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  1. This^^^ I read about someone's HP numbers based upon speculation and just give it a little chuckle, then move on. Isn't worth debating.
  2. Does anyone think this has been taken over the top already? We aren't building home made aircraft here.
  3. This is my car. It was built as a beam car, now sports boxed A arms and a V8. Although I didn’t perform the modifications myself, it was put together right here where it sits by me. I don’t feel unsafe in it. I don’t recall Jones’n posting where had fabricated anything himself, he had a shop do it for him. He’s just like the other million off roaders out there building their own trucks to go out and have fun with. Isn’t that what the whole offroad business model is, DIY? Why can’t you guys just be a little more supportive of him and not drive him away from here? Not everyone buys a complete car or SxS to use in the dunes. There are hundreds of build threads here where guys put together their machines in the garage. I don’t hear very often that they were killed off roading. As far as asking which way a clutch disc goes in, back off of that too. I’m a 33 year veteran GM tech/ shop foreman and I consult the service manual about 100 times a day even though I’ve done a particular job many times. Does that make me an idiot too? Its definitely still summertime. 😎
  4. I guess everyone is wanting 12.50s these days.
  5. This^^^ CVs will sometimes click, that isn't completely "abnormal" depending on the severity of it. There is a difference between clicking and binding. Personally I'd install .001" smaller balls before removing material from the ball ways but that's just preference. Those stars and bodies look like they need to be polished with finer abrasive some more. They would work much better if polished.
  6. Snap-On has never let me down. I have found it's easier to just buy them from the get-go. Matco not so much but just my opinion. A brand new set of 1/2" drive chrome deep sockets is just about the finest thing humans have ever made. There is a reason they cost so much. lol You can request a Snap-On or Matco dealer to frequent your place of business if you call corporate and ask. Although I just pay cash these days, tool truck payment schedules make it easy to buy what you need right now, there's no interest.
  7. I'm not one to encourage such an act, but a torched RV/toys would certainly make ghost campers think long and hard before leaving their rig at the dunes just to keep their spot. The insurance alone is not enough for me to be willing to lose my stuff. I couldn't replace it for what I would get from insurance proceeds.
  8. Uncovered the boat and washed her off. Hasn't been out of the back yard in several years. Bought new in 1994, built 502 and rerigged in 1995. This old girl spent many weekends at Havasu back in her heyday. Gotta love an iron big block with a healthy cam. Always wanted a Daytona but back then couldn't afford the insurance.
  9. Landing leg failure, that's what happened to Jr's airplane.
  10. Of those who consistently offer technical advice and criticism around here, it would be nice to see some pics of your personal cars once in a while, besides JAlper and LRS.
  11. Ditto! Our "regulars" are in the middle of assembling new machinery and this coming duning season is still just speculation for them. While not looking to replace our current dune friends (We love you guys, Really!) We would like to get acquainted with new folks to camp with from time to time. It's just me, the wife and 2 small semi well behaved dogs. We come fully equipped for whatever the dunes throw at us and in general we are both pretty mellow. And yes we bring our own firewood. Although we have a V8 buggy , we appreciate a leisurely group ride through the dunes once in a while.
  12. You can install the microstub axle into the hub dry.
  13. A long while ago in a brake line discussion such as this I suggested using braided brake hose because I had done so on my car, and that the pedal feel was very good. The "experts" said braided brake hose was always a bad idea because of the spongy pedal you get. Funny how this shit gets around.
  14. You sure can! I've got one on my car. You just gotta bleed the 20' of hose the first time.
  15. I'm over the C8 already. What few realize is that the car that will do 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds has to have the Z51 option in order to do that, the base car that will have a $60k price tag does not have Z51. I'm waiting to see what other engine options Chevrolet will roll out in the coming year or so. Based on their track record, I would bet that option alone for the C8 will be $10k because it will only be available with a trim level of 2LT or better, add in a more powerful engine and you will be buying a car over $100k. With that said, we bought a non Z51 base C7 with 1LT level trim and couldn't be happier with it. Our car came with factory installed performance exhaust, chrome wheels and emblems, cargo sunshade and upgraded floor mats. We purposely didn't get a Z51 equipped car, which is bigger vented brake rotors, electronic limited slip diff, dry sump engine, low rear spoiler and a few other subtle performance enhancements, because we didn't think the spouse would have it up on the bank at PIR at 175 often enough to benefit from it. Hers was destined to be a daily driver. and she has no complaints with it in the 2 years we have had it. The car that we bought is the most popular model of C7. The base C8 might be enough car for the majority of folks who will buy them. Nowadays one can buy a gently used C7 Z06 for what we paid for ours.
