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  1. They are all the same junk built by all the same circle of people who go from one manufacturer to the next and then a few years later start over again. There is no such thing as a quality RV unless it says Prevost or Newell on the back. I'd suggest pick the floorplan/layout you like and just deal with the rest. The supposedly high end units are just "lipstick on a pig" in my eyes and aren't worth the extra dough they try and fetch for them. Under all of the fancy wall coverings and shiny paint they are all the same crap. Ain't none of them going to last until the end of the 15yr loan people often buy them with. Buy one a few years old and let the first guy take the hit.
  2. I’ll have these with me at the SSSS Saturday if anyone is interested. Make me a reasonable offer.
  3. Cool ride. Now you can go out and buy 3 C8s.
  4. Has anyone seen my baseball?
  5. We will be there around that time on Saturday.
  6. You may want to use a new crankshaft balancer bolt if you reused the old one. That is a one time use only bolt and will allow the balancer to spin on the crank because there is no keyway. Seen it 2 times now, first one was a 2008 Corvette that just had a crank seal replaced by another tech a few days before and the second was an LKQ engine that had obvious repairs earlier in it's life. Both of those got new crankshafts. This shit really happens. Cool project.
  7. Some people go to great lengths to be superstars at their craft, others just do the bare minimum. This guy, well I'm not sure what he was trying to do. I discovered this the other day at work while underneath a 2019 Camaro. I'm sure glad new car owners let the professionals do the hard stuff.
  8. Yes a 58x reluctor will provide the ecm more resolution to determine crankshaft position but the reason GM did that was for better misfire recognition for the tighter emission standards which later engines had to meet. A 24x reluctor works just fine for anything you'd want to do with it. Holley self tuning EFI is exactly that, self tuning. I have the Holley Terminator on my car and it works very well. I did have to tweak a single fuel parameter to eliminate a flooded condition on a hot restart but to be more open about it, I use a conventional intake manifold and Holley's EFI throttle body on my LS, not OEM port injection. I have done nothing else to it.
  9. I think that bar was called the Titty Twister LOL
  10. I have no idea what these are worth. Shoot me an offer, someone has to need a set of good tires.
  11. Hmmm $28 each? I'll have to look into that when I get back to work Tuesday. Might be a discontinued part for that price. You could probably get away with using a coil bracket stud.
  12. You can buy those studs at any GM dealer, they are probably a few bucks each.
  13. Haha now that the LS conversation has begun... I swapped my 3.5 to an LS2 and couldn't be happier. The torque you have right off of idle is truly amazing. We can be putzing around in 3rd, goose the throttle and the torque comes on instantly. For me I could care less who's car with whatever engine can spank the shit out of my LS, I like the rumble of a V8 and I like the fact that it is American muscle making the wheels go 'round. An advantage of an LS engine is that it doesn't have to work very hard at all to make 500hp, unlike a turbo'd Honda that's on the verge of explosion every time you open the throttle. The only advantage I see with a Honda is their relatively low cost when you use them NA, but you're still a couple grand into it to make it run. There is no doubt some very fast cars with Honda power but like anything how fast you want to go depends on how much money you are willing to throw at it, or how often. My Honda ran very good, I just wanted more grunt when I needed it and I wasn't really a fan of turbos so a NA 6.0 was right up my alley. On the flipside, I'd love to hook up with a group of V8, Honda or Subaru guys and carve some dunes this season.
  14. Have you looked into just replacing the complete icemaker unit? Our Maytag refer had some issues early on and 2 different techs said they replace a lot of complete units because it's easier than trying to determine some of the problems they encounter. An icemaker unit for our Maytag is only a few hundred bucks.

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