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  1. This is Bonneville talk I know but the same principal applies to just about any land based racing surface and that being anything approaching or exceeding over 200 mph and you should use a parachute(s) as your primary braking system to slow the vehicle. Thus reserving conventional disc or drum brakes to stop the vehicle once the speed has been reduced below the effective limits of your parachute(s). Using conventional brakes - with only a select few exceptions - especially above 200 mph will almost always instantaneously lock wheels up and/or cause exponentially growing unusual suspension/aerodynamic loads that are very difficult to correct and often lead to the results you saw in the video. The primary rule to remember being the best form of braking at exceptionally high speeds does not come from the car; but rather from what’s trailing behind the car aka parachutes. Fortunately no one was killed in the wreck and hopefully they learn from the crash. Use your head and stay safe out there.
  2. Something to consider is at this point you’ve more then exercised patience and understanding giving him time above and beyond what most others were do just to get the usual run arounds from him due to his ‘selective interests’ in what cars he devote his efforts to. It’s clear that at this point you have little to loose sense being patient doesn’t seem to motivate him to get things done in a timely manor. So if you truly feel that your basically at his mercy I would say that it’s time to become the biggest annoyance in his life until you get your car done or start getting some cooperation. Constant frequent calls, visits, probing questions about any excuses you get, keeping him weighed down with the reality that you paid him to do a job that he’s not doing. Be a relentless thorn in his side until he starts getting somewhere with your car just to get you off his back. You have nothing to loose.
  3. High school graduation day for two of my daughters. Next weekend I have one graduating from middle school into high school. Given all they‘ve had to overcome to make it this far I couldn‘t be more proud of them. Yet at the same time am sad. They grow up so damn fast. The silver lining being they all are graduating with straight A’s and are mega daddies girls.
  4. One of the rules I’ve engrained into the heads of my daughters in regards to any parties they might ever go to or anywhere in general they will be drinking anything is simple. Don’t drink anything that isn’t out of a container that they didn’t open themselves and to never let it sit somewhere out of there clear view of sight. Of course it’s not foolproof sense if someone was determined enough to put something in an open container they could find a way to do it. But nonetheless it’s a simple noteworthy tidbit of advice that maybe some of you could pass along to your own children or use yourself. In any case stay observant and safe out there.
  5. 12 Seconds... Exactly... 43 seconds almost zoomed to the end but the guy seems handicapped... His name is Frankie MacDonald and he's autistic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankie_MacDonald
  6. Welcome to the board and enjoy a safe fun trip with the family.
  7. Based on the attempts to implore the same strategy of co-ed based training that I’ve seen happen in numerous other countries and looking at how in quite literally probably 85+% of the cases it was a temporary project that failed miserably in some cases literally within only a few weeks after being initiated, I don’t see this lasting long term. Once the reality that we all can see happening ultimately happens then it will be a quietly swept under the rug failure of an approach and things will likely go back to how they were with few exceptions. Plus with sexual harassment based suits and claims on the rise now as it is threw out all military branches this truly is almost laughably stupid thinking anything other then high school aged based laws of attraction kicking in and sexual harassment/rape/ext... cases or at least claims skyrocketing almost immediately as a result. Not that it’s a slander against those that serve in any way whatsoever. It’s merely common sense and I suspect that once the legal action based suits or at the very least the complaints start piling up quicker then anyone can deal with them this idea like many other similar based ideas tried by many other countries around the world will fail shortly thereafter. You see how “well” stricter dress codes and the ’no tolerance for sexual based behaviors’ attitude keep high school pregnancies and/or drama from happening so hey what’s the worse that could happen mixing everyone together under the same roof in training camps???
  8. Just more meaningless babble and worthless legislation that in the end will accomplish nothing except punishing good people. You can instate all the rules and regulations you wish but they don’t amount to a pile of sh*t when the people who clearly are able to get all the weaponry they need regardless of the laws and have the desire to kill people are still able to do so regardless of what laws you sign into action. So once again the good people are punished and those who break the rules will go unaffected sense the rules never applied to them or stopped them to start with. As I said more meaningless babble and worthless legislation that will accomplish nothing except punish good people.
  9. Yes and no. Take away all water we die, so no need for electricity. One serves the other. Water plays a big part in hydro electric, steam, and cooling in generating stations. Electricity can be produced without water, but with what we have available to us today, it would be difficult and costly. We could return to crude methods until substitutes were made. Its way above both our pay grades. Without the almight electricty to move water over hills, forget about it. Gravity will only do so much for us. Hence forth, "lift pumps". Hydraulic ram pumps move water without the need for electricity at all. Granted they won’t likely be some magical cure all to fix large scale problems should the figurative and literal sh*t hit the fan. But nonetheless I’ve used them personally and had fantastic success at moving water up and down differencing gradients using hydraulic ramp pumps and no electricity or alternative sources of power are used. Using them to fill water storage tanks could in some applications alleviate the need all together for electricity being needed to control water needs. Again not that they are some magical cure all to fix a metropolis that gets plunged back into the dark ages if the power grid goes down but in any case they are useful whether you have power or not.
  10. I see it as simply just another case in point of common sense not being exercised by both sides and both sides being to blame for a simple issue that didn’t need to end how it did. Also another example of both sides expecting the other to handle all of the blame when both parties were involved and both contributed to the situation taking place to begin with. I’ll be the first to say that the black guy was in the wrong doing what he did. No exceptions. You want to be a criminal? Fine pay the price for that ’career path’. That said it’s blatantly obvious that the cop was out of line to use lethal force to the extent that he did when less lethal options would have likely neutralized the situation to begin with or at the very least less rounds used. I also understand that in the moment and under the pressure police officers face yes mistakes happen and impulse decisions are made that normally wouldn’t happen under different circumstances. That said whose at fault? Everyone involved. Plain and simple. But until everyone involved on both sides accepts fault for these types of situations happening to begin with they will continue to happen and countless hours and amounts of money will be spent debating the logistics of common sense that wasn’t used by anyone involved.
  11. Well the horseshoed trailer frame definitely represents one hell of a 'learning curve' you could say.
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