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  1. Depending on size, I’d say either a Polaris 110 or Honda 250. My daughter is 12 and rides a Honda 250 just about anywhere. My 10 year old niece rides a Polaris 110 and it does just fine in the dunes. Of course you gotta then it around on some dunes and find a new path but for the most part it does real well. Andrew
  2. I’ll have him. I’ll have him check the 90 out. It’s for an 8 year old so the age is the same.
  3. My son went into DKA last September when first diagnosed. I could have sworn he only had the flu as those were his symptoms but when he started to become violent and basically incoherent, we knew something was wrong. Spend 6 days in Pediatrics at Kaiser bringing his levels down and getting used to our new lifestyle. I wish your son luck and glad he’s got your wife to guide him. Andrew
  4. My 14 year old son was diagnosed last September. He gets his pump next month after a year of injections before every meal and bedtime. It was a tough transition and we’re still learning but we’ve got a good grasp on it. Even my 5 year daughter reminds him when he forgets. The pump is going to be a life changer for him. It’ll be so much easier to monitor and deliver insulin with only a couple needle pricks a day for calibration. He’s looking forward to it. Andrew
  5. Johns a great guy. I bought two quads from him a couple of years ago for my kids and he was a great guy to do business with and chat for a while with. Andrew
  6. Hello, I’ve got somebody in our group looking for a Polaris 110 kids quad. Anybody got one they want to part with mid season? Let me know. Andrew 909-519-8049
  7. I lock everything together right under the motorhome bedroom slide out. We’re a group of quads so it wouldn’t be hard to push something out of camp to strip or steal. Im sure there’s some local Brawley dirtbags that come out on big weekends and lurk around. Lots of stuff to grab and run such as tools, compressors, BBQs, etc...
  8. I have AAA with RV plus. I think we get like 100 miles of RV towing for free. A few years back on the 5, my dad broke down in his 40ft Monaco diesel pusher on the 4th of July. Called AAA. Took a couple of hours but they sent us out a wrecker and it towed us back to French Camp to a CAT mechanic. To me that was well worth the price of the membership. Andrew
  9. Working some OT today. Tomorrow we’re doing the juvenile diabetes walk in Anaheim. Then getting ready for Vets day. Andrew
  10. Store owners need to become wiser. If you see someone attempting to steal from your store, just stand in front of them, if they make contact with you in any form it becomes a felony (see 211pc). But most these stores like Target and Walmart have a no obstruction policy where they call the cops, that usually take too long to get there and the person is gone. The dirt bag criminals know this and will continue to steal for little to no consequence. Andrew
  11. I’m not huge in to Halloween but it gets pretty busy in our neighborhood. I passed out a bunch of candy while my wife took my little ones around the neighborhood. I have 2 teenagers but they’re way too cool to do wear a costume.
  12. Props to your son. Send it kid.
  13. Did beer can chicken and a 3 rack of beef short ribs. Everyone says to spatchcock the chicken but I like them both ways. Comes out juicy and flavorful. First time cooking the beef ribs. Just salt and pepper. Wrapped in foil at about 160 and cooked until 200 or so on the GMG using applewood pellets.
  14. It appears there is plenty of interpretations on what needs a pass and what doesn't and it seems the BLMs interpretation is which vehicle drove the occupants there needs a pass. You probably won't find the answer on a message board (as you can see, lol) and may have to contact an official at the BLM. It's As far as the search, the reason the officer did the search had nothing to do with the air freshener. It had everything to do with the consent your son gave the officer. Without consent, they wouldn't have gone in the vehicle (if they did at all). I'm glad you had a good time. I don't get the hate for tactical vests and leg holsters? Wouldn't you want to be more comfortable doing your job? All (well, 99%) of officers wear either an internal or external vests. With external vests, it allows for some of your equipment (magazines, body cam, handcuffs, radio, etc..) to be carried in different places instead of on a gun belt that puts a lot of pressure on your lower back/hips. Simply makes it more comfortable to carry equipment that you're required to carry. A leg holster allows for the gun to be positioned better while seated and puts the weight of a the gun in a more comfortable area. Cops work in a what if environment. Most the time the traffic spot can be completed and a ticket issued in shorts, flip flops and a t shirt but what if that driver has a gun? Or is wanted for murder? Or just robbed a convenient store? What if??? You'd wanted the additional protection with that external vest or easy access to your firearm or back up to help. So, next time you see 3 units on that 12 year old kid, picture that that stop was first conducted without knowing that persons age, history, attitude, demeanor or whether he was armed, had too much to drink or just woke up feeling like fighting. I'm no "ppog" but the OP described an interaction between his son and an officer that the officer did absolutely nothing wrong in. He did not illegally stop him (if the law states the vehicle must have a pass), he did not illegally search the vehicle (the driver gave consent), and a ticket wasn't even issued. He had him purchase a pass that he was required to have in the first place.
  15. Picked my daughter up a 2020 Yamaha 50 yesterday. Daughters softball this morning. Put some beef short ribs and a beer can chicken on the GMG. Getting the last estimates for our patio cover and doing the maintenance on the quads when it cools down. Crazy it’s 95 degrees in late October. 10 hours OT tomorrow.

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