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  1. I am completely addicted to 1stWave channel 33. I listen to it 10 hours a day. Oh the memories from high school and 106.7 KROQ. The young adults that come into my work area at work are like wtf are you listening to? Thats funny because I say the same thing when I enter their work area. LOL
  2. fortyfour

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    Warranty? Unfortunately, no. Not even on a new one. I had plans to buy a brand new 2D, then thought about it and changed direction and bought an HV24 instead. The 11" clutch and Chevy bellhousing were a little more money, but the trans itself was only about $1500 more. A no brainer for what I wanted to do with it. If your budget dictates a 2D I think you will be able to find a decent used trans that has just been rebuilt, I wouldn't be scared to go this route.
  3. fortyfour

    How far is your commute for work?

    My work is 3 1/2 miles from home it takes 10 minutes and no freeways any time of day. It's so convenient I come home every day for lunch. It's awesome. I/we used to live in Corona and I commuted the 91 to Anaheim every day, I spent a lot of my time after work at the bar before heading home. That was 14 years ago and I am so happy I am now free of that lifestyle. The owners of the 91 Express lanes can go *uck themselves!
  4. fortyfour

    For all of you SiriusXM listeners...

    Could be. He's just not my thing. I've never considered Spotify I'll check it out. But yes I agree SXM does repeat the popular stuff daily. Spotify is kind of like Pandora yes?
  5. fortyfour

    Song Of The Day

    I'm on a roll now lol
  6. fortyfour

    Song Of The Day

    And Roger Waters...
  7. fortyfour

    Song Of The Day

    David Gilmour's guitar work is mesmerizing
  8. fortyfour

    For all of you SiriusXM listeners...

    I like all of the 80s and 90s alternative stuff. I especially like The Smiths (Morrisey), Simple Minds, New Order, The Cure, Siouxie and the Banshees, Oingo Boingo, INXS, Echo and the Bunnymen there's too many to list. I still like the rock too, late 60s, 70s and 80s. Nothing can replace Zeppelin, the Crew and Ozzy. And OMG Pink Floyd! Music is the gateway to the soul.
  9. fortyfour

    For all of you SiriusXM listeners...

    Personally I cant stand listening to him, I even forgot he had a show until you mentioned it. You really think he keeps SiriusXM afloat?? <<That was a question not sarcasm.
  10. fortyfour

    How many BS sales calls do you get a day?

    Telemarketers have also now began to call my cell #, I used to answer the calls but I wised up and realized it was always 951 numbers (I live in Phoenix but kept my 951 cell number). It's impossible to block them because its a different number every few days. With all of the technology that the federal government has on tap it would seem easy for the FCC to stop this, with death by fire on the same day you are caught as the penalty. I think that should be the penalty for a lot of crimes but that is a topic for a different discussion.
  11. fortyfour


    Sunday night on 94.7 KMET the mighty met. Funny how I can remember that but I couldn't tell ya what I ate for dinner last night.
  12. fortyfour

    Firearms in your car

    This topic has reached a boiling point for me this week. I’m the shop foreman at a new car dealership in Phoenix and I still have to work on cars now and then. Today I had to replace the shifter assy in a vehicle which required removing the center console. There was a loaded 45 in the center console that I had to remove to access what I needed to. This is the third loaded firearm I have had to deal with in the last few weeks. Im not scared of firearms I have them myself, but I sure as hell wouldn’t leave them in my car if it was going into the shop. An auto tech should never ever have to discover a loaded pistol in a vehicle he is working on. Leave that shit at home. End of rant.
  13. fortyfour

    07 Chevy auto climate Blower issue.

    I replace many blower speed control modules AND blower motors. Not many control heads, I can't recall the last time I replaced one. I'm sure they have failed from time to time I just have not seen one go bad in a very long time. Blower motor control module is the culprit most of the time.
  14. fortyfour

    Mid engine Vette 7/18/19

    And just when I had every nut and bolt from the window regulator to the connecting rods on a C7 memorized, now I have to start all over again. Don't think for a minute all of the "spy photos" of the mid engines cars were captured by sneaky photographers, GM has been selectively allowing photographs to be taken for marketing hype since it's inception. GM has just finished 500 million in upgrades to Blowing Green in anticipation of the C8. We will trade in the C7 for one but not for at least a few years into production, all of the bugs will be worked out right about the time they announce the C9. I had to replace the torque tube on our car when it had only 4000 miles on it. The C7s are very sensitive to repair procedures, incorrect setup of the torque tube results in engine failure about 500 miles later. That's job security for me haha. I'll be curious to see just how many C8s there will be at dealers when they finally deliver them, they will be discounting the piss out C7s for sure. Even after the C7 ZR1 has been out for a year I have yet to see one. Van Chevrolet in Scottsdale has probably got them just not on the west side of town where the pofolks live.
  15. fortyfour

    Car audio, Do they make them like they used to?

    That's not old school enough. Linear, Pyle, Alpine and Sanyo would be old school. lol
  16. fortyfour

    ISO -LS headers , wide 5 wheels , harnesses ,axles

    I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, what is ISO?
  17. fortyfour

    Shifter preference

    ProAm is the shizzit but a Jamar Pro X will do the job just as well. You're gonna have 40k into your car before too much longer. hahahehehaha
  18. fortyfour

    $30,000 for a built in BBQ island

    There used to be a vendor at the Costa Mesa Marketplace that sold outdoor kitchens for some decent prices. Are you wanting champagne on a beer budget? Not something I'd spend money on either.
  19. fortyfour

    CNC Closed

    I'm not losing any sleep over it. If my CNC components fail at some point it is just as easy to install a Jamar or some other brand in it's place. The solution is a few hundred bucks at most, not an amount of money anyone with an off road vehicle should be concerned with.
  20. fortyfour

    Another Fantastic tool we bought!

    Hey John you are about 5 years behind the times in getting the Snap-On smoke machine, we've been using one for many years now. The Kent-Moore smoker that uses nitrogen has been in use for maybe 20 years or longer. How'd you find evap leaks without one for so long? We use ours for a variety of things, primarily for evap leaks but we also use it for finding intake leaks and leaks in the exhaust which cause fuel trim codes to set. It's very useful.
  21. fortyfour

    U-joint axles

    A Honda powered car in our group uses u-joint axles with zero issues.

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