  16. Which particular dealer was that? Courtesy and Sands will likely get many more than 6 each. (Speculation of course - no one really knows what the first year production volume will be) Don't need wider tires with all of the weight biased on the rear. The only reason Chevrolet was able to offer the ZR1 with 750hp was because Michelin came up with a stickier tire than what the Z06 came equipped with.
  17. I am most definitely not the guy to teach driving school.
  18. Happy wife happy life! You only get one shot at this life, if you can swing it, live it like no other.
  19. And then I washed this giant thing. I have to go back to work to get a break from doing stuff.
  20. Machine polished and Jet Sealed the wife’s vintage daily driver. And then packed bearings and put the front hubs together on the money pit. Probably used a whole roll of paper towels to keep the sweat out of my eyes, it isn’t that hot today but the humidity is killing me
  21. I like Kartek, Foddrills, and Summit. Between them you can build a complete car without too much hassle. I have many fuel system relayed purchases with this place, they are straight up good guys: https://www.highflowfuel.com/ . AN fuel fittings are largely a matter of preference, Fragola fittings are very nice but are somewhat expensive, Phenix fittings are also decent and are very affordable. I rarely use Earls or Russell. Summit also markets their own line of AN fittings and are my first choice when I need something, I have a bunch of them on my car right now with zero issues. I recommend using the same brand of hose and fitting, not all hose is the same size and some fittings require a specific diameter. Again Summit has a very good line of products and can get them to you usually in 2 days. Most fuel systems these days are plumbed with black cloth braid, nothing special is required for gasoline. I used -8 from the tank to the pump inlet, and -6 from the pump outlet to the fuel rail, and -6 to the regulator and then back to the tank. I put a fuel compatible ball valve at the tank outlet so I can open up fuel lines without draining the tank. Don't forget 100 micron prefilter before the pump, and a 10 micron filter before the fuel rail. I used the Summit brand filters, they work flawlessly and are decent. Buy a couple of spare filter elements while you are at it. Oh and a little anti-sieze on the AN threads will make tightening and loosening them a lot easier, same goes for the threads when you assemble hose fittings too. You will need a bench vice, masking tape and a fine tooth hack saw when cutting braided hose. Be sure to flush out the hose before you install it. There are probably hundreds of online tutorials on hose fitting installation, visit the manufacturers website for whatever brand you get. I plumbed my brake hydraulics with -3 braided line and Fragola fittings. The fittings are easy to put on, safe and are leak free. You do not need the bend hardline if you don't want to, the braided line is completely adequate regardless of what people will say. The brake pedal in my car is very firm. Hardline is probably cheaper to install but is a lot more time consuming and there will be more fittings, you will also have to learn how to make a double flare when you cut it. DOT 3 is adequate but so is 4 if that's what you want to use. Rubber cushioned Adel clamps can be used to secure -3 line to the floor, and there is a variety of hold down clamps and billet clamps to hold -3 line to suspension arms. What length of throttle cable do you need? I have the one I took off of my car that is coiled up in the garage, it may be too long or too short but might be just right. You are totally not the annoying guy on this board. Post as many threads as you want, ask as many questions as you want. Those that don't want to read your threads or contribute to them can just not read them if they don't want to.
  22. Has anyone ever had their rigs towed away from being left there unattended? I mean actually happened not just an "I heard" story. It isn't that the BLM has anything better or more important to do, I think the BLM is just too chickenshit to do anything about it. They'd rather invest their time giving retarded tickets for someone having their permit on the front seat rather than hanging in the windshield. They act all tough when they light you up on the wash road for something, yet completely ignore business that if enforced would actually make a lot of peoples Glamis experience better. I've never been hassled by the BLM but because of all of the screwed up things that go on at the dunes that they completely ignore I have nothing good to say about any of them. Everyone get out their campfire permits there is a BLM truck coming. 🔥
  23. What is the purpose of the camp host at RoadRunner? Who determines and assigns someone as camp host? I find the whole Gecko camping cluster f**k not really worth the effort. The wash is not a bad place to end up, Gordon's is not bad either even with closures along the sand highway.
  24. I don't get why there was a migration of members to dune and dirt. It just seems logical to keep it all right here in one place. 😜 I used to be a regular at reefcentral.com when I kept saltwater aquariums.

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