking it to AZ Transaxle tomorrow.
  9. bpasanders

    Transaxle Guy In Tucson

    Does anyone recomend a mendeola transmission guy in Tucson? Or should I just take it up to Phoenix to AZ Transaxles? Thanks
  10. bpasanders

    Noise Coming From Rail

    Thanks for the input. Kind of thought it may the mainshaft, thanks for the confirmation.
  11. bpasanders

    Noise Coming From Rail

    The last day of my trip I started hearing a wierd noise coming from my car. It is an Amplified Performance with an LS1 and a Mendeola 2D. The sound is hard to descibe but it is almost a growling noise, not really a grinding or whining noise. It makes the same sound in every gear when I get on the gas. If I am coasting it doesn't make the sound, only when I give it even the slightest amount of gas. If I am not in gear and revving the engine it doesn't make the sound. I am guessing it's in the tranny. Any ideas would be great before I start tearing the car apart. Thanks
  12. bpasanders

    New Car

    Seems the top of the photo was cropped... Oh yea, nice car too. Yeah, the pic does get better if it goes higher!
  13. bpasanders

    New Car

    It was nice meeting you guys. We'll have to try to get together sometime. Always looking for new people to dune with.
  14. bpasanders

    New Car

    Love the pics of the Bulldogs. You just can't go wrong with em. They are the sweetest most loyal dog you can ever own. My guy's a little over 70 pounds and still thinks he's a lap dog.
  15. bpasanders

    New Car

    Sorry it took so long to report. Been working some long nights at work. I bought the car the day before New Years and have been smiling ever since, even though I go through twice as much fuel as I did in the Honda.

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