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  1. I would guess the temp gauge is a different sending unit from the temp sensor that goes to the ECM. but........... if you cant see inside the ECM, then how would you know???? I guess just swap out the sensor & see if that fixes it, but thats shotgunning @ its finest............
  2. It should be against the law to make an EFI system w/o a way to hook something to it, to see what is going on with it. LOL.
  3. Are you sure its a time related thing or is it Engine Temp related?? (a scanner port would be REALLY helpful).
  4. If it were me, I would put a thermostat in there. JMHO, but Engines should have thermostats.........
  5. Bobalos

    Vw engine oil

    And its still what they (VW Paradise) recommended when they freshened it up a few years ago. Must still work... FWIW, we used to use Diesel Truck oil in our 900 Inch pro mod motor. we would pick it up @ the truck stop when we got ice & beer on the way to the track. ROFLOL.
  6. I bought one of these from Amazon. When you lift up on the orange handle it pulls the magnet away from the bottom & everything falls off. When we used to goto Ocotillo Wells with Bikers they used to have 3 or 4 of them & walk around every night with beers & just talk & pick up metal. just one or two beers worth of walking around & they would have a LOT of metal. mostly nails from pallets..........
  7. that is what the yellow cord is. It goes through the box & above the velcro that is going on top of the Gimble. a WHOLE lot of wrong would have to happen for it to come lose & me not know it.
  8. Kind of ashamed to say I did not put a great deal of thought into this. I started with a basic idea and just kept going. The Velcro going around the light holds the Velcro that holds the gimble into the box. My basic idea was high as I can get it, as solid as possible to reduce shakiness, keep as much sand out as possible. We're I to do it again (which I might if it gives me decent video), I would design it in solidworks, and 3-d print it. I took the idea from a fellow diner up in Oregon that has a similar design. Iirc, he is on this forum. Bob
  9. I bought an S1 a couple of months ago & will be testing it on the buggy for the first time on Vets weekend. I will post up video when I get back. the research ive done says that one or the other should be fine. not sure how the Vector Mount would mess with the S1 trying to work. I suppose you could move the weight on the Vector Mount so its not so responsive & let the S1 do its work. I built a special mount for mine to try to keep it as high as possible (on top of my light bar) & as much sand out of it as possible. We will see how that works. I also just bought a Hero8 Black that has HyperSmooth. Im temped to mount the 8 next to the S1 (which has a 7 White in it) & see what the difference is in the video quality............. Id be very curious to see your video....
  10. DAMMIT.............. glad you guys are OK.
  11. The stock engine uses Aluminum, set to .006" cold. If you have ever checked this when hot, it's around .002". This is because the aluminum PRs expand a little more then the rest of the engine as the engine gets hot. and it changed depending on how hot it is............ The problem with steel (including chromoly) is it does not keep up with clearances, so the lash INCREASES as the engine warms up. As noted, this increases noise and loses power, if it's excessive. The solution is to run Al PRs, or if you run steel to simply run a loose "0" clearance (cold), which will grow as the engine heats up. Ideally you'd be at .002", but with steel PRs this would entail a negative clearance cold, which is not a good idea. So run .006 with Aluminum, an 0-.001" with steel, both measured cold. When I used to run chromoly, I turned in to 0 clearance so I could just spin the PR, and tightened it down. This is as little as .006" and as much as .020" when hot, if you ever bother to measure. The amount of clearance depends on the rocker ratio, Jug type & quality, Head material & brand, in addition to the PR material. Towards the end of the time I owned my last VeeWee, I simply warmed up the motor, took, one cover off & adjusted those 2 until it was zero-ish. closed it up, warmed it back up again, & did the other side & called it a day. ..... You know what they say about opinions.........
  12. Bobalos


    Im pretty sure they were on El Cajon between Palm & Richfield. There used to be another one up off of Fairmont up by University or El Cajon or something, but it closed before the one in El Cajon did. I wish I had known they were going out of business, because I would have probably bought everything I could have afforded that I was blowing off because I did not need it that day............. @Rockwood, mine does pop corn as well..... but not every day, so you have to be careful or its stale as shit. My son got some & we walked out to the truck & he was not eating it & I thought that was super strange............ he says "here you go dad, you can have some" so I took a huge handful. little did I know it was aweful & he was over there laughing his ass off....... *****ing kids......... LOL. Then I got to thinking........ He did not complain to them about the shitty popcorn, he was grateful that they gave him something for free & kept his trap shut. I had to go home & make sure that I told my wife how good a kid he is (in front of him, so he got a little stroke too). The little things in life that you remember....
  13. Bobalos


    Been doing the same, but their selection is pretty small & they dont keep a bunch in inventory, so I get 8 of the 11 I need for a project................ I have been making an effort to stop there though on the way to HD or Lowes.........
  14. Bobalos


    In Miramar on the corner of Production & Miramar road?????? NOPE, I did not buy every single bolt on my buggy from them when I rebuilt it. LOL. Unless your talking about a different marshals............ then Im all ears.........
  15. Bobalos


    I dont buy anything @ Harbor Freight that I dont expect to last less than the one project Im working on right now. Just seems like its all so super cheap. Ive bought some stuff pliers, snips & channel locks from Home Depot, seem like decent quality. I dont expect I will have them forever, but they lasted longer than 10 minutes...... Kind of off topic...... There used to be a place in El Cajon (& somewhere off of 40th street) that was called Pats Tools. I LOVED going in there........ they had TONS of old stuff laying around as well as a bunch of new stuff. If I needed any kind of specialty tool they would most likely have it. I bought a bunch of "old tools" for the tool bag in my truck. they are all top shelf stuff that has been around for years that I got for next to nothing. MAN do I really miss that place................

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