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  1. fortyfour

    King spring info

    Nothing wrong with your logic Jonesin' ,and because you keep coming back here it appears you have learned to get over the negativity that has surrounded your project from the beginning. I've got a shit ton of money into mine already and like yourself I'm not building mine with resale in mind. There would be some things I'd do differently the second time around but that's neither here nor there at this point. Reactor Operator huh? Neato. I know a guy who is an Operator at Palo Verde but he won't talk about it much.
  2. fortyfour

    King spring info

    Just for the sake of good conversation, have you sat down and calculated what all of your reliability and performance upgrades will cost when it's done? When I did my V8 upgrade I had 15k as my budget to work with, keep in mind I am a Chevrolet tech so I don't need to farm out mechanical work AND my best friend owns a metal fabrication shop. My Honda to LS project went very north of 20k before we had a car we could take to the dunes. I think you've heard us all badger you enough with this, I don't think it's a personal attack though. And Yes you will likely need to respring and revalve your car when finished
  3. fortyfour

    SxS's - Street Legal - Townships - Drama

    I would have to agree with you, off roaders are noisy and in general would make a mess of the place. I don't want to see them all willy nilly in my desert either. A sxs here and there probably isn't hurting anything but as soon as it becomes legal there will be tens of thousands of them.
  4. fortyfour

    CV Grease

    Ditto not exactly those particular brands but the same scenario.
  5. fortyfour

    Flagstaff Camping

    If you are going to the Cinders bring a bar of soap 'cause you will be dirty at the end of the day. I am still plucking little pieces of black lava stones from the floor of my buggy from a Cinders trip 3 years ago. It gets everywhere. Everyone told me it will tear up tires but I didn't notice any major wear on my dirt tires. We did get a chuckle from all of the "hillbilly" off roaders there doing crazy things.
  6. fortyfour

    Need Some Jet Fuel

    Cool stuff at about 2:45
  7. fortyfour

    Need Some Jet Fuel

    I was reading down the posts readying to type kerosene then saw socaldmax beat me to it. I was going to say I thought rocket engines used hypergolic fuels but then I realized this one was bi-fuel. So JD, your grandson is officially a rocket scientist haha.
  8. fortyfour

    Game Of Thrones

    At least Drogon destroyed what everyone was killing to get to. That scene was probably the most climactic of the whole series, what everyone was waiting for.
  9. fortyfour

    CV Grease

    I have a tube of Mobil1 chassis lube in my grease gun and it liquifies and drips out of the grease gun in the summer time. It's terrible stuff. Back on topic now.
  10. fortyfour

    07 Chevy auto climate Blower issue.

    The blower motor is PWM from the blower speed control. The purple/white wire is the speed request circuit from the hvac module to the speed control module, the red and black are B+ and Gnd, the purple and black go to the blower motor itself, that's it. Ohm check the purple/white wire, do a loaded voltage test on the red wire that feeds the blower speed controller and make sure there aren't any melted terminals. The red wire that feeds the blower speed controller gets its power from fuse #35 in the underhood fuse block. The Gnd wire goes to G201 and without searching through a bunch of pages in service information only gives the location as a splice pack in the right lower console area. You may want to run your own ground for diagnostic purposes. I can't give you much more info without using a tech2 and looking at data from the hvac module. If the blower motor, speed controller have been replaced with oem parts and the circuits check out, logic would dictate that the hvac module is the culprit but if you have already replaced that too there is obviously another fault somewhere. As I said we replace a lot of blower motors and speed controllers, hardly never do I personally replace control modules. It is possible the the purple /white wire is chaffed to a metal part of the dash somewhere and you just can't see it. That single wire is the only link to the blower motor from the hvac module. You may be able to backprobe that circuit with a Fluke meter and measure the speed signal voltage, and see what it is doing when the blower shuts off. That's about all I got.
  11. fortyfour

    CV Grease

    Oh ok I jumped the gun a little, my bad.
  12. fortyfour

    CV Grease

    Killing my sand budget and finding another hobby? Where did that come from? I never said anything regarding these products killing my sand budget. I did say Bel-Ray was grossly overpriced, and that I used the mix and didn't see anything different than what straight Swepco does.
  13. fortyfour

    Anyone have a Ram Power Wagon?

    Why not just get a Jeep?
  14. fortyfour

    CV Grease

    Bel-Ray, like other exotic lubricants is grossly overpriced. I bought a few tubes of premixed Bel-Ray and Swepco from Foddrills and wasn't all that impressed with it, seems like it didn't do anything more than straight Swepco has done.

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