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  1. I really like my lighted buggy whip super bright and strong
  2. I had hot head headers Dave make my intake tube out of steel it was $350 then I had It chromed for $180ish.. he also did the headers but that’s another topic
  3. Oh... try Emil Miller or KATG for Custom aluminum work for that windshield
  4. Prime glass in Ontario they cut windshields for everybody
  5. Jezz 30k for a used maverick?!? Why would you even call him in the first place he must be crazy!
  6. I’m going this weekend 23-24 hoping to avoid a large crowd, should be really nice weather too 🤞
  7. I know Emil Miller has a brand new chassis that don is keeping there and has been there for a couple years. You can ask Emil if don would consider selling
  8. Here’s the deal.. I have a pci set up in my car to drown out the sound of it alone.. Fortin Trans, v8 no mufflers, clicking king bypasses etc... I cant hear myself think without my headsets. I just want to put a stereo in so that when I’m at the hill I can blast my music that isn’t the oompa, oompa crap that usually makes me leave the hill early.
  9. Saw some things on there Instagram page looking like so but I’m going to check
  10. I’m going to check with pacific stereo on making some inner panels for speakers inside. I have ideas on where and how I’m going to mount and do everything just these inner speaker panels are where I’m stuck.
  11. I have done some stereos in my trucks and am handy with tools. Just want it to be a clean fit in the side of my car and look like it was meant to be there. I am a technician not a builder so I can run wire and make things clean but making a door skin for a speaker, i wouldn’t know where to start.
  12. Thanks for the advice I will dig into this
  13. Hello all, I would like to put a stereo in my SCU with speakers mounted between the bars on the inside of the car. I have seen some other cars with it before and am looking to see if anybody knows someone that makes custom inserts that I can mount in there. thanks
  14. I use the aeromotive a750 it is rubber mounted and is quiet. Costs about the same as the a1000, doesn’t move quite as much fuel but would be good for a v6

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