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  1. Bobalos

    Need Recommendations on Beachfront Hotels

    a friend of mine comes out every june & stays here. https://www.beachcottages.com/, we go down & cook some steaks & hang out for the afternoon when they are in town. nice place to stay & some of them are right on the boardwalk......
  2. Bobalos

    Kevin's Build (built And Running!)

    JMHO, but there is only one thing that could cause that kind of damage & that is FOD coming between 2 gears.
  3. So maybe in their video of how to use it, they could actually put out a fire................. https://elementfire.com/pages/howtouse
  4. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    I think I've found my favorite for this year.... It's this dude with the tanks in his front yard. Lol.
  5. Bobalos

    Gear One Back Up and Running Soon

    What phone number do we call if we need to get ahold of them? Are they producing product yet? thanks Bob
  6. Bobalos

    RV repair shops in San Diego

    these folks did some work on the Toter Home for my team owner. they did a good job of fixing up a problem that stumped a few folks.... They also did some work on my trailer (years ago, before I owned it), which is how I got their name in the first place. seem to be nice folks. http://www.ricksrvcenters.com/ Bob
  7. Bobalos

    Paddle Tire Tech (#x Cut)

    no, its under the car @ the back of the trailer, it would a REAL pita to get out. Your right its 1/2 of one paddle, I did not know anything until I got back to camp. the issue is that the tires are >12 or 13 years old & leak like mad & Id like more bite.........
  8. Bobalos

    Paddle Tire Tech (#x Cut)

    Last trip a big chunk of one of my paddles flew off of the tire so Im looking into new tires. being as this Xtreme tire does not say #1 or #2 I went out to measure the actual depth of the paddle to get an idea of how deep they were & saw something I did not before............. I had mentioned that I had every other one cut off & that I figured this tire had 3 different cuts........... well it does not. someone did cut every other one off, but essentially they turned it into a #1.5 cut......... I have one that is 1.0" then the next is 1.25, then 1.0, then 1.25, etc..... I didnt notice until I actually measured them & then the writting on the tire made sense......... the ones that says "sportsman" are 1.0" tall & the ones that say "Competitor" are 1.25" tall. So now the question...... If I want more bite, but dont want to sarifice float, do I go with the taller cut knowing that Im going to get more paddles on the tire on top of taller ones? FWIW.... I like running higher tire pressures, I enjoy the way the buggy slides around.... Bob
  9. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    I like star wars & all but................... thats a little much! LOL.
  10. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    gotcha. no, I saw it a couple of years ago when I took my boys for "ice cream" @ the place a couple of doors down, but that parking lot is a CF all of the time so I dont tend to go in there.
  11. Get your recalls done folks (& this goes for everyone...........). https://www.wdrb.com/news/fiat-chrysler-recalls-more-than-heavy-duty-trucks-after-crashes/article_24f84f32-2975-11e9-a0e5-33ec7f61124b.html?mode=nowapp&fbclid=IwAR11IZyMsWLmUUillqlQuLYpZ1bI0QpePU8X4LdhLFlFmSEWVsOzXgoJxmg Bob
  12. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    Today's stars courtesy of Santee lakes..
  13. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    as much as I hate to see this done to a beautiful old car it sure does make a point.
  14. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    that is bad ass!!
  15. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    Dunno what Knb is... Ive only been here 25 years. I did not grow up in this hood (or state).

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