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  1. We bought a pair of these brand new back in 2004 and used to ride the piss out of them, nowadays since we have the buggy we don't hardly ever even start them. I did manage to start both of them a few weekends ago just to keep them running and I noticed the coolant overflow was empty on one of them. I didn't give it much thought at the time because the engine started and ran as usual. It wasn't until I pulled the dipstick out of the dry sump oil tank and had a lot of oil come out when I realized the coolant from the overflow tank was probably in the crankcase making it way overfull. Needless to say I need to pull it apart and see where the coolant is getting into the crankcase at. I have read about magnesium clutch cover failures but that is on 2005 and newer, mine I believe still has a good aluminum cover because it is a 2004. There is the mechanical water pump seal that could be letting coolant into the crankcase but I think the most likely culprit is the cylinder head or gasket. Has anyone ever had a Kawasaki or Suzuki 400cc water cooled engine with this problem?
  2. Yes. There's no doubt a car with a flat 6 will have a CoG lower than that of a car with a V8, but that wasn't what the OP started this thread with. He asked why no one uses them. They are expensive when compared to an LS. I've got maybe 5 grand into my 6.0 and that includes the Holley injection. Is it perfect? Not even close but it fit the budget. When I went from a 3.5 to a 6.0 in my car I noticed a tendency for the car to have a lot of body roll when trying to turn sharply on relatively flat ground, my higher CoG was obviously playing a part in that. One of these days I will need to install a rear sway bar to settle it down a bit. And yes I agree that a sway bar is a work-around for a car with high CoG. My car is very predictable and I'm not likely going to change it.
  3. Those doonies are at it again.
  4. Disneyland metal detects you and your belongings before you can even get to the main entrance.
  5. What's the point? LS engines are tried and true and you can buy performance parts for them anywhere.
  6. That sumbitch was worn out. Nice repair.
  7. fortyfour


    I bought 2 pairs of Skechers for $60. I like them. I will buy more.
  8. 505 not enough? Turn off the traction control and report back.
  9. Retire the C5. Buy my wife’s C7. I’ll buy her a new C8 in 3 weeks.
  10. Personally I don't find it attractive at all.
  11. My buddy has an inertial press brake that's probably the same, once you send it downward there's no stopping it. It has about a 400lb flywheel that doesn't care what's in the way. It will bend a 4' piece of 10g like a piece of paper. Cool video too!
  12. Should be easy to find standards for nut and bolt torque on the internet, for whatever size and material you are working with. Fwiw I use my Snap-On 3/8 impact to tighten that nut, just a quick hit with it after it bottoms out.

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