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  1. fortyfour

    Not A Western Bacon Cheeseburger But Sure Is Sexy

    I haven't had a piece of bacon in a very long time, not good for you in the least. It doesn't look all that tempting to me, I'm not into the sweet and salty at the same time thing.
  2. fortyfour

    Shocks Leaking Badly with Minimal Use After Rebuild?

    Maybe they did not replace any of the O-rings. Don't think for a minute that everyone does things correctly or honestly in every instance, reputable or not. I've had my 4 year old Fox shocks apart for valving changes a half dozen times at least and I have not yet replaced any seals. They are all dry as can be.
  3. fortyfour

    Mushy clutch pedal questions

    Not to debate the issue...I run all 3 m/cyls almost full, as full as can be and still allow the cap with diaphragm to screw down without forcing fluid out. I have never had fluid come out of the cap vent hole.
  4. fortyfour

    Do you guys like pics?

    This Buckshot was my favorite car at the drags.
  5. fortyfour

    Do you guys like pics?

    WooHoo we made it into the post, that's awesome. Thanks Air450! We weren't in a wide open throttle kind of mood when that photo was taken we just cruised down the drags at a leisurely pace HaHa. We arrived just a little while after we had to replace a broken heim in the dunes. That's what happens when you get a little too confident in your abilities. Damaged some sheet metal and a bypass tube but no injuries. And I agree it was a very good weekend out there.
  6. fortyfour

    How much is enough?

    I wonder what color his lighted whip is? You know the important stuff.
  7. fortyfour

    2” Hollows

    You got it! You will end up chasing the weak links until you have built a Class 1 car. We broke an FK 3/4" lower spindle heim yesterday afternoon, snapped it off at the jam nut. There was quite a bit of collateral damage as well. My combo spindle remains intact.
  8. fortyfour

    Bought a 2019 F250 Powerstroke

    Thanks everyone! If I'm not mistaken, and I might very well be, the fuel tank is 34 gallons on a 160" wheelbase truck. I used the navigation yesterday and it worked flawless. I'm very happy with the whole package so far.
  9. fortyfour

    Bought a 2019 F250 Powerstroke

    I've been a GM guy forever but this time I needed something different. Picked it up yesterday. We actually wanted to get into a Lariat but $70k was a bit steep so a nicely equipped XLT was just right... although it wasn't too far behind the Lariat on the window sticker. The main difference between the two was the leather seats, so I've already ordered a Katzkin leather kit for it , can't wait to get that put in. Next week it gets a spray in liner and clear bra put on. We will likely leave this truck stock wheel wise, I like the factory chrome wheels it has on it now. Mama got her new vette the year before last so now it was my turn. lol Just way excited to finally get into something new.
  10. fortyfour

    LS variation help

    Just use any salvage yard 5.3 (not an LS4) you wont notice the weight difference when you are using the car, your wallet will think you for it. The aluminum LSs are getting spendy and harder to find. They are out there you just have to pay more for them.
  11. fortyfour

    Gear One Super Stub Conversion?

    Saco makes a nice microstub kit, made in Santa Fe Springs, Ca and heat treated microstub. Pacific Customs sells them.
  12. fortyfour

    Sold Thanks Slappy Front implements for sale.

    Ill take em can you meet me half way? Im in Phoenix. Just some dinner time humor. GLWTS
  13. fortyfour

    2 Seat Rollover Front Arm Redo

    The welds in the background in my picture? Nope all tig. I wasn't suggesting using tig on his spindles, just that the fillet maybe should be filled completely.
  14. fortyfour

    2 Seat Rollover Front Arm Redo

    Yes I was just going to add that possibility into my post. A tig cap just isn't to pretty it up though. It serves a purpose.
  15. fortyfour

    2 Seat Rollover Front Arm Redo

    Shouldn't the outside edge of that spindle in the last pic be filled completely with weld? Especially on something like a spindle? Im not sayin that will fall apart or anything but just sayin. And no I'm not a professional weldor. Like this

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