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  1. Thanks for the help guys . I'm going to ditch the Arco light I did not like the style to begin with I just did not want to make my judgement up on looks alone . If any one wants to buy them let me know
  2. I have a 2007 Suspension unlimited car that has 4 Arco 6inch Hids on top and 2 Arco spot 6inch Hids lower as spot lights . Going back and forth if I should take that old school look away and bring it up to date with a curved 42inch led bar and 2 led 7 inch round spots for looks and better lighting . I had no clue the Arco Hids are like $350 a piece but I feel like it's lacking in Light out put compared to my RzR with a curved 32inch bar .I Just want some advise on what would put out better lighting and look better. This is what it looks like right now .
  3. I have been looking at this new 5th wheel toy haulers just can't find very much info on them . Just wondering if there are any owner of this bad ass trailers out there that have or tow around a big sand car inside of them . Especially with the slide in the living room. O want to pull the trigger and buy one just need to make sure my Suspension unlimited sand pro 2 fits . Thanks guys and if you have any pics please post them up .
  4. Is that a stock turbo Polaris ? Dam that things getting it
  5. Waite for the Turbo model coming out in couple weeks
  6. We're a good place to order some #1 sand blaster at a good price?
  7. So any one else have any info on what's coming?? Heard Yamaha is taking another swing at the real SxS market

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