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  1. I do regret not taking up the piano at the young age of 5 when my music teacher said I should learn the piano along with the drums. I even had access to a piano at home. I’ve always thought about it, just never did. I’m thinking I may start lessons this year. What a beautiful instrument.
  2. Wow, way bummer. So sorry to hear.
  3. Not quite ready, but do have a plan. Got what I need for defense, short range, and long distance. Damn that .308 is an incredible sniper rifle. She is dialed. I learned how to hunt and fish growing up, i have the equipment and have good people in contact when it all goes sideways; where to meet, what to have...I do need to get to work on supplies. WATER AND RATIONS. WATER...WATER...WATER. Trailer is always full of water, and gas. And if I need to go on foot, I can walk for days. But with all of that, I’m only 40% ready if it went down today. So I guess I’m not even close..LOL. I need to get to work.
  4. I’m thinking Cali is going to burn. So much growth, so much kindling, one spark, Santa Ana winds, poof, up she goes. We have a horse boarded in the east county, and we have to be ready to evacuate ASAP when it happens. And it will.
  5. Watching second Moto 450 outdoor national, these dudes don’t let off.
  6. I received this from a Tibetan Munk...I heard he was very good friends with Slappy. Who is Slappy??? Slappy McDuner was raised a child of color to a lowly share-cropper in the deep south. From a very early age, he was fascinated by the motorcycle. His first love was a QA50 mini-bike that his father, Pappy McDuner, managed to buy for him. This passion only grew as he aged. He managed to graduate and was considered "gifted" by his peers. Using his new found knowledge, he soon found himself pumping gas at "Bernies Pump and Fill". This is where his keen interest developed with the modern combustible engine. After he was fired for sniffing the exhaust one too many times, he packed up and headed west. It took him aproximately 5 years to hitchhike from Toupillo Mississippi to Brawley California. Reasons as to why it took so long are sketchy, but according to sources, Slappy had the gift of gab and would talk to people for hours on end. It is even rumored that he once talked to a man for 18 hours straight about why matchheads are red in color. Yes sir, Slappy was a unique individual. But being such a unique individual caused many people to wonder about Slappy's mental stability. While on his journey, Slappy was arrested by police after they found him running through a corn field with nothing on but his birthday suit. And after what Slappy claimed to be an "alien abduction", the judge committed Slappy to the Shady Hills Mental Institution. To this day Slappy swears that he was abducted by an alien race of "Bionic Women". Slappy met his worst nightmare at the Shady Hills Mental Institution: the men in the white coats. Slappy endured 'treatments', that in his words were, "ABSOLUTELY SHASTAMCSNAPPLISH"! Slappy vowed to escape one day. That day happened when Slappy disguised himself as a mop and escaped, never to be found by the men in the white coats again. That night Slappy began walking. He was following the moonlight that starry night, and singing songs of Robert Preston and Barry Manilow. Slappy kept walking...and walking...and walking...when he stumbled onto the most glorious site he'd ever seen. The sand glistened off the moonlight creating a satin sheet of silver, and abounding with glorious, rippled sand dunes. Her name was Glamis, Mother Glamis that is. Slappy immediately fell in love with her and the plants and animals that live upon her. He has made personal friendships with many of her inhabitants; his best friend being a Red Tail Hawk he calls "Mr. Red Tail". Slappy found his calling. Slappy searched Mother Glamis for two years straight locating various parts of machine and metal. He slept for an hour a day, enduring the heat of summer, the cold of winter, and near death experiences of men and machines. After two years, he had located enough parts to piece together a machine that would not be rivaled even to this day, "THE MCSLAPPMACHINE". Slappy and the "McSlappMachine" can be found in Glamis, and at times are seen far off in the distance ripping bowls and riding ridges. His legacy of preserving the dunes, awareness of the Peirsons Milkvetch, Dune Etiquitte, and dune education are the catalysts of his cause. Slappy is married to his darling wife, Natasha McDuner. Slappy is charming and witty, and endulges in prose and poetry. Very few have ever seen Slappy, and even fewer have ridden with him. If you are one of the lucky ones who gets to ride with him, fear not and ride like the wind, because nobody dune like Slappy dune!
  7. Right on Socal, that’s a bitchin post. Cool Daze. 👍 I think the stickman will very much appreciate what you said sir.
  8. Playing a little golf tournament here in Singing Hills, 2019 Admiral Chambers Gordon Brown senior scholarship tournament. With my buddy Steve
  9. There are a few things over my life that I wondered what could’ve happened if I took the other road, or opened the other door. It’s fun to think about some times. There is one now that I think about often the older I get. I wish I would’ve bought five years into my retirement when it was offered when I got hired at the water district 25 years ago. That’s a lot of money I didn’t have at the time, and should’ve taken a loan and did it. I didn’t think I’d be there this long, ha ha. Right now I would be smiling and whistling dixie if I did.

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