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  1. None. It was to early for them. Lol.
  2. This mornings highway star, courtesy of a walk with the Mrs on Coronado. The trailer was cool. Clearly 2 busses welded together on some kind of trailer chassis. It had a drain on the left side so it had a toilet in it.
  3. The Studebaker, is for sale and IMO a super bitchen car. The electric thing parked behind the wheel stop, with the cable drug across the paint...... LOL.
  4. If he has points he should have a couple of sets in the glove box ....... And one condenser... Who runs points any more..... Good on him though to make that treck.
  5. Today's offerings.... The wing on the Rustang......
  6. Take that over the pass when it's windy
  7. Im looking for a set of "dirt tires" & wheels. Id like something matching. Prefer single beadlock Tires Im going to be kind of specific with 33 x 10's or 33 x 10.5's, I don't need or want 35 x 12's. I don't want anything older than 5 years old. Wheels Im pretty easy, single beadlock is preferred, no double beadlock or I will run into caliper issues, no beadlock would be OK too. I have the "normal" VW Wide 5 pattern. Im in San Diego, but have friends in the "Phoenix-ish" area & will drive up as far north as the 210 for the right deal. thanks Bob
  8. Today's highway star, isn't.. ... It's just phunny. Yes, that is a stack of tortillas in the back window of his car..... LOL
  9. FWIW, I used Stainless button heads with 1" heads on them on a carbon fiber wrap & I think it came out pretty nice. I wanted the black onyx finish, but could not get the larger button head in that finish & it was not important enough for me to get them anodized or anything. I put some vinyl on the back sides of the panels, so they did not sit on the tubes. The only problem with Stainless, is you have to use anti seize or they will seize in the nuts. here are both:
  10. Maybe Im not understanding how your planning on using these...... I don't see how that would be helpful @ all. Seems like running a pan head with a large head or a washer under the head, would work better. all these would do is allow the use of a counter sunk screw on a flat surface. Bob
  11. If those are my only 3 choices............. more like up @ 4:45 & in bed between 10 & 11..... not sure how much longer my body is going to put up with this shit...
  12. completely screwing up $300 in twisted up s#it ass wood, I bought from HD (& in an unrelated effort, getting in the dog house with the wife). By Lunchtime on Sunday (10:00am) I was looking forward to going back to work........
  13. Ive never heard of Raceline Wheels. Looks like they build a bunch of wheels for the SxS market and even some street stuff. I cant find any buggy stuff on their website though..... Are they quality wheels? are the beadlocks good quality or do they leak? thanks Bob

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