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  1. Something to consider is at this point you’ve more then exercised patience and understanding giving him time above and beyond what most others were do just to get the usual run arounds from him due to his ‘selective interests’ in what cars he devote his efforts to. It’s clear that at this point you have little to loose sense being patient doesn’t seem to motivate him to get things done in a timely manor. So if you truly feel that your basically at his mercy I would say that it’s time to become the biggest annoyance in his life until you get your car done or start getting some cooperation. Constant frequent calls, visits, probing questions about any excuses you get, keeping him weighed down with the reality that you paid him to do a job that he’s not doing. Be a relentless thorn in his side until he starts getting somewhere with your car just to get you off his back. You have nothing to loose.
  2. I see it as simply just another case in point of common sense not being exercised by both sides and both sides being to blame for a simple issue that didn’t need to end how it did. Also another example of both sides expecting the other to handle all of the blame when both parties were involved and both contributed to the situation taking place to begin with. I’ll be the first to say that the black guy was in the wrong doing what he did. No exceptions. You want to be a criminal? Fine pay the price for that ’career path’. That said it’s blatantly obvious that the cop was out of line to use lethal force to the extent that he did when less lethal options would have likely neutralized the situation to begin with or at the very least less rounds used. I also understand that in the moment and under the pressure police officers face yes mistakes happen and impulse decisions are made that normally wouldn’t happen under different circumstances. That said whose at fault? Everyone involved. Plain and simple. But until everyone involved on both sides accepts fault for these types of situations happening to begin with they will continue to happen and countless hours and amounts of money will be spent debating the logistics of common sense that wasn’t used by anyone involved.
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  4. I understand the notion of building something complete unique and one off just as a attention getter with no legitimate thoughts of actually using it for anything other then a piece of rolling “art.” BUT with that being said if your going to spend the kind of time and effort it takes to build something like that have enough integrity and value in your own work to not halfass it so catastrophically badly that your literally grinding down your own welds just to avoid the criticism. Stand behind your work enough to do it properly or don’t do it at all regardless of what the application is. Nonetheless it’s something different and is definitely thinking outside the box.
  5. As I said perhaps I’m taking it a bit to seriously. This is a personal event so the argument of team owners not driving there own cars is null in this application. However I simply feel no value in a win earned if someone else earned it for you. Maybe I’m wrong. I’d rather earn my wins myself then let someone else do my work for me is all. But again to each there own. It was simply a suggestion. Carry on as you see fit. As long everyone is safe and has fun.
  6. Perhaps I’m taking it a bit to seriously but I feel there should be a rule imposed that you have to drive your own car if your actually going to be involved in head to head competition. If it takes someone else to make your car go fast then you missed the point of even being part of HPW to start with and need to pack it up and go watch from the sideline. That or maybe consider having two styles of racing. One of actual head to head competition where you have to drive your own car - no exceptions. Then perhaps a Bonneville style class where each car goes one at a time simply seeing whose car can achieve the greatest overall top speed within the given distance of the track limits with any driver allowed in any car.
  7. My thoughts exactly. That sounds like a dangerous cluster f*ck waiting to happen unless HPW are way early in the day before the drags get busy and chewed up.
  8. Just about any car is capable of being used in the dunes, the desert, and on the street if your willing to cover all your bases and make the car able to handle those different applications. As others have said basically jot down what it is you have to spend and what are some of the specifications you want the car to have. At that point you’ll have some directions to work with as far as what cars to pursue. On that same note ask yourself what do you want the car to do? What I mean by that is you say you want it to dune. Well any car can dune. Do you want it to be more of a purebred duners car or more of a straight line speed car? Again any car can do both. That said though certain builders are more commonly known to be better at doing just speed or just duning then others. That will help narrow it down even more. Any car can do about anything within reason. But any car can fail at those same applications too. So it’s not so much a ’whose the best builder’ situation. It’s more of simply what do you really want out of the car? Any of the big name builders builds a solid car. But you have to have a direction to head in to start with. Figure out exactly what you want out of a car, the specifications you want it ot have, your budget, and so forth, and generally those factors alone will help you make your decision all by itself. Once you’ve picked a builder then maybe hit up the boards here again to get the details good, bad, or otherwise about it. Just take your time and think it threw so you know exactly what you want.
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  10. 100ProofHP


    Given who is in office at the moment I don’t see how we could fall much farther down this bottomless pit of horrible decisions. Then again based on some of her past decisions and involvements I’m sure she’d happily try to keep digging. One of the facets of what bothers me in conjunction to how she is portrayed in the news or social media outlets is the same flaw I saw when Odumbass was running. That being that news and social outlets simply focus on the fact she’s something ‘different’. In other words because she’s a woman and not a white male then by default she has to get seemingly ALL the spotlight attention and be portrayed in some arbitrary almost empowered movement of ‘bravery’ in some peoples eyes choosing to run for president. The same mentality was used with Ofailures campaign because he wasn’t just another token white guy so by default he had to get ALL the attention and some big publicity ass kissing fest had to carry on everywhere he went as a result. The reason why all of that bothers me the most is that the news seems to focus entirely on the fact that they are ‘different’ but they don’t focus on what ACTUALLY matters. They don’t focus on qualifications, what they stand for, what there game plan is if they should get elected, and in general the aspects about the individual that ACTUALLY pertains to the abilities they will have in office to make things better or worse. It’s no longer about what they actually have to offer. It’s simply about who can be in the spotlight the most because they are ‘different‘. Now I’m far from racist or sexist but it really puts a thorn in my side when the news, social media, or any special interest groups try to immediately by default take a side or put someone in the spotlight simply because they are ‘different‘. It doesn’t matter what there sex or race is. It matters what they have to offer should they get elected. But unfortunately no one in the media on any level seems to actually realize that or care enough to promote candidates based on there qualifications. Mostly because why focus on the facts when you can stir the pot and get ratings by capitalizing on insignificant crap like a persons race or sex. I wish there were news organizations that actually cared about the facts rather then ratings trying to oversell an incompetent fool simply because she’s ‘different’. The only silver lining being it’ll be interesting to see how fast all the female special interests groups that are making a big to-do about her at the moment suddenly go quiet and disappear after a term or two of things going even farther downhill much the same way the same special interest groups that backed the fool in office now would happily hang his ass out to dry faster then a racist cult at the moment. In any case the point being I wish the news actually cared about what actually matters rather then spotlighting someone because there ‘different’. Not that Trump is necessarily the best person for the job but between him or Hilary, he’s got my vote ten times over.
  11. Damnit, I was going to call first dibs if/when he ever sells... -TJ I touched it really softly Friday morning. I didnt leave any drool though. Yeah just a lot of goo...
  12. A spare transmission would probably be on that list as well I would imagine.
  13. The driver definitely knew how to drive keeping his rig and himself safe.
  14. ...and not a single job application was stolen...
  15. Things I refuse to do... Go off duty as a parent. Go anywhere unarmed. Pity those that don’t even attempt to try with any real effort. Not believe in my country. Buy a Prius. Drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, ext… Believe unproven, unrealistic, out of touch hippy “logic.” Not say thank you when someone is kind or courteous. Say “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas. Not believe in the value of a good old fashioned ass kicking.

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