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  1. Dub C

    Rzr 8" Sub Box

    all the lines are pretty straight, make templates of the box cuts and make it easy to reproduce, or pull a mold and make some out of fiberglass.
  2. Dub C

    Rail Stereo Install

    how did they mount the speaker pods???? also placing a baffle in front of the sub would help it sound better in the car, more space and places for the low notes to reflect from and develop will help the sound in the car. Low notes need lots of room/length to develop into a 'full wave' since a low frequency is very long. 60hz=18.83 feet for a full wave to develop.
  3. http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?...〈=en-US this one works pretty good.
  4. Dub C

    Me In A Minivan? Help!

    http://www.fordvehicles.com/flex/ fullsize FRD or AWD, 3.5L based from the ford edge
  5. Dub C

    Any Stereo Installers Out There?

    kicks work great when done properly, you generally aim the passenger tweeter at the driver and the driver tweeter at the passenger and and you need decent aispace to get some midbass. the real benefit is pathlength equilization meaning you technically closer to the center of the speakers since as the driver the passenger side speaker is about the same distance as the door speaker but driver's side speaker is 1-2.5 feet further away (depending on the vehicle) placing you closer to the center of the speaker. this works AWESOME with cars that have an open dashboard and no center console. best car i heard was a 94 civic, if you look at the civic dash from 92-95 it lends itself nicely to kickpanel installations. Bench seat trucks work well also.
  6. Dub C

    Any Stereo Installers Out There?

    Hey, I have heard not to block those vents in the back of the cab. Is this something that will be okay to do or not? It's not that big of a deal. I did all that Dynamating to my interior too, just like in these pics. The only problem you'll have is if the airbags ever go off and your windows are up the windows will probably blow out. That may sound bad, but I look at it like this.......if my airbags are going off ive got more things to worry about than broken windows. To me the trade off is worth it....alot of the interior drone and road noise comes in throught those vents. when done right, you can feel pressure when you slam a door and all the windows are up.
  7. Dub C

    Any Stereo Installers Out There?

    yup, this box is killer forr the $ http://www.supercrewsound.com/shop/detail/11/48.htm i did a 350 and it was a large amp so i reinforced the inside of the box with resin and a little glass to stiffen it a bit. worked very well and did amps under the seat.
  8. Dub C

    My Rhino Needs Tunes ...

    X2, love the pods, haven't used the sub yet.
  9. Dub C

    Let The A-arm Jeep Biuld Begain

    Is that Ron in the first picture yes it is,u know him? sure worked with him here at directed for about 5 yrs and knew him from clifford. did an H1 just before SEMA at his house. love the shop. he helped me with the golf cart cage I built in my signature too.
  10. Dub C

    Let The A-arm Jeep Biuld Begain

    Is that Ron in the first picture
  11. Dub C

    2004 Gmc Sierra

    http://www.pac-audio.com/products/products...eel%20Interface ck PM
  12. Dub C

    2004 Gmc Sierra

    I do these trucks and the new 07's all the time, easy with the right parts. i work for the mfr that makes the units and bypass/integrations pieces for the LAN and J1850 Bus systems. www.directed.com
  13. Dub C

    I Need Help Now

    PM sent
  14. Dub C

    Stereo Set-up

  15. Dub C

    Stereo Set-up

    Those Audison amps are NICE. killer amps. Boats1, where are you located? i've done a few now and did this one for a friend for ssss2007 using a bluetooth IPOD piece from SSV works and line-x for the pods and enclosure to match the floor. http://picasaweb.google.com/audiovideosecu...hSRailBuildDone

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