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  1. fortyfour

    winch for loading

    I put a Smittybilt 9000lb winch on the front of my trailer, it will pull anything you hook to it. I chose that particular one because it had a 50' spool of 3/8 wire rope, a series wound motor and a lifetime warranty on the planetary gearset. It was $300 from Summit. I use it every time I load the car on the trailer at home when the paddles are on. When loading at the dunes I just drive it on.
  2. fortyfour

    Anybody ever finish the whole gallon of bowel prep?

    It's good to hear I'm not the only one who didn't enjoy it.
  3. fortyfour

    Sand toy market soft?

    ^^I can totally relate to that. My wife used to drive our sand rail frequently, then we went LS and bigger trans and now she is a little intimidated by it all. She has driven it but doesn't really want to. I feel bad she is stuck in the passenger seat nowadays...I see a his and hers and bigger trailer in the future. 🤔
  4. fortyfour

    What is my boat worth?

    What does the NADA guide say? We've contemplated selling our boat too, we bought it brand new in 94, spent tens of thousands of dollars on a few engine configurations , rerigged it a few times, had the interior reupholstered a few times etc etc. We haven't had it out of the back yard for several years now but it is covered and under shelter, still shiny and clean as a whistle, and would likely start right up if it had a battery in it. Needless to say we have the title nowadays and we have a bit of sentimental attachment to it because of all the good times we had a Havasu with it, we will probably just keep it.
  5. It was my turn for the upper and lower GI this morning. All I can say is DAMN that stuff is vile, for those who haven't yet had to drink it...it's the equivalent to drinking a gallon of salty aquarium water. Started yesterday about 5pm and finished a good portion of it about 2am. I got zero sleep and had to check in at the surgery center at 7am. I am happy to say all is well in my belly.
  6. fortyfour

    2 seat 3.0 Honda Mid Engine

    What are you going to be in the market for next? Hondo needs another project hehe.
  7. fortyfour

    Front tire size

    All good points here. Holy crap, if you have camber change due to fatigued/cracked spindles you are a few seasons late getting the front suspension checked out. lol Part of owning a high performance sand rail is knowing your machine inside and out. You should know what is normal and what has changed even from ride to ride. I give my car a once over every time we come back to camp. there are a few indicators that I look at that tell me immediately if something has moved. A really good option if you are not planning on a 2" hollow upgrade anytime soon would be to remove both spindles, have them magnafluxed and then have them normalized. Heat treating isn't expensive at all and will help eliminate weld fatigue. My spindles are 2 seasons old and I had planned on having them normalized but other things came up and I never did have them done, I can see the spud weld clearly on mine and I inspect them regularly, I am going to build a new set this summer with 2" hollows.
  8. fortyfour

    LS dual filters

    Evantwheeler is that your baller's shop? Nice.
  9. fortyfour

    Fed Shutdown

    Yep leaving the washes New Years day was easy peasy, they did indeed offer to place your bags in the dumpsters for you, with a smile. If I'm not mistaken, in previous years the MLK weekend was pass free. I always just buy an annual pass and be done with it. 4 trips pays for it and I don't have to worry about getting to the bike shop to buy a pass beforehand.
  10. fortyfour

    930 CV fix finially a real fix to a 930CV joint

    J Alper can you go into more detail about modifying a 930 midboard boot flange? Do you have any pictures of them after modification? I am intrigued by this. I have 930 cvs and midboards on my car right now and my cv angle is very good, it's low 20's at full droop. You say the cv angles with 2 adapters only adds 3 degrees? How much are the adapters and how much to modify my midboard boot flanges? How much angle can you run with the EMPI 934 cvs without clicking? And finally, how many of these modifications have you done, and how long have they been in service?
  11. fortyfour

    Large Stainless headers

    Haha that's what will make them so bitchin! Louder is safer.
  12. fortyfour

    Ls1 mid engine long travel sand car

    Will be tough to find a replacement for what you've got already. What do you have in mind instead?
  13. fortyfour

    what oil to run in LS1

  14. fortyfour

    what oil to run in LS1

    Ah yes, Delo 400. All of my buddies used to run that dino oil in their supercharged 500+ ci boat engines back in the day. It is really good stuff, very inexpensive too. $15 a gallon or something like that.

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