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  1. Today's "above highway star".... This was a BIG bitch.... Don't see these very often fighters are more common.
  2. My Xtreme's are 15 years old and all things concerned are in pretty good shape. They started throwing big chunks of paddles on the last weekend from last season, so I think it's time for something new. One of the other guys in our group has them as well and he has 14 years on his. Just thought I would share. Thanks folks!! Bob
  3. Has anyone used both STU's and Extreme and have an opinion on which lasts longer?? Or maybe have a shop and seen a bunch of cars. Thanks Bob
  4. My wife and kids think I'm a dick about making sure that the garage and house are locked up any time anyone comes to the house for any reason. If they have questions about any of the toys I tell them I sold it all .... A few years ago there was a handful of b&e's where they would knock on the front door and if no one would answer they would jump the fence and break out widows in the back and walk out the front door. We have a number of retired folks in the hood that interrupted them, by simply being home.
  5. HOLY CRAP............. this is literally around the corner from my house............ Phu.ck....
  6. I take it back........ Im not sorry......
  7. There are a couple of interesting things in this... First is the "on their person" thing. "of course I had it on my person". people who keep firearms in their home to store them in locked containers or disable them with a trigger lock unless the firearm is on their person or in the immediate control of the person so that they can readily retrieve and use the firearm. the second is how will they enforce this???? I think its time for a refresher with my family on Warrants searches on our property........ a quick set of rules... Step outside to review the warrant AND close the front door! Make sure the address matches exactly, the names match exactly, the warrant is not expired and that the search only pertains to the specific area listed, i.e. house, car, garage and stays only in that area. Also request only a single person or single team conduct the search under supervision of a resident.
  8. If you dont mind me asking......... what is a "motor home tongue"?
  9. Today's highway star, the furd is courtesy of my wife...
  10. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Sexy....... LOL. I guess as long as it gets him to work....
  11. I was thinking the same thing a little while ago........ I have 230,000 on my 99 dodge that I have driven pretty much every day since 99. add another 15 years @ 10,000/year & the time I rode my bike during the truck years & Im probably only about around 350,000 or so. # of accidents................ Zero... well............ except for the dirt bike stuff, but ......... that goes with the territory.... LOL.
  12. the rears look to be the second week in Aug of 2013. Is there something wrong with the bolt holes or does it just look funny in the picture for some reason? Bob
  13. Im interested in the set. would you post up a picture of the fronts? (especially the date code). Those are 15" razor blasters, correct? Do they hold air? thanks Bob

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