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  1. Bobalos

    Coating Headers Powder/ceramic

    I just re-coated my exhaust over the off season (@ ECP in El Cajon. GREAT folks). I wanted a "silver" like the old school "Jet Hot coating". they did not do that (but could send it out to get it done). they did have a "Titanium" which I figured would work fine. I did 3 heat cycles in the garage before we took it out to the dunes. we made 4 rides & a few more heat cycles in camp. it looks like the day I picked them up. I have been super careful not to get my greasy paws on it & to not bang it up with tools/straps/etc. Years ago & saw a black that looked pretty nice, but I was not sure how well the color would hold up. a buddy of mine did a blue (20 years ago) & it turned into a super powdery, light baby blue & looked terrible after about 3 months..... Bob
  2. Bobalos

    school me on the new Rams/Cummins

    Interesting. Thanks for the 411.
  3. Bobalos

    school me on the new Rams/Cummins

    In CA: After 4 years, smog is every other year. Visual inspection is done to ensure all factory installed smog equipment is installed. No aftermarket emissions related parts are allowed w/o CARB OE # (which the diesel market is not doing). Truck is hooked to OBD port to ensure that no tampering has been done & that there are no codes stored. Snap Test is done (which is stupid & subjective). Tire pressures are checked (thank you Obama & CARB). Finding a "cool" smog shop is right next to impossible now. CARB has been cracking down for the last 10 or 15 years & have a task force that has been shutting down shops & fining the owners for illegal smogs. it is right next to impossible to get them done any more. Not to mention that its not very easy to do now days. Just about every vehicle has a computer on it now that has to plug into the smog machine. Its not easy to get around that........
  4. Bobalos

    school me on the new Rams/Cummins

    Reading between the lines here........ Sounds like your saying they are doing too much fueling to make big TQ numbers and not really doing a good job of supplying enough air to make it useable...,. Or is this an issue of all of the smog shit causing the high egt's???? Thanks Bob
  5. Bobalos

    school me on the new Rams/Cummins

    I have a 99 Ram with a Cummins motor & am considering getting a new (er) truck. are there any expensive maintenance items on the new trucks? anything to do with the DPF or EGR or anything else? Is there a lift pump on the new Common rail trucks or is there only the CP3? I know that all of the new trucks have 800 Ft-Lbs of TQ & all of the HP that goes along with that, but it sure does seem like they just dont have the power that my 99 has. when Im coming back from the desert over the 8 grade, Im passing all of these new trucks like they are 40 years old. they are going 40 or 45 up the hills like they dont have the balls to do even 50 & here I am going 60 up the same grades...... Am I just an idiot for going this fast or are the newer trucks just gutless? thanks Bob
  6. Bobalos

    Rhino Lining on buggy floor

    Quick update........... we just got back & my Home Depot non skid stickers worked flawlessly. they are slightly elevated off of the aluminum so the sand did not collect on them. Im considering just leaving it alone.........
  7. Bobalos

    Fuel Cell Vent

    Does anyone have a picture of what the bottom of these fuel cell covers look like? Is there supposed to be a Roll over valve (or anything for that matter) on the bulkhead fitting that goes into the cell for the vent line on the cell. Do any of you guys get fuel coming out of the vent? mine has a good bit. once while I was filling it up in the camp gas was coming out of the vent.... Silver braided line on the bottom left is the return from the fuel rail. black push-lock hose on the right is the vent. black 90* @ the top with the silver hose is the feed line to the pump. thanks Bob thanks Bob
  8. Bobalos

    VW Engine Tunning

    http://www.paradisemotorsport.com/ Call & ask for Kris. its what they do. Bob
  9. Bobalos

    VW Engine Tunning

    Its a bit of a drive, but Cris at Paradise would be my pick.
  10. I found a set of keys in the middle of the road right next to the bathrooms @ wash 10. I found them Sunday morning and we will be here until Monday morning Send me a PM or post here. Bob
  11. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    Btw, the fly overs were awesome. They came over in formation then individually.
  12. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    Todays off highway star.... Courtesy of the vets ceremony....
  13. Bobalos

    Windy as Glamis Friday

    How windy is It??
  14. Bobalos

    Does anyone here know this guy?

    Could have been. the "solution" from the police was to record all of the calls & if he did not stop, press charges with the legally obtained evidence.
  15. Bobalos

    Does anyone here know this guy?

    I dont believe that is entirely true............. I had an issue with someone & we went through the police dept & got written permission to record all incoming phone calls.

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