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  1. My parents have had their grand designs solitude 5th wheel at at the dealer for almost 9 weeks for warranty work. He had to go get it after 4 weeks, use it for the weekend and then return it. Hadn’t even touched it in the 4 weeks. All these dealerships are the same with crap service departments.
  2. Went down to San Diego yesterday with the wife yesterday. Stayed in SD today and watched my nephews college baseball games. Came home and have 10 hours of OT tomorrow.
  3. Trying to get a trip planned for opening weekend in Bishop in April.
  4. This ^. People in our group want to make a trip next season. I'll go along for the ride but I'm not expecting much.
  5. After the season is over, I want to take the motorhome in for service. It's approaching 100k miles and we've got a 2,000-3,000 mile trip planned this summer. Besides normal service (oil, filters, etc..), I want all belts, hoses, cooling system flushed and the Allison trans serviced. Anybody have any recommendations of a shop I can take it to? Preferably in the inland empire. 2005 Monaco w/ a Cummins ISC 330. Thanks.
  6. One of the recipes I use. Made it on Sunday night but didn’t take any pics. I like my meatloaf with a little kick. Smoker set at 250. The small loaves cook for about 2 hours.
  7. I felt Tomac was pretty smart in that race. He was battling back and forth with Barcia and then made an executive decision to let Barcia pass in a turn he was clearly going to get taken out on. Then just passed Barcia later and went on his way. But poor starts really hindered Roczen and Tomac. I was pulling for AC though. I want that kid to win his first.
  8. Damn! Glad everyone is ok. Wonder how long he traveled down the road before he knew it was on fire.
  9. A law was passed that allows convicted felons and people in prison to vote in CA. Who you think they’re gonna vote for? Hint: not conservative.
  10. Went to coaches clinic for my daughters softball this morning. Came home and she hit off the tee and had fielding practice. Smoking a meatloaf tonight and gonna watch supercross. 10 hours of OT tomorrow. Andrew
  11. As you know, I picked this bike up in the beginning of January from Ben. He said by no means is this bike perfect but it's the cleanest stock one he's found and that's exactly what I was looking for. Plus, I'd rather buy from somebody on gd.come then play craigslist roulette any day. With a 34 year old bike, I wanted to put some rides on it to see what I’m working with and if any issues come up so I put a set of paddles, some Caster 927 at 32 to 1 and ran it hard for two trips. Motor seems to run hard. I ran several passes up Olds to put some stress on it and it didn't fail so I'm pleased it has a strong motor to begin with. I noticed the front brakes are extremely soft. Going to bleed system, put new fluid through it and hope that solves the problem. If not, the caliper pistons may be seized. Next up, the plastics. The plastics are in decent shape. No major cracks but a ton of micro cracks all over the bike. I’d like to keep the OEM plastics, so I you tubed how to clean up those micro cracks and the best way is wet sanding by starting with a harsh paper and then working your way softer, then finally polishing them. This is going to be extremely time consuming so I’ll do this once the season is over ( I have 1 more trip before my daughter starts softball). I really like the look of the cut front plastics but I wouldn’t dare do that to stock plastics. That would only be if I have to go aftermarket. The rear shock needs to be re-built. I’m 250 pounds and bottomed out several times. I’d like to take it to PEP, have them weight me and the bike and rebuild the rear shock. Scrolling through internet forums and talking to people say this is the best way. I’d like to keep the stock swing arm. I mentioned I wanted to keep this as stock looking as possible so I don’t want any extensions, plus the trailer is pretty tight so I don’t want to lengthen anything. I want to buy PEPs shocks for the front end and widen both the front and rear. There are several companies out there including Lone Star, Laeger, alba, etc… that make both axles and a arms so I was thinking +2 is the best idea. Any recommendations on arms? I was going to ask PEP for their opinion too. Finally, the motor. I don’t know what I want to do. With so many companies like CT, LED and so many other builders, I haven’t quite decided. One thing I know is I want it to run on 91 and keep it reliable. I do not want to run race fuel. CT has 310 and 330 kit that runs 91. Just over $2000 including a pipe is a bit pricey and will probably be the last thing I do to it but it’s something to keep in mind. Anybody got any other mods I should do? Whether it’s engine or suspension related? Something I haven’t thought of yet? I’ll post updates and pics as I go along. I have between our last trip the last weekend in February and Oregon in July to try and knock a few things out on the bike so we will see.
  12. We used to do nothing but Tuesday-Friday morning trips when I was working the weekends. Man, I miss those times. Now with kids, I'm going on the weekends now. I envy you being able to get out there during the week. I'd try to find something to ride with though. In case something happens.
  13. Left at 3pm to come home and 3 1/2 hours with zero traffic to Norco. I love going out superbowl weekend.
  14. I’ve got 750 hrs on my 2005. I use a Honda 2000 every night when the kids get put to bed and watch a movie. Only for fuel consumption purposes.

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