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  1. Isn't it a bit ironic how much lumber was used to move your oak tree? You now have enough firewood for the next 5 dune seasons.
  2. Holy crap he's got some talent!
  3. No G for us the moho went back to the dealer to get a bunch of things fixed before the warranty expires. Today I have to spray all of the weeds that have sprouted up everywhere, probably gonna go with the wife to the outlet center for some shopping and then tomorrow her car and my truck desperately need to be washed. I'll finish up in time to watch the new episode of Shameless tomorrow evening. We may have to load up the rail and do a day trip or two while the moho is gone. The new truck tows the flat trailer and car like no other and we can get there in about 3 hours. Maybe next weekend.
  4. I've never used F11 so no input there. I have used several of the ceramic coating products with just so-so results. To make a long story short I applied them both to freshly corrected and "raw" paint, maintained the coating with the recommended detailer spray and never ever dried the car with a towel but instead used a leaf blower to dry it. The coatings would last about 6 months and then get hazy areas that would not come off. Needless to say I had to abrasively remove the coatings and then repolish, wasn't really a big deal just time consuming. Nowadays I use Chemical Guys Jet Seal every few months and after I wash and dry with the leaf blower I spritz and wipe down the whole car with Mequires quick detailer using dedicated microfiber towels. The Jet Seal is an amazing product that, like Mequires quick detailer, can be applied to windows as well. The Jet Seal will shed water every bit as good as the ceramic coatings would. For the moho I use spray wax, it produces gloss and slipperiness just as well as anything and I can get the whole thing done in a lot less time. I've washed it 3 or 4 times since the last application and the water still beads well.
  5. Anyone going to Gordons the 4th and 5th? Our 2 buddies we have been duning with are not going but we'd still like to get out there. It's just me and the spouse with V8 rail, we just like to cruise and have a good time.
  6. Yes pump and fan need to be on relays. The starter should be on a relay also, unless you are using a heavy duty push button but even then it would be better to use a relay.
  7. A manual transaxle isn't rocket science guys. There will always be those who will opt to pay someone to fix things for them, like the OP I'm not one of them. You guys always talk about "learning" about your sand cars, the only way to learn something is to just do it.
  8. What is facebook? I keep hearing about it.
  9. Piece of cake. Being a tech you are a few steps ahead of the game already. I tell my apprentice techs that if humans have assembled it so can you haha.
  10. With all of the security measures everyone is mentioning and the fact that property is still stolen despite the owners attempts to make their stuff difficult to take, how come no one is ever caught in the act? I mean isn't it odd that all of these security measures are countered and trailers are still being taken? Are the stories of stolen trailers just stories or are the thieves really that savvy? I can't imagine thieves are ready in an instant to deal with unexpected circumstances other than just panicking and running down the street. Cutting locks and bolts and cables seems easy enough but to think thieves are ready with extra lug nuts and spare hitches and hardware for whatever they encounter seems far fetched to me. A hitch lock and tracking device seems appropriate enough. I think deterrence is the key in most instances.
  11. Congrats! Had ours for 8 months now and love it. I have began adding 5oz of Motorcraft PM22A additive to every tank of fuel, it only adds a few bucks no big deal. I read that this helps restore some of the lubricity that was lost when the sulfur was removed from the fuel and prolongs the life of the high pressure fuel pump.
  12. I'm somewhat of a chili connoisseur and like it hot hot hot. Southwest Specialty Foods (AKA AssKickin Hot sauces) is just right down the street from my house and we've had everything they make in our cupboard at some point or another and typically they have all been rather mild, in my opinion anyways. They do make a sauce called Spontaneous Combustion which does have some "sting" to it but I put it on my tacos anyways. We were in their retail outlet within the last year or so and the owner turned me onto their newest hot sauce called Carolina Reaper, she said it was made from the Carolina pepper (world's hottest at the time from what I was told) and to be careful with it. I said no worries I'd done this before haha. Well let me tell you...we went back a few weeks later just to let her know I had met my match, it was no joke that shit was HOT! Needless to say we bought another bottle of it lol. Since then I've had to tone it down a bit due to a diagnosis of LPR, I still consume hot salsa like a fool though. https://asskickin-giftshop.com/product/ass-kickin-carolina-reaper-hot-sauce/

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