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  1. WaPaWeKkA

    Motorhome + Trailer length

    You got that right. With California being the worst of them all.
  2. WaPaWeKkA

    Motorhome + Trailer length

    Reciprocity does exist in some rare occasions. He did not say that. He said “ALL rules are by the state you are from.” Which is why I asked about DUIs and guns and if it was all laws or just traffic. Neither of which is “ALL” rules. This is poor advice.
  3. WaPaWeKkA

    Motorhome + Trailer length

    I’ll bite. Does this apply to all laws or just traffic? What if I bring my street legal AZ SxS in to CA? Can I drive it? What about window tint? Speed limits? DUI? Guns? I pray nobody takes this advice and uses it. Please follow the law of the state you are currently in. Not where you’re from.
  4. WaPaWeKkA

    Coral Pink / Idaho Dunes Trip Report

    I am not. Tried getting up there for a week but it just didn’t work with the kids schedules. We’re going to Florida for our family vacation this year. I do intend to do another trip like this next summer but maybe Oregon dunes included.
  5. WaPaWeKkA

    Motorhome + Trailer length

    You might as well check yourself into prison now........ I’m just under 65 feet. Not because I was worried but that is just how it worked out. When my younger kids need quads, I’ll be in the market for a longer trailer. Won’t even hesitate to be over length. I usually drive by one motto..... DONT DRIVE LIKE AN A-HOLE! Worked for me so far. I was in Glamis this weekend and I swear I saw a dude close to 85 feet. It was crazy. Didn’t talk to him but I imagine he hasn’t had any issues if he’s still rolling it out. Andrew
  6. WaPaWeKkA

    Do you guys like pics?

    We were the ATC group. 11 total quads/ATCs and 8 of them were Hondas. Those guys take some pride in their ATCs. Andrew
  7. Rancho Jurupa. The Cottonwood side. Highly recommended. Prado is nice also.
  8. WaPaWeKkA

    Today's Highway star

    Only in Norco.
  9. WaPaWeKkA

    Bike Bandit San Diego

    They weren't going to be able to get it to me on time. The product needs to be shipped to them and then they ship it out to me. Earliest they could have done was Monday or Tuesday next week. Andrew
  10. WaPaWeKkA

    Wanted: 2005 Trx450r fuel tank

    I emailed him about next day air shipping. He didn’t respond. I’m in a real tight spot at this point.
  11. WaPaWeKkA

    Bike Bandit San Diego

    Going to call them tomorrow morning. As well as some other places. I’d like to pick one up at a will call instead of deal with shipping.
  12. WaPaWeKkA

    Bike Bandit San Diego

    It has a bad petcock. Went to replace it and one of the bolts is stripped out inside the tank. Just keeps spinning. This is also the case for one of the fender bolts that also attaches to the tank. Andrew
  13. WaPaWeKkA

    Bike Bandit San Diego

    I’m gonna order it tomorrow. Website says usually ships in 1 to 2 business days and with express shipping I pray it’s here by Wednesday. On a side note: fuel tanks are expensive as hell. $330 for a tank and you still need to buy the petcock and brackets. Andrew
  14. Anybody have any experience ordering from the? I need to have a OEM fuel tank sent to me in Riverside. If I pay for express shipping, you think they'll have it to me by Wednesday? Andrew
  15. WaPaWeKkA

    Wanted: 2005 Trx450r fuel tank

    Need tank for 05 rxt450r ASAP. Trying to get this bike put back together for next weekends trip. Andrew 909-519-8049.

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