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  1. My first rail was in 87 small 2seater 1641 I was only 18 at the time had a blast my dad bilt his first rail in 64 then bilt a new one in 72 with a 40 horse through the rod out the side then bilt a 2074 thing ran,still get out as much as I can and along the way have goten others to love the sand as much as me
  2. I used the spring loaded ones to lots better stock ones always leaked for me
  3. Hi holden I see it didnt take you long to find the post glad to hear from you we cant wait till newyear see you then oh cant wait to ride in that new rail, sorry sandcar thats what you guys call them now? right.
  4. That is the best pic I have of the trans made the frame around the stock mounts for the engine&trans then used the stock VW torshentube with the spring plates mounted to the spindles from the frount & in the back made 4 link [attachmentid=51656]
  5. This is the manx that I helped build this summer used the 1600 OHC VETC engine with the auto trans and even the civic gauges also slaped on a turbo [attachmentid=51620] [attachmentid=51624] [attachmentid=51622] [attachmentid=51626] [attachmentid=51627] [attachmentid=51629] [attachmentid=51628]
  6. Look all the way over to the right cant see the rest of the pic
  7. [attachmentid=51422]And a pic of the whole thing
  8. [attachmentid=51420][attachmentid=51421][attachmentid=51419] Hear are some of the pics, used the honda dash also
  9. ok so I didnt now about the bus trans, I just built a mainx and used the moter and trans out of a civic 1.6 OHC VTEC with turbo 9psi with full tubing frame a sheet of aluminum for the floor about 1300 pounds street legal and sand worthy loads of fun
  10. Hay to every one just wanted to say that you can use a VW trans or bus just have to flip the reang gear or go mid

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