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  1. IO1!! I look forward to it every year.
  2. Mud yes, texture no. Its the garage.............. Im showing (or trying to anyway) a GREAT amount of restraint with this project........ its gonna get a quickie fill in the holes & level out the joints & throw some paint on it...... The goal was to insulate that wall (afternoon sun), & brighten up the garage, & give the garage a little refresh, w/o spending too much effort or cost. IMO, just about anyone with a tool box can do this kind of work. it just takes a few specialty tools, patience & an eye for detail.
  3. Drywall, drywall and a little more drywall. I'd like to get it done.
  4. Some asked about this the other day so I figured I would post an update This panel has been sitting on top of my wood pile since July of 2017. Every once in a while I pull it down and wipe it off. I pulled it down on 11 Jan 20, and took these pictures. The first is of it right off of the wood pile the second is after I cleaned the appropriate areas with, armor all, water and plexus. It's never had soap on it and it's never been covered. It does not get a lot of direct sun, but it's been sitting there since I started this test. IMO, this 3M stuff is pretty rugged. It does not appear to me there is any difference between the way I treated each section, regardless of what I used... I did not spend a tremendous amount of time to ensure it was adhered to the ridges where I used my head roller to raise the panel. So that it came up on that part is not surprising. It does make me wonder how well it would adhere to a spot similar to that. Bob
  5. I gotta say this is pretty sad. Not that others have not had trouble I'm their lives, but that dude has had some tragedy in his life... There is a super good rockumentary on rush on Netflix....
  6. What @SofaKing said .... it's about the tech and lens/housing design.... I've tried a couple of options and simply went back to the OEM bulbs. There is a guy up in Idaho that installed entire bulbs and lenses into his second gen ran and it worked very well. I did not want to spend that kind of money on headlights for a 20 year old truck that I don't drive at very often. Wish I could remember what kind of lights those were. If i need more light I can turn on the fog lights I have not used In 20 years ... EDIT: for those that are interested, here is the conversion I was talking about. https://mopar1973man.com/topic/12865-morimoto-hids-headlights-in-a-2nd-generation-dodge/#comments
  7. I read what they ise that stuff for and one of the major uses is for snow and ice on roads. Does not make sense that it would rip the paint off of one vehicle, or that they would knowingly use something that could harm pain, knowing it would get thrown up on vehicles...... Kind of makes me wonder what combination of events happened to do this to the truck paint .. In any case, it sucks monkey balls.
  8. Yea the irony of this....... NO YOU CANT SMOKE IN OR AROUND THE BUILDING!!!!!!!! We are sorry it's hot/cold/wet outside, let me build two structures (one east and one west) for you to go and smoke under...... Thanks for the input folks. I'm down for more suggestions of you have them.
  9. I thought the builder of my car made it kind of cleaver. It's simply 1" tubing cut thin and welded to a piece of metal. They are tall enough to grip the bottom of my boot but not tall enough to snag it.
  10. Morning folks, Our company has a smoking area stashed out back in the parking lot for the smokers to stand under & we have been buying 10 x 15 pop ups for this area. I only have about a 10x15 area, because of the location. The first one lived about a yer & a 1/2, the second one about a year or so, & the third one about 9 months or so & the last one did not even get put up before one of the hinges broke. Im not buying shitty $50 pop ups. they have been $160 to $250 over the years. Im now looking for some kind of "temporary shelter" (this IS california after all..................), that is more robust than a pop up, but less than a Pergola with 4x4 posts......... I was thinking about some of the shades Ive seen here that folks put over their trailers, RV's, Buggies, etc..... Maybe something with a flexible "roof" that I can replace everyone once in a while (the sun kills just about everything). Budget???? $300 to $500?? maybe a bit more if I think its going to last longer... thanks Bob
  11. that would be awesome, until they got to me............ we would all end up in the same witches eye, in 3 dunes. ROFLOL.
  12. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. some of the folks in the audience were NOT happy. LOL.
  13. Well crap.... I totally missed this post, and started a new one.... Brain fart...
  14. Yikes..... Quite the weekend....
  15. Because I have nothing else to do ....... Sometimes I'm just stupid.... Anyway, we've been here almost 30 years and the only thing I've done in the garage is hang a couple of lights. Time to finish it off, insulation, drywall and some paint.... Hope to hang drywall tomorrow and paint that side of the garage... then move it all to the other side of the garage and move 30 years worth of crap on that side of the garage. LOL

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