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  1. The $612 registration for a 2017 Ram 1500 I got today is not helping me enjoy this place.
  2. I agree. I went looking for a helmet for my 2 year old and some riding gear/ chest protector for my 14 year old. Only was able to find helmet.
  3. Hey now. We’re trying to clean up the place.
  4. Daughter had a softball game this morning and then the SSSS. Was pretty cool. Real hot and crowded. Found my son a helmet, got my season pass and looked at some cool cars. Now I’m at work for some more overtime. Andrew
  5. +1 I seriously never thought of that. Haha.
  6. I need some. I keep catching the cord while doing crap around the house/garage. Andrew
  7. The motorhome needs drive tires before the season starts. What’s the best place on the internet or in the IE/Norco area to purchase 275/70/22.5? Not looking for a specific tire. Thanks, Andrew
  8. I have a Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone. It is their medium size smoker pellet smoker. It's been great smoker with zero issues. I belong to a facebook group of GMG owners and the ones that needed customer service have said they were easy to deal with and no problems at all. However, I do not use it for everything. It just depends. I smoke a lot of tri tip, pork shoulders, ribs etc on the GMG but use a gas grille for searing and other meats like carne or pollo asada. I can get the GMG up to 500 degrees to do those things but prefer not to waste the pellets. All in all, it's a great brand and super to easy to use for the novice just getting in to smoking. Andrew
  9. Sophomore in high school. Asleep for the first tower, saw the second. Went to school and watched the news in every class. Andrew
  10. Thanks. We were going no matter what so I figured I'd look around for some things.
  11. Having fun with my son looking at all the cool stuff. Buy a season pass. See what else they have. I haven't been in several years. Andrew
  12. It’s been several years since I’ve been. How are the deals in apparel/equipment? I’m looking for a chest protector for my son, goggles and possibly boots. Just wondering if it would be just as cheap to drive to Chaparral. Andrew
  13. I can’t go 5 miles without something flying out of the bed of my truck. This sucker is doing 75 down the 91 today. Not a drop.
  14. Bet that thing would get up and go. Andrew

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