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  1. Oh trust me. I know. I’m just a lurker on Facebook. Not much posting.
  2. Clean bike!! I dig the stock color wheels.
  3. The stock exhaust had to go. BDT made me one of their Wurks exhausts. I’m a fan of helping small businesses and wasn’t just looking for the “cookie cutter” exhaust you can buy from FMF, Pro Circuit or even CT. This exhaust will run from OEM to 310. While at BDT, I picked Carlos’ brain about what I want to do with this motor. He asked how much money I want to spend. For the budget conscious me, he said he likes the OEM cylinders and suggests a port job on the original cylinder to see how I like it. If I did that, eliminate the air box and get rid of the stock carb (go to a PWK instead of the OEM PJ), it may run how I want it to for my style of riding. OR He said I could spend the money on a 330. He says it’s a lot more money because the bottom end will need to be done too but he says the power difference will be night and day and it’ll rip. Ive got some time to think it over obviously. I’m going to run it stock w/ the pipe for our Oregon trip and then I will decide. Or my wife will decide for me! Haha.
  4. Doing a few things with the bike. Work has actually increased for me as I’m “essential” but the family is staying home on my off days so I’ve had some time to work. First up, I took the plastics off the bike and removed the stock stickers. These suckers have been on since 1986 and were a complete bitch to take off. Even with an adhesive remover, it took a couple fingernails with it. You can see in the pics just how bad the discoloring is between what was exposed and what was under the stickers. I removed the seat and will start wet sanding this weekend. It’s going to take forever by the looks of the video but in quarantine (besides work), I’ve got nothing but free time.
  5. Gotcha. Crappy situation to be in. Good luck. Hope you find a place. There’s a storage place off River Walk I believe. Don’t remember the name. Try calling them.
  6. Why don’t you want them going to your house? Risk of exposure? Unsafe materials? What happens to the boxes once received and stored? How secure does it need to be? I live in SW Riverside. Between Pierce and McKinley off the 91. My 15 year old son can accept packages and store them if need be. He’s looking for extra cash.
  7. Found out the kid that shot himself *spoiler* went to my high school. Albeit a few years after I did. Lived behind my buddies house before joining this shit show. Shout out to Chino High for producing one of these gems!
  8. I literally, I mean literally, have no idea what I’m looking at. It’s as if it’s in a foreign language that I’ve never seen before. Good luck to you!
  9. Got a dune trip booked in July up there. This crap better be over by then. https://www.oregonlive.com/coronavirus/2020/03/6-campgrounds-on-the-oregon-coast-closed-due-to-coronavirus-outbreak.html
  10. Probably should have sought therapy instead of murder!
  11. Just finished the Aaron Hernandez doc on Netflix. I thought it was going to make excuses for his murders because of traumatic brain trauma from football but it didn’t. Touched on it a little but most people felt he made those decisions. Currently watching You on Netflix. I had me the first few episodes but I find myself falling asleep while my wife watches it now.
  12. Looks like the enclosed is salvageable. That other motorhome is gonna need some major work.
  13. My son has a 300ex and I’m not impressed with it. Wish I would have gotten the 400 for him instead. He’s a small kid at 105 pounds. Andrew
  14. Yep. First time doing it. Ran a smoke tube on the far left, a pan of ice in the middle and the cheese on a rack to the right. Those smoke tubes put out some serious smoke. vacuum sealed for at 2 weeks. We will see how they turn out. this was my first whole packer brisket. I did a terrible job separating the point and flat and then a worse job trimming the fat but it was pretty forgiving when it was done. The burnt ends were well worth it!
  15. I don’t mind this whole quarantine thing.

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