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  1. Here in Az it hasn't been quite as bad as in other areas of the country, but people still do wear masks when going places. I don't wear one and I do get looks from others while in the stores. I'm beginning to become agitated by it but so far I have been successful at biting my tongue and moving on. Oh and what can't I do? I can't buy a 2020 GMC Sierra there aren't any.
  2. coronavirus novel coronavirus social distancing shelter in place stay at home we care about your safety we're in this together for your safety plans for reopening reopening strategy essential business So we go to Target yesterday and taped to every isle and display is a sign that says to use proper social distancing for our safety. Like there needs to be a sign that reminds us of that. And then there's the family there with 4 kids running around touching everything, and the husband and wife, boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever, where one wears a mask and the other doesn't. The people who wear their masks only covering their mouths, WTF is that about? And the god damned plastic shields in between you and the cashier that everyone stands to the side of so it's not in front of them. This stupidity is so out of control and everyone has zero idea how a virus even spreads, the masks they wear don't really do much for anything and in fact may be worse when you take it home and put it on your kitchen table for reuse. And the gloves??? WTF are the gloves for the virus is not transmitted through your skin, unless you put on a new pair of gloves in between EVERYTHING you touch the gloves do nothing to protect you from anything. Then there's the stores that have a line forming outside in the sun because they only let in so many at a time. The grocery store doesn't do that. And then there's the Pizza commercials where they say your pizza is untouched from the oven to your door??? WTF man? Hasn't hot pizza always been untouched from the oven until you eat it? Who was touching it before? I need to stop I'm getting worked up over something I can't control. lol Probably the wrong thread for a coronavirus rant. Have a memorable Memorial Day everyone.
  3. Brawley and ElCentro certainly isn't Glamis. I wouldn't want to hang out in the mezzanine in my storage unit either on the way to or on the way home from Glamis. More power to you if you can sell people on a better way to enjoy the dunes.
  4. In my teen years my I was at my friends house putting together model cars and his little brother was using an xacto knife to cut the parts off of the webbing, slipped and cut across all 4 of his fingers on one hand. I remember it like it was just yesterday and it still gives me the chills and makes my nuts suck in a bit to think about it. To this day I do not own any of the razor blade knives., razor blades are good just not mounted as a knife. Glad to hear you're semi ok.
  5. Weddle Centerforce 11" with sprung disc. Of course I use an LS bell housing on the HV24 which also allows a block mounted starter. Some of the LS guys who still use a small bellhousing and clutch don't know what you are missing. Just sayin'.
  6. I still have half of a 500rd box of 9mm LEAD reloads I bought in 1990, lol.
  7. Cabelas sells Liberty Safes. Beware of cheaper safes, the fire rating isn't nearly as good as the better safes on the market. the fire protection is just more layers of drywall but it works to protect the contents. The cheaper safes also don't have as many bolts on the door. Sergeant and Greenleaf is the standard for the locking mechanism. There are all kinds of nice security features on the better safes, glass re-lockers and ball bearing anti drill plates are just two of them. However from what I understand regarding thieves and safes, most of the time they are tipped over and pried open with a concrete digging bar. Anchoring it to the slab from the inside prevents this. Buy more safe than you think you need, once you have it you will find lots of things to put inside.
  8. We don't own property in Havasu any more we moved to Phoenix in 2006. We were full timers, our house was a few streets above the high school off of S Palo Verde. It was just a so-so neighborhood, the house with a 56x20 RV garage and a pool was nice but the neighborhood could have been better. In the end we are glad to be free of Havasu, in 14 years we've only been back once.
  9. Wow good score! I've wanted to sell our havasu boat for the longest time and get a center console fishing vessel but have not seriously entertained the thought. I had visions of something 30ish in length with twin outboards but at this stage in life retiring has got the priority lol. When you get it seaworthy again what's something like that worth?
  10. Although old and different, I have used the same Mallory billet electric pump for the big block in my boat for literally 24 years and it still works like it did when it was new. Not long after I installed the original pump, I bought another one to keep as a spare in the boat, I have never ever had to take it out of the box. Mallory is good stuff.
  11. I use the AEM equivalent to the 044 at about half the price, I also use a Phenix regulator which works well.
  12. Trump 2020! Eff your feelings!
  13. https://www.pacificcustoms.com/battery-boxes.html
  14. It may have originally been used to supply a vacuum reservoir tank or hvac control.
  15. Like a lot of duners I use an Odyssey PC925. These guys are almost a square cube and the sheet metal battery boxes are readily available from any off road supply. I put mine up front near the pedals. One thing I can say about the Odyssey battery is that it will crank a V8 for a long time before slowing down. Mine is 4 years old and still performs like the day I put it in, it is also not uncommon for them to last 5-6 seasons or more if you keep them charged. I used #2 welding cable for the long run to the starter. You can use any high capacity AGM battery though, my buddy likes Optima batteries it's all personal preference. East Penn makes a decent battery from what I hear.

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