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  1. When I sold off the 5th wheel and decided we wanted a motorhome, I had no need for the 1 ton dually that cost me an arm and a leg in registration and fuel. Sold it and got a Ram 1500 crew cab with the 5.7 hemi. It’s a nice truck with plenty of room but doesn’t help so much with fuel.
  2. I've been trying to not eat out at work as much but my go tos are Chic Fil A, In N Out, Firehouse subs and a few mom and pop Mexican joints in Pomona. Andrew
  3. I do at least a walk around every single time I stop. Whether that is for fuel, food, groceries, etc... I do a more thorough look before each trip. Andrew
  4. I don’t want to over shoot the price and prevent people from buying the product.
  5. We used to do it as kids all the time until my dad had both passenger tires blow out and it threw my friend and I across the trailer when it happened. My mom said hell no after that. Like SP said, I wouldn’t do it. My dad is in the process of buying a 5th wheel. It’s a Grand Design Solitude S. I think 3350 is the model number. Gonna tow it with a 2011 Dodge Mega cab. He got a Pullrite Superglide off racedezert for $1000 and is going to do a complete compressor/air bag combo for about $900. The truck already had the rails in the bed but that would cost you around $600 if you didn’t. Brake controller if you didn’t have one $150. I’d say you could have the truck completely set up for around $2500. Andrew
  6. Are there any ebay sellers on here? I sell stuff from time to time. Just got done cleaning out the garage and had some stuff to sell. What is the deal with shipping? It suggested a price that the buyer would pay and when I finally went to ship it, it was way more expensive. Anybody got any idea how to get shipped stuff cheaper? You pay a final fee on the item and now on the shipping cost? Ebay seems like it's nickling and diming you left and right.
  7. Looking through the deals this morning. Haven't really found anything I need. What about you?
  8. Yea. Costco here in Corona only sells the flats already separated. I was reading I should make burnt ends with the point of the brisket with the extra fat in it. Hottinger’s sells them whole but can get pricey and I always spend my allowance on other stuff there.
  9. Smoked some burnt ends yesterday. This is a favorite of mine and I’ve only ever done it on chuck roast. Gonna get my hands on a brisket point to see if they’re better.
  10. My nieces first birthday party earlier today. Went on a walk with the family this evening. Have another kids bday party to attend tomorrow and then relaxing around the house.
  11. Thanks for the offers guys. He found one last night. Andrew
  12. Yea. Rails were already installed in the truck.
  13. Hello, My parents are looking at buying a 5th wheel and need a hitch. At least 18k rating with 4 way pivot. Don't care if it's a slider or not. Must fit in standard hitch rails in bed. What you got and how much? Andrew (909)519-8049
  14. They need to send some of those SWAT Members over to Florida then cause they’re lacking on security A LOT. As far as as the white, black, Asian, Hispanic question. There fight is none of my business no matter what race they are. Nobody’s life was threatened. Why intervene and potentially get hurt or killed your self? Anaheim PD said all parties were uncooperative when interviewed. NO SHIT. Welcome to 95% of all domestic violence calls police get called to. They (not just black people but a lot of couples in abusive relationships) want nothing done so why would I get involved? Like I said. Keep on walking and shield your children.
  15. Nope. In almost everywhere we go, you set the backpack on a table to the side and then walk through the metal detector empty handed. One Every once and a while a place will wand the backpack but it goes off like crazy because of the zippers and they don't bother checking it. Andrew

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