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  1. There are trails to Boardmanville and all the way to the Colorado River. Use the Avenza System Map. BLM-Eastern route Imperial County Maps. Pretty good app for smart phone users. There are 100s of miles of trails that make some great riding. You can look on our Instagram page Boardmanville_Glamis there are pictures of trails and also proposed OHV Crossings. We have some important meetings next week. Keep your fingers crossed!
  2. Working on an OHV Crossing still for the Imperial Sand Dunes since this tragic accident Union Pacific has done nothing to fix this. Would like to dedicate a crossing in memory. I didn't know them, but have been reading a lot about them lately. Please be mindful of your surroundings and if any of you know any Senators, Congressmen or Women, City Council members doesn't matter where they are from to write a letter urging Union Pacific Railroad to fix the situation before another life is lost it can be emailed to me at skywonders@aol.com there is a serious push right now and all the help we can get is greatly appreciated!
  3. Boardmanville has been open last two seasons. We plan on keeping the dream alive next season also. Everyone from the County of Imperial, ASA, Dessert Coalition, even the BLM have been trying to figure out a safe viable crossing for OHVs. There are a couple opions still being worked on. The only entity who is not coming up with a viable option is Union Pacific Railroad. If anyone has any pictures of any grade crossings or washes that people used to pass under the tracks from Ogilby road to highway 78 please forward to skywonders@aol.com. Union Pacific Railroad is contending that all of those crossings were "private" crossings and they had the rights to remove them. Crossings such as Clyde or Cactus were used before Union Pacific Railroad took over that section of railroad from Southern Pacific Railroad. If your going thru your old photos or videos and come across anything please send. We are also looking for a general manager for the Boardmanville Store. Need to be a motivated individual that is familiar with marketing and setting up events and being able to update social media web sites and be customer service oriented. Send resume to skywonders@aol.com
  4. Want to remind everyone that the Boardmanville store is open!
  5. Made some progress on OHV passage to the east side of the tracks. Working on getting all parties together to get an MOU. Going to take some patience but finally some promise on the horizon!
  6. Want to let everyone know we are still working on OHV travel to and from the east side of the railroad tracks inthe imperial sand dunes. We are hoping to have something suitable soon.
  7. Same old Hank! Still raising hell!
  8. No shuttle yet. Hope soon to have OHV Access so we won't need a shuttle!
  9. Store is open for another season! We are diligently working with the Imperial County and BLM to regain OHV access to both side of the Imperial Sand Dunes and Boardmanville Store. For the time being please use street legal vehicles and cross train tracks at the 78 to Ted Kipf road take Ted Kipf road 1.5 miles you will see sign that says Boardmanville. The Railroad will be in full enforcement for trespassers so please obey signs and don't tresspass. We have 4 flat screens to watch favorites on TV. Hank will be at store from 10am till 6PM and later if there are customers! Usually Closed Tuesday's but you can call and see if he will open. If your looking for a place to have an even you can contact us at 760-566-5446 or boardmanvilleusa@yahoo.com like us on Facebook at Boardmanville Bar. Please help spread the word will post Instagram links soon! We want to thank everyone for your support and patronage! Please be safe don't drink and drive!
  10. Here are some links regarding what's happening in the Imperial Sand Dunes! http://m.yumasun.com/business/sand-slide-f...0.html?mode=jqm http://m.utsandiego.com/news/2014/Feb/22/b...-dunes-rangers/ http://m.ivpressonline.com/news/local/chan...8.html?mode=jqm If you want to help stop BLM Harassment here is link to Petition https://www.change.org/petitions/federal-la...imperial-valley
  11. Here are some articles regarding the BLM Harassment http://m.ivpressonline.com/news/local/chan...8.html?mode=jqm http://m.yumasun.com/business/sand-slide-f...0.html?mode=jqm http://m.utsandiego.com/news/2014/Feb/22/b...-dunes-rangers/ And if you haven't signed petition here is link please leave your comment when you sign. https://www.change.org/petitions/federal-la...imperial-valley
  12. Please take the time and write Congressman Vargas. They would like to hear from Imperial Sand Dune users! 380 North 8th Street, #14 El Centro, CA 92243 Phone: 760-355-8800 Fax: 760-312-9664
  13. For those of you who wonder what the phylosiphy was of why the BLM is doing what they are doing well hope I can connect the link. The STOPs are up 50% in the Imperial Sand Dunes! Well I take that as Harassment! BLM Imperial Sand Dunes Manager Tom Zales think that is this is good! Attached is also an article from Imperial Valley Press. http://m.ivpressonline.com/news/local/chan...8.html?mode=jqm United States Department of the Interior BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT El Centro Field Office 1661 S. 4th Street El Centro, CA 92243 www.ca.blm.gov/elcentro Julio Morales, January 31, 2014 Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) philosophy for law enforcement in the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA). At the beginning of the ISDRA use season, we announced that the BLM and Imperial County Sheriff's Office would be working together this year to emphasize public safety and resource protection. We wanted visitors to know that contacts would be aimed at education and outreach while priorities for enforcement would include alcohol and drug law violations, fee