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  1. He charged me 75.00 for the valve adjustment on my bike. Any shop around town was like 100 -120 to look at them and then the price would go to 150 if they had to fix it!
  2. You won't be disappointed! Picked it up today and man what a great guy, there was no, Well to look at it is such amount and if I actually have to work on its this much. Gave me a very good price upfront and it never changed. I had to get some extra cards so I can recommend him to everybody I know getting work done! Thanks for the info Charred1.
  3. I got to use my new lights last night and was blown away by how bright they were! Thanks KBrown, from another staisfied customer!
  4. I just installed my kit and was amazed by how easy it was to install! Now I am ready for it to be dark so I can give em' a shot!
  5. I used to play for el cap and now work for the head coach/freshmen offensive coordinator. I was supposed to coach the freshmen o-line this year but i did not have the time.
  6. Will procomp es9000 shocks fit on a 98 f150 with a 7.5" lift?
  7. Did you get a notice from Ford about needing the emmisions reflash? I have an 06 and have not received anything about this. Posted under my sons sign-on...
  8. What is the throttle response like on an automatic shenow rides a 250 ex and it has no throttle response with the shaft drive.
  9. My sister is looking at buying a Yamaha Wolverine 450, she is set on this quad because she refuses to ride anything with a clutch. So I am wondering if this quad could handle getting around and climb the hills at Superstition. So what is your .02, Kyle
  10. The year of the 6.0 fords to avoid is 03-04. We used to have an 02 f-250 great truck until it was stolen.
  12. They came out with reverse in 2005 because my 2005 ex has reverse.

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