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    Knock on wood, but we've never been approached by any LEO at the dunes, ever.
  2. fortyfour

    Stand-alone recommendations

    Why not just call John @ Outfront and ask him what to use. No need to get other opinions from the peanut gallery on the subject, he is hands down the Subi goto guy. If you are planning on an engine swap why are you spending money tuning what you have now??
  3. fortyfour

    What would be your "perfect" LS sand car motor?

    The "perfect" LS engine is all relative. I built my L76 for not much cash at all and it does everything I need it to, the gas pedal seems bottomless at times so I need nothing more. A buddy of mine threw a rod out the side of his block a month ago, and with a crank and rods I gave him plus the block and pistons he had to buy I think he's into the replacement for less than a grand. We were out at Gordon's this weekend and his new engine rocks. So for us common folks these would be the "perfect" LS engines. I do like the sound of a big dog with a lot of compression and a healthy cam though.
  4. fortyfour

    LA Speed Check

    Listen to the whole clip it's funny. The bit about the 12 year old keying the mike is hilarious
  5. fortyfour

    True Dedication to Yard Art

    Not original enough to get excited about. NASA did it first HaHa Not quite as big as a 747 though.
  6. fortyfour

    WTB: AnYthing Tabbed for a SBC

    Funco sells them.
  7. fortyfour

    Ryder's on the storm!

    Awesome! So are you liking the desert action here in Az? The Boulders at mile marker 11.5 on highway 74 near Lake Pleasant is pretty close to you I think.
  8. fortyfour

    Boxo USA Tools

    I'm a mechanic by trade, I have a Snap-on 3 bay roll cab at work filled with 90% Snap-on tools. At home it's a Craftsman box with a lot of mix and match stuff I picked up over the years. To be quite honest, I love my Snap-on roll cab and would buy another in a minute for work if I had to, but with that said the newest offerings in tool storage from HF aren't half bad at all and are very affordable. I'm a bit biased about tools so naturally I will suggest the Snappy stuff, but it's really what you can realistically afford that matters. I wouldn't jeopardize the marriage or retirement savings to buy the good stuff, there are a lot of decent tools on the market these days. I like Snap-on wrenches and screwdrivers because they feel good in your hand and just plain get the job done but everything else, eh, whatever you can get for a good price would do. GearWrench swivel head ratchet wrenches are the cat's meow for me, I have used them daily for years and have never broken one. Air tools are becoming a thing of the past now that 18 and 20v electric stuff is here, but they will never completely replace my IngersolRand air tools. I just put together a complete tool set to keep exclusively in the motorhome. 1/4 3/8 and 1/2 deep and shallow, all Craftsman stuff I got on eBay for cheap. I bought a lot of it at my local swap meet over a few months and the rest I picked up at HD and Lowes. I even included 3/8 and 1/2 torque wrenches in the moho because I like to know how tight things are. I think I spent about $300 on all of it.
  9. fortyfour

    300m axles 21" fits 930 cvs

    These were from Pacific Customs, they should fit a buggy with 091 or 094 and 3x3 arms with micro stubs. That's what my car had and they fit good. Splines are not twisted. Splines are 4" and can be cut down if too long . $120 shipped
  10. fortyfour

    Thoughts on Dunn tech cars

    Can you elaborate on why a 1/2" bolt is not good for this?
  11. fortyfour

    What're You Listening to Now?

  12. fortyfour

    What're You Listening to Now?

  13. fortyfour

    What're You Listening to Now?

    The Chemical Brothers
  14. fortyfour

    2006 Funco Gen 4

    Wow how'd you get your spouse to let you keep the rail in the kitchen? lol I like the green. GLWTS
  15. fortyfour

    What do you consider full bump?

    Well said. We routinely polish the belly pan over razors and have at times felt the ground on g outs even though we have plenty of clearance. haha The last compression tube on our bypass shock is cranked way in to slow down the travel near the end, it does work good for that purpose.
  16. fortyfour

    What do you consider full bump?

    Your statements regarding "your" definition of full bump were clear from the start. All I was saying, and maybe my response was too vague, was that those measurements mean little in real life. I can honestly say that everyone sets up their suspension with their shocks right out of the box because the car is always used with the rubber stop in place, the same goes with tires. It isn't up to me to tell you how to set up or make measurements on your car, or tell you how to interpret the definitions of terms for which there is no official handbook. I am after all just an armchair expert like a good portion of us. I believe the readers need to take the advice they get from a forum with a grain of sand before they rush out and begin cutting and welding on their cars. I also believe that ALL of the advice on this forum is offered in good nature so that we can all better enjoy our times in the dunes. There's more than one way to skin a cat! See you all in the dunes, friends.
  17. fortyfour

    Tire pressure for wet sand

    New Years at Buttercup we ran 20. With wet sand it always seems like you have an extra 100hp. haha
  18. fortyfour

    What do you consider full bump?

    Where do you guys come up with this stuff? Fully compressed suspension is fully compressed any way you look at it. Why does it need to be measured without the tires on the rims? Measured with the rubber bumper off of the shock? Really? It's not rocket science, it doesn't have to be made difficult, there is no complicated formula, it's just a measurement. Remove the coil springs and let it sit down as far as it will go, if there's still some space under the frame you're good. If the frame hits the ground and the shocks still have room to go then your car isn't built right. A car is never driven without tires so it doesn't need to be measured without them. Give your frame some space and call it a day.
  19. fortyfour

    An awesome weekend in the dunes.

    Went to Gordon's with some new friends and had a few awesome wind blown dune rides with the new LS2. Duned to Patton valley and had the place to ourselves. Ate breakfast at the newly remodeled diner and this view when we were leaving reminded me how fortunate we are as Americans.
  20. fortyfour

    Grade 8 or Grade 5 bolts

    My opinion here...a correctly installed and tightened grade 8 is completely adequate. I believe F911 is more bling than anything. I try not to delve too deeply into the engineering aspect of something because 1) I'm not an engineer and 2) most of the technical information I can get on the internet is just opinion from armchair experts. All I can say is my personal sand car is assembled with grade 8 bolts of unknown origin, the 1/2" suspension pivot bolt shanks go completely through the tabs and I use nylocks. I have never broken a bolt. Read at your own risk.
  21. fortyfour

    What do you consider full bump?

    Full bump is when your suspension cannot be compressed any more, whether that means there's adequate ground clearance or not. Ideally at full compression there should be at least 4 to 6 inches of clearance under the frame to the ground, measured with the tires on. Are you having bottoming out issues?
  22. fortyfour

    Honda Talon

    It just drives me insane to see all of those machines out in the dunes, they are all exactly the same. How does anyone tell them apart? How can anyone even identify others in their dune group? It's like a big game of where's Waldo.
  23. fortyfour

    2D leaking oil from front of tranny

    Surprised no one has suggested that 2" hollows would have prevented that. Seriously though, I think an Albins is in your future 😂
  24. fortyfour

    Let’s discuss Quick Release whip mounts

    They couldn't have disappeared, I just bought a brand new Buggy Whip with the light socket on top from Foddrill Motorsports at the start of this season. They will still be around when all of the other trendy whips are out of style.

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