compliance, and the existing administrative closures. We make the State of California Off-Highway vehicle laws and the ISDRA rules and regulations available to all visitors by posting them on our website and listing them on the back of the map visitors receive when they purchase a permit. We also work with partners such as the United Desert Gateway and the American Sand Association to inform visitors, help keep them safe, and protect resource values in the ISDRA. Our BLM Law Enforcement Rangers are responsible for the enforcement of Federal laws and regulations relating to the public lands and their resources. These responsibilities include the protection of public resources and ensuring the safety of BLM employees and public land users. They are uniformed officers who provide regular and recurring patrol presence on the public lands, and make public contacts to provide visitor services, education and outreach. Law Enforcement Rangers are also authorized to conduct investigations and apprehend violators through issuance of citations and/or making arrests when these actions are necessary to protect public safety or public land resources. The delegation of law enforcement authority by the Secretary of the Interior empowers Law Enforcement Rangers to carry out their work using discretion as provided for in law (e.g., the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) of 1976, as amended) and free from interference. As Field Manager, I have responsibility for the implementation of the law enforcement and resource protection program in the El Centro Field Office, including the ISDRA. To this end, I established the priorities for enforcement that I noted above; alcohol and drug law violations, fee compliance, and the existing administrative closures. The philosophy that underlies these priorities is the intent of Congress when they established specific statutory law enforcement authority for the BLM in 1976. The House Report on FPLMA expresses this intent: "The Committee expects that the Secretary will use his law enforcement authority in a manner which will help the public abide by his rules and regulations, the objective being the preservation and protection of public resources and the public safety. Criminal prosecutions and penalties should be remedies of last resort. Emphasis should be given to the dissemination of information, the creation of a law enforcement presence which will advise the public and administrative resolution of violations rather than prosecution in the courts." BLM Law Enforcement Rangers keep records on the contacts they make with visitors in the ISDRA. The table below lists the total number of visitor contacts made by BLM Law Enforcement Rangers during the first three holiday weekends in the 2012-2013 visitor use season and during the same holiday weekends in the 2013-2014 use season. These are the weekends when visitation is the highest. The table also lists the number of contacts that were made for violations, and breaks those down by number of warnings, citations, and arrests. Last year, only about 6 percent of all visitor contacts resulted in a citation or arrest. This year, only about 4 percent of all visitor contacts resulted in a citation or arrest. Visitor Contacts Contacts Made For Violations Citations 2012-2013 4,663 (19% of all contacts) 1,378 (5% of all contacts (29% of all violations) 2013-2014 6,519 (17% of all contacts) 1,400 (4% of all contacts) (21% of all violations) 24,513 37,399 3,285 (13% of all contacts) (70% of all violations) 5,047 (13% of all contacts) (77% of all violations) Warnings Arrests 130 (.5% of all contacts (<1% of all violations) 72 (.2% of all contacts) (<1% of all violations) These statistics reflect the implementation of a fair, but firm law enforcement and resource protection program aimed at protecting public resources and ensuring the safety of BLM employees and public land users. Our Law Enforcement Rangers are the BLM's most visible ambassadors to public land users. They are there to educate, assist, and protect. They exercise their law enforcement authority (i.e. warnings, citations or arrests) only when necessary to protect public safety or public land resources. They maintain a visible, friendly presence on the public lands, serving as a "welcome neighbor or guide" to those who use the ISDRA and as a deterrent to visitors who might misuse public resources or threaten public safety. Visitors can help us manage safe, family-friendly recreation in the ISDRA by adhering to the State of California Off-Highway Vehicle laws and the ISDRA rules and regulations. By not driving while under the influence of alcohol, not using illegal drugs, registering vehicles, purchasing dunes permits, and honoring the administrative closures, visitors can avoid being counted among the few that actually receive a citation or are arrested in the ISDRA. Thank you for interest in the ISDRA. Please let me know if you have any additional questions about our work. Thomas Zale Field Manager
  14. Imperial Valley Press is doing an article about BLM Issues in the Imperial Valley please contact Julio Morales Staff Writer/Copy Writer Imperial Valley Press El Centro, Calif. 760-337-3415 He wants to hear your stories and has taken a real interest in the issues that the Imperial Sand Dune users are having.
  15. So BLM parks on county road and stops a stock Toyota 4runner for no mud flaps. Tires don't stick out. The an hour later on same road BLM pulls over same 4runner for no front lic plate. This is ridiculas! There are 1000s in the Sand Dunes this weekend and your pulling someone over for no mud flaps? Serious! STOP BLM HARASSMENT! If you haven't signed petition please do and leave comment! Send to your friends thru Facebook and email! This abuse has to STOP! https://www.change.org/petitions/federal-la...imperial-valley

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