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  1. Chevy1925

    2007 Bourget Phat 5 for sale

    I can vouch for J.R. He is located on the east side of Mesa. Ive known that car for the last 10+ years. His dad owned it, then he bought it. They keep up on maintenance and fix things that may show signs of going. We dune frequently together and are close friends.
  2. Chevy1925

    Flutter on rebound side?

    Yes they can for compression only. The dual is the only way to go if you do it, otherwise adding or taking away nitrogen does the same thing as the single compression adjuster on a resi
  3. Chevy1925

    Flutter on rebound side?

    Ifp is the internal floating piston. It’s what you set in the resi. In my opinion, you set that too far down the resi. It may bottom out or very close to it. Adding more nitrogen may cause it to blow the end off. If it’s an 11” resi, it should be set 8” from the hose side. Lots of guys bottom it out to the hose end, then use the popping in of the seal head on the shock shaft to have it come off the hose end cap by about a .5”. Either way works, you just don’t want it too far down like I stated. As for body roll, that’s more of a spring cross over deal between front and rear or needing a sway bar. If you use valving to fix it, it’s gunna ride like hell. my suggestion, leave compression valving alone, loosen up rebound some, reset your ifp, bump nitrogen up to 275 at full compression, put the bumps on and then go run it. If it’s still not to your liking, move the crossovers down but don’t let the bottom spring go into coil bind. If that still isn’t enough, it’s compression valving time
  4. Chevy1925

    Flutter on rebound side?

    I wouldn’t touch rebound. Slowing it will cause it to pack up and make it ride rougher in chop. A flutter won’t work because you under a linear spring pressure to push the tire back to the ground. The speed/velocity of the shaft does not really change much like it can on compression unless you make significant spring changes. Hence why a flutter won’t do much of anything. Honestly, I’d probably run less than the #60 fox has in there for rebound. adding a flutter to the compression will change the overall compression stack to be softer because it will require more shaft velocity to make the top flutter shim bend down to the next shim, then more to make the rest start to bend. In your situation, you need more shims down on the smaller shims where the shock is moving a lot of oil through that valving (g-outs). You may also be fighting some ifp plunge. It wouldn’t hurt to try bumping pressure up to 250-275psi and see how it works on it’s current valving. i would suggest you look at changing where your crossover is for the secondary’s to kick in on the bottom spring. That will help the bottoming. I would also look st adding a 3” foam shaft bump stop to the shock as well. It will make a heck of a difference in those g-outs. Being a single shock, you gotta think outside the box to make it all work. Bypasses and spring crossovers make it easier for sure but I still run a single up front and the car ride perfect in chop, whoops, g-outs and so on but I have the crossovers setup well, 3” foam shaft bumps, and run 250psi nitrogen.
  5. Chevy1925

    Radio Etiquette

    bahahaha! ive noticed guys that dont want you on the channel or want you to shut up now pulse the PTT button. When we use to have a guy that had the hand held 7 channel radio that he hooked to a head set, we got stuck on teh first 7 channels. We dont talk hardly at all on teh radio other than lead (me) "everyone ready?", "whose tail radio?", "stay left," "stay right", or someone will call out traffic over a ridge that i may not see or if someone breaks or stops that gets called out BUT you get everyone and their brother talking like posted in here. Thats when i noticed someone other than our group started hitting the PTT constantly. the moment the other group shut up or changed channels, it stopped. different group start in bull shitting, it would start again. we honestly cracked up pretty good. We gave our buddy an ultimatum. either he upgraded his radio or we no longer tuned to his channels he had. he upgraded lol
  6. Chevy1925

    Radio Etiquette

    i aint worried. They hardly know how to use the PTT button, you think they will figure out the 4-5 different programmed ways either of the two radio company's use? . Shit, im the only one in our group of 10-12 cars that actually knows how to do it and ive explained it a few times!!!
  7. Chevy1925

    13.00 plus vs 13.00 what's the difference?

