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  1. Happy birthday Robert L, hope you drank and was merry my friend.
  2. 😂, Macster, you didn’t get that memo? Sorry brother, it was a quick impromptu thing. 😂 Matt, thanks for checking on the wheels, really appreciate that. And BTW, you were wearing the coolest shirt.
  3. Oh, and Mac had a lot to do with my mind changing 25 times. Thanks Mac.
  4. A wonderful time with great people. Hung out with LRS for a short time, good to see him. Hung out at the Boardmanville booth, and danced to some good tunes. A good day all around. I sat in about 100 side-by-side’s, changed my decision about 25 times, with the help of Sandtrap, Stugots, Poule, and Grease. I think I’ve come up with what I want. Good to see everybody, hope everybody had a great show. Tim at SDR, a stand up man that does fantastic work, thanks for everything. Looking forward to talking more with you. Beautifully said Poule
  5. That’s a given, priority stop is at the FUNCO booth so I can dream. 😁
  6. When those planes hit? Jen and I were woken up by the phone ringing, on the other line was my father-in-law telling us to get up and turn on the TV we are under attack. I turned on the TV and watched some brief coverage before I went off to work. As I was working I was listening to talk radio, it was surreal. Right in the middle of listening to the Dennis Prager show, I told my boss that I was going to leave. I needed to drink a beer and try to adjust to what I was hearing. I went to Hooters, all the TVs were tuned in to news stations, every TV in the place. There were quite a few people in there, everybody glued to the TVs. I cried, was sad, got angry, not believing what I was watching. The sad thing is, right before I left, I said to myself, somehow America will be blamed for this, and from within. Sad to say but that was my thought when i walked out the door. I will never forget this day 18 years ago when those planes hit. God bless America, and God bless those who lost their lives 18 years ago today. Today has been a strange day.
  7. Season pass, talk to Neal, check out some side-by-side‘s, drink a nice cold one with some friends, and enjoy the scene.
  8. Staring at the ceiling....in the dark, working out my to do list come morning.
  9. Diving way too deep into my head, and I have to say, it’s fu@&$: scary

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