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  1. fortyfour

    Satellite TV systems installed in Glamis

    So when is Dish going to pick up HBO again? I would hate to drop Dish in favor of Direct because I already own the receiver but GOT isn't far off. Is there a cheap Direct receiver that is affordable for an RV with a part time use price schedule?
  2. fortyfour

    New 5 seat build. Ground up.

    Looks great. Yes the last 10% takes 90% of the time. LOL
  3. fortyfour

    twin turbo northstar advice

    Your pushrod LS is already a superior engine to the NorthStar because of the ease with which you can increase the power output. I assume you have a 2D? Be careful with the amount of power you apply to it. I just installed an HV24 in my car (rated at 550hp) and purposely limited my hp output to about 425 to protect the driveline.
  4. fortyfour

    Fatality at wash 16

    I've seen more than one buggy get broken up while hitting a kiddie track around camp, buggies can be rebuilt but the loss of life from hitting one is unacceptable. It's a real bad deal when the driver could possibly have limited their injuries by wearing their seatbelt and slowing down. There is no excuse for not wearing a seatbelt anytime you are moving, I harness up anytime I am doing anything other than taking the car on and off of the trailer. Maybe there needs to be a big sign that says "Beware of Hidden Berms" every so often in the wash camping areas. There are likely lots of first time visitors to the dunes who may not realize the hazards around the washes. My heart goes out to the families of those who lost their lives.
  5. fortyfour

    Making room for the HV24

    Got the car in a semi-finished state on Saturday so Sunday morning we headed out to the dunes for a shakedown cruise. I was everything I had hoped for and then some. The engine ran good and the suspension ate up terrain rather well also. I was quite surprised to find that the 6.0 would pull a decent sized hill in 4th, we did however gear it that way so that we had another usefull gear in the dunes and not one that would allow us the drive 100mph in the flats. The spring rates were left unchanged and actually fell right into the zone we were shooting for.
  6. fortyfour

    Jamar Pro X shifter

    I took this off of my buggy because it wouldn't work with the new HV24. It is in excellent condition and no issues with it. H pattern with reverse lockout. Check your application, this was used with 091/094 and should work with 2D as well. $240 + shipping
  7. fortyfour

    Whats this car worth

    Don't forget the $600 shifter the HV transaxles require.
  8. fortyfour

    Whats this car worth

    A trans upgrade would be worth the money. Take some measurements first and then review the size of the HV transaxles, they are big. I had to move the pivot tube forward on mine to make the 24 fit. It was a lot of work.
  9. Quantum Fuel Systems (highflowfuel.com) sells genuine Bosch 044 pumps for a decent price and offers fast shipping. I have bought many items from them. I think I paid $180 for my 044 that included the AN fittings of choice. I need to order a spare to keep in the car.
  10. fortyfour

    LS1 PCV Routing

    Yes. I'm plumbing mine that way right now. Just run the valve cover ports to an elevated can with a filter on top and vent the crankcase to the atmosphere. Put an outerwear on the can's filter. You'll likely get a lot of pros and cons for doing it this way but in the end it doesn't matter where it's vented to. I've ran my naturally aspirated and supercharged marine engines vented to the atmosphere for 25 years with no issues. As r3meyer stated the pcv is only for emissions purposes, AFAIK there's no technical reason to recycle oil vapors back into the engine except to reduce emissions, or the necessity to draw a vacuum on the crankcase. In the 60s engines used a "downdraft" tube from the valley cover and exited below the engine, as the car was driven the air passing by the tube created a venturi and drew the vapors out.
  11. fortyfour

    Whats this car worth

    I'm sure your buggy is a nice car all around however, your time and dedication to the build factor very little into what it's worth. As has been said already the bus box and single shocks isn't helping you at this point. Going to be a hard sell in the twenties, low to mid teens is my estimate. GLWTS.
  12. fortyfour

    Car Radio Power wires do's and dont's

    My battery is up front, so I ran a pair of 6 gauge welding cables to a dedicated BlueSea fuse box/ground buss for the radio, intercom and gps. I haven't used it yet but I don't expect any noise issues. I have the radio antenna coax all by itself on the passenger side, and I still need to route the gps antenna coax. Has anyone ever experienced gps signal anomalies when both cables are next to each other? The passenger side is the best option on my car so the two cables are away from the rest of the electrical harness.
  13. fortyfour

    Making room for the HV24

    After many late nights this week... DSC_1250_Trim.mp4
  14. fortyfour

    Falling Rock

    Is that a real video or just CG???
  15. fortyfour

    where to get water on alternate route...

    +1 You'll waste more time trying to save a few gallons of fuel than anything. I don't know about everyone else but I like to know where the water that comes out of the tap in the RV comes from, we fill up with soft water at home so it's just like home. I'm sure you could find 100lbs of stuff to leave at home to make up for it.

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