    its wider and taller by about an inch. you can also get a taller paddle iirc.
  8. Chevy1925

    Radio Etiquette

    banks 2-4 suuuuuure are quite!
  9. Chevy1925

    Range Shift Inhibited A1000 Allison

    certainly wont hurt but it wont help much. At this point it may be a mute point as you dont know how the internals are. you can look at the adaptive shifts with a tech 2 but tuning will make them look weird compared to stock. Transynd likes stock clutches, it does not like aftermarket clutches (though i need to call mike and see his thoughts on that with the G3 clutches and transynd) as it impregnates the stock clutches better but will make aftermarket too slick and cause burning issues. either way, it wont make the current trans last any longer or hold any more power than stock. if you were putting a fresh stocker in, i would say absolutely. At this point, its up to you. i wouldnt, id rather put the money towards a built trans.
  10. Chevy1925

    Dodge Ram ride/suspension qustion

    Wouldn’t even mess with those keepers. They ain’t your cause. Only time they come into play is when the truck fully unloads the springs as in articulation or jumping it. They also keep the splaying of the leafs from happening as you see and would cause noise but would hardly affect spring rate. If the slider pads on the leafs have worn out, it can cause a squeaky ride and a tougher ride but I don’t see much for tell tale signs other than the overload.
  11. Chevy1925

    Dodge Ram ride/suspension qustion

    this is the internet my friend. we are not there to physically see or ride in the truck so diag can become difficult. all we can do is go off what you have put up in pics and described. 350lbs at the front of the bed isnt the same as 350lbs at the back of the bed. it also doesnt mean its going to solve a bouncy truck issue from highway expansion joints. been there done that, infact ive seen where adding weight made things worse cause it was not enough weight to make the overload flex and give a smooth ride. A leaf sprung rear end is pretty simple. either tires are out of round, wheels are bent, axle is bent, bushings are shot, leafs are sagging, shocks are done or the frame is coming apart. there isnt much else left to be had. your explanation about the concrete means you are hitting good sized expansion joints and the lips at each end of the concrete is rolled up (typical for concrete cure). your front end is absorbing the little ramp where the rear cant.
  12. Chevy1925

    Dodge Ram ride/suspension qustion

    ill bet your springs are starting to sag. you can see the bottom leaf that the rest are very close to full on engaging it. that very bottom leaf is like an overload of sorts. it will amplify spring rate till the real overloads kick in and hit those stops off the frame. if/when you loose arch, the main pack starts to lay more and more on that lower leaf and increases spring rate till it fully engages the leaf and its like the back end smacks you in the back because spring rate has increased so much. you now have less travel than before and it doesnt take much for the spring to fully engage and cause an unloaded truck to ride like crap. stock new leafs will have more arch giving you more suspension travel before you hit that leaf. this is common in ford's and chevy's too. Think of it like the crossovers on a dual rate spring setup on a coilover, same thing happens here but the rate increase is WELL beyond a typical coilover setup.
  13. Chevy1925

    Kids seats?

    those of you using car seats, have you found a fairly thin one? im using a simpson car seat in the back of mine for my 3 year old and its takes up too much of my small bench seat to fit a second car seat back there (second kiddo is on the way). may have to change the whole back seat setup. BTW, my kiddo has been in the back of the car since 7 months old and been in my tracker going on desert rides or crawling adventures since 3 months.
  14. Chevy1925

    LLY cooalnt leak and Temperature fluctuating

    aaahhh makes sense now. right around where i was thinkin. Like others said before, its a bear to get back in. it swells over time like the upper steel rad hose o-ring and damn near never goes back in without breaking. I always just plan on replacing it when doing pumps. eliminates the risk and you know its good for the long run. Ive seen guys tear the o-ring on the metal pipe that goes into the oil cooler cause they started dicking with the tube to line up with the water pump. that one does the same things, swells up and wont go back in.
  15. Chevy1925


    75% water and 25% green crap here. Coolant also bumps the boiling point of water up.

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