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  1. I use the aeromotive a750 it is rubber mounted and is quiet. Costs about the same as the a1000, doesn’t move quite as much fuel but would be good for a v6
  2. For the driving test I heard you have to take the style trailer you intend to tow. So if you take a gooseneck trailer that is over 10k gvw won’t you need to take another class A licensed driver with you? How did you do it? I really want to get my class A
  3. If you want to dump the oil pull the hose off the side plate oil pick up for the oil pump. The power steering pump doesn’t spin if your clutch is in because there isn’t any power being transferred.. just the way it is with fortins. They are a weird little thing and LOUD 😂
  4. Weekend bump! Make an offer
  5. Cleaning up my car from IDRV a couple of weeks back. That dam sprinkler floods out the road every other day and there is no way around but thru
  6. Where did you post it on Facebook? I have had my posted for a week and have heard nothing not even a like.
  7. My whole car, I even use it start it
  8. I used it in my SCU redo works great and a lot cheaper than other alternatives.. (yes i still have HID’s )
  9. I have foremost but I want to insure it for more then they will allow which is 50k and 6000cc. I am really more like 60k now after my refurb of my car, and the motor I have not changed yet but want to go 7200cc. I will stick with foremost if I absolutely have to but was wondering if there is anyone else.
  10. Hello all, i am looking for any info or tips you might have on getting a new policy for sandrail insurance in California. Before you tell me to move out it will be easier, trust me I want to move but I just can’t right now. What I am finding is that it seems like foremost is the only ones right now writing new policies (unless you know of someone) here. Car is worth close to 60k and i want to put in a 440, but is a ls1 right now. If you know of some sort of customs policy that goes off of agreed value or some other method of value, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  11. It’s the same as back home, but here it gets down to 55 at night and cools down really fast in the evening
  12. Idaho dunes this week thru Friday , loving my freshly redone SCU 😎

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