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  1. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    I think this is going to have to be this year's winner.... This is from a buddy in hells back yard (Phoenix).. I literally LOL'd.
  2. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    I got a couple today Dude in the truck is super serious about brake lights.... The airplane was cool because it took him 20 minutes just to make the turn over the freeway..... I swear they fly at 2 MPH. Lol.
  3. Bobalos

    Suck it LA Chargers...LMAO

    Traffic in SD is getting hosed............. I drive through the heart of SD every day & its getting terrible. 805 south from Oceanside to the boarder anytime after 2:30 PM............... good luck with that. it used to take me 25 to 30 minutes just to get ONTO the 805 south @ Miramar................ 14 mile drive........... 55 to 70 minutes with no accidents.......... same going north from Miramar up to Oceanside on either the 5 or the 15.......
  4. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    Sounded pretty nice. Well......... for a Rustang anyway...... LOL.
  5. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    Today's star is super nice. I guess this is someone's sema project.
  6. Bobalos

    On Board Air Compressors

    I have an old Ram truck (1999) that I tow my trailer & buggy to the dunes with & am thinking about putting onboard air on the truck. I was thinking (or maybe engine driven. I have a 24V cummins, I thought there might be a belt driven conversion/retrofit, but cant seem to find a bolt on deal. Im planning on using it to add air to the buggy tires, maybe fill up the truck tires after airing them down @ the dunes, and probably adding a Train Horn. one of the guys @ work has bags on his car & suggested one of the Viair deals with a tank which I thought was a pretty good idea. that got me to thinking about RV's & Toy Haulers & bigger trucks that might all have onboard air. Do any of you guys have onboard air on your Truck/RV/ToyHauler/Toter/MoHo/etc?? any feedback on what works & what does not? thanks Bob
  7. Bobalos

    Suck it LA Chargers...LMAO

    Mac, Im with you 100% on that. I simply mean as a general rule. with regards to the whole kneeling thing........... they can eat a dick too........... Legit Duner, Im on board with the aztec's for 2 reasons. 1, they care about winning. 2, my youngest son is going there now. so I support them to support him.
  8. Bobalos

    Suck it LA Chargers...LMAO

    I have nothing against the players, but the owners can eat a dick!!! That said..... The city is VERY much at fault for the rediculous deals they gave the team... I for one am super glad they are gone.
  9. Bobalos

    Twisted Tin for sale

    Id also love to hear what that sounds like. I heard 2 old school SBC's with those 4 into 1 exhausts with the correct firing order & they sounded super strange. I dont think Ive ever heard an 8 into 1...
  10. Bobalos

    Got Fired... Again

    Kind of cool to see....
  11. Bobalos

    CA DMV Help

    They can do all of the registration stuff but they cant do Drivers License stuff..
  12. Bobalos

    CA DMV Help

    North Park, Clairmont and El Cajon are normally a freaken ZOO..............
  13. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    This mornings edition brought to you by some old white dude at the parts store or cking up a quart of oil for his Nascar tribute car... It has a 289 with a four barrel, and a tremec 5 speed with a 3.08 gear and some weird exhaust system. SUPER cool car!!! Dude was going for a drive to the mountains...
  14. Bobalos

    Wing Wednesday

    But......... its a "sport" model.....
  15. Bobalos

    Is this Bearing slop or ????

    I pulled the caliper off.and.its.no different...

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