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  1. I'm guessing no cylinder misfire data from the ecm? Would have seen the short spike on a scope too. LOL
  2. We'd love to find a group of rails or sxs to dune with that doesn't have to make every run a wide open throttle race. Speed is fun no argument there but for the most part we just want to run a good line without pushing ourselves/car to the limit around every turn. Last year we lawn darted our car and broke a hiem while leading, and admittedly I was driving a little beyond my abilities. It wouldn't have mattered even if we were following, it takes all of my concentration to keep up with these guys it's so fast paced. I always play it off like it's a blast but in reality I would like to slow it down some and enjoy the ride. W are kind of in between an old group and a new one. We have radio. Anyone share this philosophy?
  3. Dangit! I have a pair but they are 1000.250.0150
  4. New phones do so many things better than 5+ year old ones.
  5. Holy Balls! Doesn't get much better than that . Can't build one for this price. I love the color. Lots of detail even down to the black widow on the control arms. If I could only get my financial advisor to let me buy it...
  6. Yep I heard about the incident. That was around Thanksgiving or so. We were not on that trip. Our car is on the far left in the photo I posted. Holy crap what a small world this is. John and Terry are the two we camp with now. John's new Tatum is going to be a sweet ride. We all went to Glamis in March last year and camped in wash 6. We broke a lower heim on our car and had it back up and running in about a half hour with John and Terry's help. Couldn't dune with nicer guys. We will have to all meet up this year, new dune friends are always good. We are going to Glamis next weekend Oct 25th and will probably camp in wash 6 again.
  7. I used to use the 044 but after 3 years I replaced it with an equivalent AEM from Summit at 1/2 the cost. They are the same dimensions and are both pretty loud. I only replaced the 044 because of it's age. You gotta be careful buying an 044 there are fakes on the market that are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Even the holographic stickers and such are being reproduced with great accuracy. I originally bought mine from highflowfuel.com, was mine genuine? Dunno but it worked.
  8. At the dealer I work for we use OEM filters for the brand of vehicles we sell, and we also stock a complete line of aftermarket filters for "other" cars we work on. In my opinion at a dealer you should get an OEM filter without even having to ask. I would be interested to see what part number was listed on your invoice. If the OEM filter # was billed on the repair order but an aftermarket filter installed, the parts manager has some explaining to do. As GM has posted, the Magnuson Act prohibits a manufacturer from voiding a warranty if an equivalent aftermarket filter is used.
  9. The new group we have been camping with almost always does Gordons. We have no issue getting in and out with a pusher and trailer. Even with closures there is no shortage of dunes. Patton hill is always an excellent run. One trip last year was exceptionally good, we duned over to Patton and parked on the ridge. It was 80 and there was a cool breeze at the top of the dunes. That was a moment when life couldn't get any better.
  10. This guy needs a hitch upgrade too. Lol
  11. I vote for diesel. I love my 2019 diesel truck, I love the features it has, I love that it gets 20mpg + on the highway, I love the fact that it is super solid and has zero squeaks and rattles, I love that I can tow pretty much anything I want, I love that the air conditioning blows ice cold, I love that it is plush enough to dress up and go out on the town in it, I love that it is big and heavy and I would likely fare very well if involved in a collision, I love that if I decided to sell it the resale value would be generous, I love the sound it makes and I especially love the fact that I can get from 60 to 100mph in a surprisingly short amount of time. The new diesels make an effing thousand pounds of torque, no programmer, no monitoring EGTs, no aftermarket crap and all warranted by the manufacturer for 100k miles. The sheer joy of driving one makes it worth every penny. Ok some of the things I love about my diesel would also apply to a gasser. What I don't like about it...I have to use a 7' step ladder to wash it and even then I can barely reach the center of the roof.
  12. Disingenuous? No not at all. Please note the words "in some instances" that I included in my post, it has not been edited. My post was not meant to pull the wool over anyone's eyes or offer advice that was not accurate. I was not trying to be a dick or smartass but rather simply offer some factual proof that a weight distributing hitch can double the towing capacity of a DP in some instances. I do however understand how you can interpret my post several ways. Yes you can put this hitch on a Prius and I agree it would not pull 10,000lbs. This is the hitch that Thor installed on my coach when they built it out from a chassis made by Freightliner, the GCWR (42,400) label on the interior matches exactly the sum of the GVWR (32,400) and the maximum weight this hitch (10,000) is rated for. According to the hitch the maximum weight of a trailer cannot exceed 5,000lbs unless it is used with a weight distributing hitch device, and then it cannot weigh more than 10,000lbs. If I'm not mistaken this label indicates your trailer weight can double when using a weight distributing device, and it also states at the very top of the label to not exceed the lower of the towing vehicle manufacturers rating OR the rating on the hitch for the particular setup you are using. In other words you must know the weight of your equipment and not exceed the GCWR of the tow vehicle. Yes this IS all basic math. Unfortunately not all RV owners even know what GVWR and GCWR mean, much less really know what the weight of their equipment is. The receiver hitch does indeed tell you how much you can tow, as long as you do not exceed the GCWR. As has been mentioned already in this thread, what the rear axle capacity is on an RV is a huge factor in determining the tow rating. I'll try to condense this down as much as possible here. There are 2 things that are affected when you hook up a trailer, first there is the tongue weight which directly affects the weight on the rear axle, and in the case of an RV there isn't much give or take here some of them are near the limit with a few passengers and half a tank of fuel and water. The second factor with towing capacity involves the hitch itself and how much weight it can physically handle without material failure. If anyone had noticed on the picture of the hitch label I posted a weight distributing hitch cuts the tongue weight in half. See the trend here? Yes the transmission has a lot to do with towing capacity also, but that has already been factored into the GCWR of the tow vehicle. If you stay within the GCWR guidelines your transmission will be adequate. The OP said the DP he was asking about had a GVWR of 27,910 and a GCWR of 32,910, so regardless of the hitch that is installed, this particular RV for whatever the reason is only rated to tow 5,000lbs. I did not even offer a recommendation to improve the towing capacity of this RV because the chassis was only rated to tow 5,000lbs. That is why I recommended an RV with a GCWR of 40,000 or better if the OP was planning on towing a sand car to the dunes. One thing that I do recommend is that every RV owner familiarize themselves with their rigs. I know just about every component on my DP down to what rear axle it has installed, which by the way is a Detroit 20,000lb unit with 3.74 ratio. A Meritor 22,000 would have been better but maybe on the next one. There will be those who will boast that they tow way over the weight limit for their rigs and that they had been doing it for years with no issues. That's great I'm happy for them . It doesn't matter to me what anyone else does with their stuff. It's rare for me to even post things here anymore much less enter into a debate about something. I am very qualified to do so I just don't have the mental energy to go through with it most of the time when everything I post get's picked apart, while certain members can say that the Earth is flat and have the majority go along with it. Throw some sand on the fire when you go to bed I'm out.
  13. Actually yes, a weight distributing hitch can double the towing capacity in some instances. This is the weight label from the hitch on my DP.
  14. If you intend to tow a sand car trailer to the dunes buy a coach with a GCWR of 40,000 or better. My coach has a GCWR of 42,400 and I don't even consider it very big. It is likely that coach has a smaller rear axle and/or frame. You can run 12.50s with combo spindles, until they break. You are better off safe than sorry.

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