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  1. 3dooleyz

    Powdercoat Clear Coming Off

    I believe the clear coat is coming off because of the color. It looks like the color below is anthrocite (med grey metallic) not sure if I spelled that right but anyway. My previous car had the same problem done by a very well know powder coater not concept. I was told that the clear doesn't stick to that color for some reason i heard this from multiple people in the business. Pick any other color but anthrocite and your problems will be gone.
  2. 3dooleyz

    Funco Gen 6 Spy Photo's

    Airline comes out the bottom of the bag. Mounted invert on purpose... Still you would think they could get the bags branded ass backwards ahead of time to accomodate that.... Grant, You got to love this clown... Thats one bad azz ride!!!!
  3. 3dooleyz

    Fl70 Box Truck Conversion

    I had the same idea about a larger truck with bigger brakes and stronger suspension. The only problem is the ride and the HP. I built this truck below which started out as a 24' stakebed with a liftgate and spring ride suspension. my truck had a 230 hp dt466 engine with a 5 speed allison trans. (Not enough power) i converted it to air ride suspension from a FL 70 I added PING Tanks to the rear airbags which come on high dollar diesel pushers (help with ride) . I also had the front leaf springs reduced to only the 2 main leafs. The truck ride wasnt bad without the trailer, but as soon as i added the weight of the trailer the ride went to crap. i also had 3 air ride seats still no good. I would recommend getting a larger truck with air ride and 13 speeds 2 axle. bathroom is smart because you can get it registered as a motorhome. cheaper insurance, reg. commercial insurance and reg. sucks. Good luck with your adventure...
  4. 3dooleyz

    Hinged Doors For Teryx

    Call Grant at Funco the ones they make are Awesome. They use a real car door latch so they wont rattle. also they wont open while driving due to frame flex.
  5. 3dooleyz

    Race Fuel Ticket

    I had a ticket a few years ago on a 1988 trx 250r. Leos pulled me over and put a piece of wire in my exhaust silencer to check for a spark arestor screen. I didnt have one so the ticket was like 150 if i remember right.
  6. 3dooleyz

    Removing Stock Graphics Off Toyhauler

    How old is the trailer (Graphics)? A few year old trailer the fiberglass turns a slight yellow. You might not be happy with the end result if this is true. Just a thought before you start. If you want to still do do it just put the 1 side of the trailer in direct sun this hot sunny weather is perfect for this. Use a razor blade to just start the edge of a point. Pull slowly so that the vinyl won't break. Moving slow is faster for this type job. once the vinyl is removed use goof off like jackxclan suggested. works real good. The chemical in goof off is Xylene which i buy by the gallon to do this its cheaper but stinks bad. I would use goof off first Xylene if you cant find goof off. I'm in the graphics business for the last 13 years and hate removing graphics but it part of the job... be careful with goofoff it will melt plastic if left on too long.
  7. 3dooleyz

    Season Pass, Free.

    I have one that someone can have for free....let me know if anyone wants it and I can mail it to you!
  8. 3dooleyz

    Our New Truck

    What Size Trailer you going to haul? I built an 1996 international from a 24' stake bed with a similar chassis. Our Truck was a 250 hp truck with an Allison md3060 5 speed. Sad to say but not enough power not even close. we weighed at the truck scales pulling a warrior slc3705 @ 31,000 lbs truck and trailer. This is way to much weight for that HP. Also they ride like a bull I had the front springs lightened up, put Ping tanks on the rear air bags and still what a horrible ride. So before you spend to much money on that truck. Test it first make sure you like it... Just my 2 cents hope this helps because I made the mistake already.
  9. 3dooleyz

    Reservations For Pismo

    Keep trying the Reserve America website. I got reservations for Memorial Day weekend yesterday from a cancellation.
  10. 3dooleyz

    Need Help

    The Dana is right on the bay. Very nice with a nice view!!
  11. 3dooleyz

    San Deigo Vacation

    The Dana is also nice.....Its on the bay with a grass area for the kids to play and a trail to ride bikes around. My son is 7 and we all really enjoy it when we go there!!
  12. 3dooleyz

    Helmet In Sandrail

    My son is 6 and wears a snowboarding helmet in our buggy. He loves it and it fits great and is not heavy at all!
  13. 3dooleyz

    Race Gas

    Mike, So If you do the math. A gallon of 110 is $8.19 per gallon with tax. FYI you can get F&L 110 fuel from Dewitt Petroleum in Chino, Ca. for $5.99 per gallon with tax included. Just bring a 55 gallon drum or gas cans. They dont have drums. Thats a saving of $121.00 per 55 gallons. Guy With The Truck you can get a 5er if you want.
  14. 3dooleyz

    Glamis Beach Store

    5775 E. US HWY 78 BRAWLEY, CA. 92227

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