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  1. Chevy1925

    Jeep Pics

    i could have given you our property address up north. real simple to do on service az these days. just keep your mailing address down here and no emissions needed.
  2. totally with ya. Thats why i kind of feel its a simpler answer than anything. there is more people out there like minded to us and did not want to see her win. very well could be wrong on that but seems viable. The amount of people that drove into voting stations or mailed in ballots looked much higher than years past where the left and right were closer to each other in views. that screwed the media and so called "experts" into believing miscalculated data because the norm wasnt there, the variables increased substantially and threw them off. thats purely speculation on my part though.
  3. ive always wondered that if Killary actually put the time in to go to all the states and speeches she should have, would it have really made a difference? at the time, the left and right really had a huge differential between them. you think killary could have actually swayed enough votes? Or do you think she would have lied her f**king ass off for votes in her corner?
  4. Chevy1925

    Sedona Camping/4WD Trails

    This is no f**king joke
  5. Chevy1925

    Sedona Camping/4WD Trails

    Dead. its hot as hell that time of year. may be sorta busy around the 4th. better off going and camping off schnebly hill rd or 89 somewhere as its cooler up there and you get afternoon monsoons that will roll in to cool things down.
  6. Chevy1925

    Sedona Camping/4WD Trails

    May is still hot. march would be perfect. We camp every year in Cottonwood over memorial day for wheeling with suzuki guys (samurais and sidekicks/grand vitaras). it can be 90-95* during the peak of the day in either sedona or cottonwood. As for wheeling, you wont find anything "spectacular" there. we always do a wheeling day in sedona and broken arrow is the hardest of them all but honestly, i do it all in 2wd low range. Pink Jeep Tours runs the hell out of all the trails out there and they cut the devils stair case down. they also always seem to block you if you try to go up the stair case. They get pissed at you for holding up their tours but its not their damn trail so ignore them. Broken Arrow, Greasy Spoon, Oak Creak homestead are probably the best of them but agian, nothing spectacular to wheel. Soldiers pass is closed unless you aquire a pass or some shit like that. Schnebly Hill rd is just a beat to shit road. i have no desire to run that. if you stay in Cottonwood, you can run Smiley Rock, Smasher canyon, drive 15-20 min up to sedona and see alot of sights in both towns. Cottonwood will be much less crowded and Dead Horse state park has nice showers and shitters in "Quail loop". you can park your motorhome there for hook ups (no sewer hook up but a dump is availible as you come in or leave for free) and tents are welcome in the same location. lots of trees for tenters on the south end. Lots of room for big rigs on the north end (i fit my 35cr, truck and tracker all in the same length on most north end sites). Smasher Canyon would be the toughest up there (besides brutal but its closed and only ever seen buggys run it) but i run my tracker through it with no body damage. just be smart with your lines and take your time. Smiley Rock is cool. you can either come down from the top of Mingus Mountain or start behind Jerome. we usually start behind Jerome and go up. obsitcals are a little harder that way (following the wash gets you into the hard stuff). goes from high desert up to pines or vise versa depending on which way you go. little bit south of cottonwood by prescott valley there is turkey creek which is fun and desoto mine but thats a little bit of a trek for those trails. there are two trails in flagstaff but they are quite a drive from sedona and honestly, not worth the drive. they are short and you have to know where they are.
  7. Chevy1925

    El Golfo

    El Dalphine has bomb ass breakfast there. Even dinner was great. Its a little scary when you stay there though and the "fisherman" shoot down a military helicopter, then have their boats hauled out faster than hell yet there is no fishing gear in site in them....
  8. Chevy1925

    Vw Sandrail 3x3 coilover valving

    i would stay the .012 full stack on compression and .010 full stack on rebound would be a good start. are you running dual rate springs or a single rate? how much shock shaft is showing at ride height?
  9. Chevy1925

    cotter key Jamar 934

    you need to take 5 silver lug nuts off to take the wide 5 adapter off, then you can get the cotter key in
  10. Chevy1925

    Gear One Super Stub Conversion?

    yup, thats just a stocker like i posted. spline count give it away as well.
  11. Chevy1925

    Gear One Super Stub Conversion?

    just fyi, those are not the gear one super stubs. those are just plain old type 1. the super stubs are larger dia and use a fine spline count (31 or 33 iirc). i know of a few people who pound the hell out of the super stubs and have yet to have an issue over the years. That said, micro stub lets you get a longer axle in there and better cv angle. ive heard good things about the empi kit but i wound up getting a great deal on a RBP kit. IIRC i was looking at the gray area kit before i found the RBP kit.
  12. Chevy1925

    Oil Cooler Duramax

    ive personally never seen it make the difference in a truck overheating or not but for spool up time and performance, its a very good upgrade for the money.
  13. Chevy1925

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    Seen you out duning Friday, john. we were stopped watching you guys heading across the valley before getting into the dunes behind Olds that early afternoon. Car looked good, could pick that green out from miles away. But i thought you said you drive fast?
  14. Chevy1925

    Stand-alone recommendations

    agreed. if the driver was dead, it would never prime the pump to begin with.
  15. Chevy1925

    2018 Can Am X3 RS shock re-valve and springs

    Just to clear the air Rito/The Stripping Shop is not affiliated with MTS. I believe Onanysunday was just referencing another shop he found while replying to my post.

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