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  1. adam909

    Tonneau covers

    really like that set up.. ill be installing it on a ram as well but short bed. Did you have a short bed? did it clear a 5ver hitch?
  2. adam909

    Tonneau covers

    Thinking of adding a retractable tonneau cover to the new truck. What’s the cleanest looking while easy to use go to tonneau cover. Thanks adam.
  3. adam909

    New SCU build S4D CBM 440

    Sure. I know if I walked into a shop wanting to spend 100k + on a build and saw the amount of crap on the floors and work benches I would walk out. Just shows sloppiness and not careing. They pull it off though and build nice cars.
  4. adam909

    New SCU build S4D CBM 440

    nice looking build.. always amazed how scu can build a nice car when the shop looks like a disaster.
  5. sucks about your first trip.. I've ran fuel lab with no issues. arrow motive would be a good choice as well. Best to use common stuff so if you have issues it would be easier to try to find parts. Stuff gets pricy. And if you can wing it a spare pump and filter in the trailer is always nice to have..
  6. adam909

    High school sports question

    Ill be facing this next year and not very excited about it.. Daughter plays travel softball and will be faced with trying out for the high school next year.. Ive talked to the varsity softball coach at the school she will be attending. He stated its crazy at the talent that comes out in our area.. Said 175 girls try out for the teams and only 50 make it.. Ive told my self that im happy with ever she does and as long as she's happy as well.. In sports, kids get to a point that we as parents can't control any more.. And that's school sports..
  7. adam909

    Bitchin Glamis Drone Footage

    Awesome video.. Tired of the same stupid videos of wheelies and turning brake wheelies.. nice to see some different
  8. adam909

    buying new truck out of state

  9. adam909

    buying new truck out of state

    The 68 is still in the 2500’s. And the Aisin will still be in the 3500’s. Wished they would have released the 8 speeds but maybe next year. 1000 lb-torque in the 3500. And 35,000 towing
  10. adam909

    buying new truck out of state

    I have not.. Ive waited it out to see the 19's.. Ram just released the new Hd 19's yesterday and I really like the changes they made.. Wish there was more changes in some areas.. Now im waiting for ram to release the prices and when they are going to start building and taking orders on the 19's. Ive tried 2 local dealers on a 18 and they couldn't come close to what I could get the truck for in Idaho..
  11. adam909

    any one stopping at dunes edge storage?

    awesome.. thanks..
  12. looking to get a visual on my set up.. haven't been able to make it out this season yet and its been there since last season looking to get a visual that's its still there with no flats etc. thanks Adam.. 949 357 7346.
  13. adam909

    buying new truck out of state

    trying bubba.. so far there is only one truck with the options and color that I want in a 60 mile radius..
  14. adam909

    buying new truck out of state

    there will be no evading taxes due to it will be registered in cali.. Just trying to get the warm and fuzzies before committing.. Ive already reached out to the Idaho dealer.. Crazy how much cheaper the truck is and I haven't even tried to deal with them yet..
  15. adam909

    Range Shift Inhibited A1000 Allison

    I think that's a good call on changing the pan filter.. Its pretty simple.. I would just buy a new gasket and use the stock pan.. I upgraded my trans pan and I didn't see any differences at all except that it took longer for it to get up to operating temps...

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