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  1. I went out 4th of July for one night and was the same as usual lots of sand 😂
  2. Definelty hot rods and hobbies they build some sweet rides
  3. Kartek has all of CNC’s stock and they also have Jamar that makes pretty similar parts
  4. I found one that does off-road but haven’t called them yet to see what the limits of the policies are or if there is any. It’s called wozencraft they have an office in havasu and Orange County
  5. When i get ready to get an engine I will go with turnkey for sure and get a wet sump conversion Ls7 with the cam, better push rods, springs and associated top end upgrades/ fix’s for a solid motor. Again I appreciate all the insight and knowledge you have shared 👍
  6. The car has a Fortin five speed and is pretty well balanced with the Ls1. Right now I’m looking for a stock motor with a cam for the thump. Not interested in a stroked and bored Ls. I like the ls7 it seems like the most hp I can get stock displacement in a aluminum block from Turnkey. I was just looking at the LSX because of the cost and just mixing it up a little, but the ls7 will probably be my route ultimately. Thanks for your info
  7. Ultimate plan is stock crate engine NA with a cam. I want reliability more than anything, having a built motor that is bored and stroked would be cool and all but my Ls1 has been running stock with cam for 10 years and bash on it pretty hard every season and hasn’t let me down yet 🤞.
  8. Looking for opinions on which to go with LS7 or LSX 454 in a rear engine sandcar. My biggest question is if the weight of the cast iron LSX is very noticeable compared to an aluminum LS. I know it is about 126 pounds heavier, just wondering if I should stick with aluminum or if the 454 is really worth the extra weight thanks for anything you can share
  9. Emil Miller fab in grand Terrance has been doing aluminum work for 30 years and is one of the best guys to work with by far. (951)-202-5334
  10. I just bought a set of kartek’s brand (PME) not on there website but in store they are badass and come with wilwood brakes.
  11. Don at sand cars did the rear cage rework and mounted new radiator and fuel cell. Emil redid the wing and radiator cover and new hood. Then my brother, dad and I had it all re powder coated then we put it back together in a summer
  12. Little bro just completely redone with a Ls1
  13. Oh yeah.. that’s definitely a RD4. I called PBS about one a while ago to swap out my 2D and they told me they aren’t makin it anymore and parts are not available.
  14. Don’t think it’s a 2D to me it Looks like a mega sand? Or a PBS RD4. Is it in a suspensions unlimited? Take a picture or Take it to Rancho or Wright transaxle they would definelty know what it is.

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