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  1. Right on, what a great hook up. That’s GD.com folks right there. TAKING CARE OF NEW FOLKS. Awesome.
  2. Had a great time with family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday. But, That old saying, don’t talk politics and/or religion surely rings true. I even told myself before I showed up, “Just shut up.” Well, Don Julio 1942 showed up and wanted to talk politics, apparently he didn’t get the memo, and poured out all over a 19 year old college student. Yeah, I was that guy; total asshole. And she is a sweetheart, and didn’t say anything. I started it and ended it, with her crying in the end. I apologized big time, right after. I told her it wasn't directed at her, but damage was done. DONT BE THAT GUY. AND I WAS. ☹️
  4. Don’t throw the hate at me Macster, but that was funny. 😁
  5. A true legend. Raised the bar for all of us to reach. Our prayers are with you George family, Gil, may you rest in peace sir .
  6. That was an incredible read dbart, brought a tear to my eye. My condolences to you and your family. He sounds like he was an incredible man, and a total stud. Thank you for sharing that. RIP TO YOUR DAD, ONE HELL OF A MAN!!
  7. Sndsamplr

    New study

    THe news JUST reported a brand new study showing that snacking on fruits and vegetables throughout the day instead of sugary snacks makes you feel better and is better for you.
  8. Looks like FNG is on, probably working on the issue y’all brought up this last week.
  9. Happy birthday LIBRO. 🎂🎉🤸🏿‍♂️
  10. HAHA, thank you so much. I love this time of year. I made it another year, 32. Wow. Looking forward to the Dune season, but right now, I’m looking forward to a glass of wine and a big piece of birthday cake. Have a great day everybody, it’s my birthday, you deserve to have a good day also with me. 🎉🎂
  11. Those are great pics dbart, looks like a blast. Would’ve love to been there to see that. 👍 We got the pumpkins lit tonight. this was us in 2017. People wanted to take pics with us when we went bar hoppin. 😂We Stayed in character the whole night. Never cracked a smile.
  12. A snail gets jumped by two turtles, the cops show up and asked the snail what happened. The snail replies, “ I don’t know, it all happened so fast.”
  13. We will be taking a look see. 👍
  14. Congrats sir, looking forward to seeing it go through the dunes. 👍😁
  15. I’m out and about quite a bit during the day, and am starting to come across some cool Halloween displays at peoples homes. I know you are a fan of Halloween Slap, so i’ll Share with ya stickman.
  16. I have metal eyelet ceiling mounts (or whatever they are called) that I Hook these rubber bands to and get a good resistant exercise with these. I was skeptical to ever use rubber band exercising as a work out, until I injured my shoulder last year and went to therapy every week for four months and all they had me do was use rubber bands. I think they’re the best thing to use for resistance training, at my age anyways. I don’t use them enough though.

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