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    Today's Highway star

    A couple of years ago I noticed that there were a bunch of older cars out on the road and they just kept popping up everywhere.... So I would splnap a quick pic and put them on FB I thought it could be fun to do here too. Today's highway star courtesy of the ATT paking lot in Santee.
  2. DAYUM, where was this 2 months ago.......... I just bought the normal POS stuff for my office............
  3. Bobalos

    Full set of sand tires/wheels

    10-4. if you end up separating out the whole mess of it all I am interested in just the front tires. thanks Bob
  4. Bobalos

    Full set of sand tires/wheels

    Is #1 the taller or shorter of the cuts? do you run an acorn lug nut (like a VW) or a flat nut like a "Mag wheel"? how old are the paddles? FWIW, Im interested in everything. thanks Bob
  5. Bobalos


    in San Diego.......... Pull one of those air pistols out while your in your vehicle & goto jail....... Happened to someone @ my office.
  6. Bobalos

    Old auto adds

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, and yes,............. I agree. LOL.
  7. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    From today. I spent entirely too much time on the 15 . ....
  8. Bobalos

    Flashlights 2..uh..

    Id like to get a super bright light, that is recharable or has 18650's (because I have a number of them), that wont break the bank. Bob
  9. Bobalos

    !Flash Sale Friday! 934 SUPER CAGES

  10. Bobalos

    Sherriff gore on kusi news

    Any of y'all see sherriff gore on the news tonight??? They we're talking about CCW permits, in right of the shooting at the temple in Poway. JMHO...... He's a lieing POS. *****ing politicians make me crazy.....
  11. Bobalos

    Sherriff gore on kusi news

    well that is good news.
  12. Bobalos

    Sherriff gore on kusi news

    I cant find the stats right now, but last time I looked he had the lowest issuance of CCW permits in the entire state. the stats have changed a good bit recently though because everyone knows to not bother, because its not going to happen................
  13. Bobalos

    Sherriff gore on kusi news

    The lies start @ 1:30 into it. Dont believe for a second he is actually going to issue any. Short version: because of the shooting @ the temple, Churches are asking their congregation to apply for CCW's & he is implying that he "might" issue them. He wont......... one thing I thought interesting, was that he said that Churches are private property so they dont have to have CCW's to have armed citizens on the property. This way he has deniability should something go sideways. again........... POS politician. he does not want anything to do with being part of the solution........ https://www.kusi.com/a-busy-may-for-san-diego-county-sheriffs-department/
  14. Bobalos

    Sherriff gore on kusi news

    Holy crap..... I didn't know he was involved in that......... He's a bigger POS than I knew.............
  15. Bobalos

    Powder coat question

    FWIW, I believe that Caddy is actually a wrap. Ive seen it done a bunch of times (and it says "something"-Wraps on the floor in front of it). Bob
  16. Reminds me of the Seal here in San Diego that is going through a Court Marshal. The Navy is completely silent in the matter, but the family is making big noises & it sure does seem like he is getting the shaft...... but we only get to see part of one side of the story......
  17. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    A few for today. The model A was SUPER cool. The old guy that owned it knew every detail about the car. He bought it as a basket case and put the car back together again. He was headed out to El cajon to a car show. The green truck was covered in Astro turf .... Why..... Not sure. I'm guessing it was and advertisement for someone.... The orange truck was clean as hell. Super nice!!!
  18. Dont want to shoot this off topic.............. that Buggy is amazing!!!!!! @stumpalump FWIW, my buggy is kind of like that. it has a super short hood & the sides only come up to just past where my foot is. The shorter hood is cool & I can kind of see the suspension cycling, but IMO, its a novel thing for a second then its kind of annoying. sand does come up into the car & occasionally fills your lap with sand. It also lets the cold air in. Another thing, is every once in a while I will catch the passenger side wheel spinning out of the corner of my eye & start to panic that something has fallen out of or off of the buggy. LOL. Im kind of tall (6'3") so I sit high in the buggy so seeing down is not a problem. seeing up is...... When Im @ the bottom of a hill trying to look up to see where the rest of the cars are, Im staring @ the roof. not a big deal, I just have to pay attention when we are going down the previous hill & hope that everyone has not piled up going up the next hill. Its not bad enough that Im going to do something about it, but sometimes it catches me off guard. Bob
  19. Bobalos

    Will dull powdercoat shine back up?

    FWIW, I looked into this a little while ago. Bob How to bring the shine back to Powder coat from “Mee” on Glamis Dunes forum. You need 1 house of color ru312  (get from an auto paint supply) Clean white 100% Cotton rags Just wipe with ru312 on rag until you feel it get soft and then stop!!! Note: it will keep getting sticky until it makes the rag stick to it ...that’s just a little too much wiping k Wait 2-3 hrs then hand wax....boom goes the... you know.. When you are wiping the powder it will get soft and you are pressing the pours closed again and you need to let it set to harden up then wax it to remove the ru312 and add shine.... It’s that easy, as you may know , I did this to my car for 5 yrs and it looked like the powder job was new all the time If you saw the poster in OMF" s booth of my car , that pic of the car , the car was 4 years old looked petty good? DO NOT USE COLORED RAGGS... the Iink in them will come off on to your car
  20. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    Great ones...
  21. Bobalos

    What’s on your feet?

    FWIW, I wear something like this. they have a high enough cut that they keep most of the sand out. they have a real sole on them, but are flexible so I can feel the peddles. They keep my feet warm (my buggy is open in the front). They are light weight. Bob
  22. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

  23. Bobalos

    Today's Highway star

    Ketchup day... A little something for everyone. The old El Camino is one of the interns that r&d hired. Looked like Napoleon Dynamite. Lol. Cool car/truck. Big block auto car. Smells like an old Cheby. Lol
  24. Bobalos

    Towing with Gas powered truck

    Any of you guys tow with a newer GAS truck? Im looking for folks that have a 2500 or 3500 with a GAS motor that tows ~10,000. For reference here is what I presently have (and have had for 20 years, I know the benefits and costs of a diesel). Im thinking about getting a 2018/2019 Gas powered 2500/3500, 4x4, Dodge (Hemi) or Cheby (LS). thanks Bob
  25. Bobalos

    Video, GoPro, Gimbal

    Awesome, thanks for the information. Bob

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