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  1. My alcohol 2332 has a 66mm turbo we make 22lbs of boost as we let out the clutch and 32lbs on the top my alcohol 2950 has a 76mm turbo we make about 20lbs when we let the clutch out and 45 on the top my nitro 3150 has a 86mm turbo, we have not run this yet but it should be about 20lbs and 35lbs
  2. I have a 76mm gtx4202r turbo on my Vw and was curious on thoughts
  3. Coming from the 7.3 towing a 17k to this truck is amazing. Can barely even tell the trailer was back there
  4. Lol that’s funny as shit, and totally true.
  5. Oh I am, my old tow vehicle was a 2002 f350 drw 7.3. My daily driver is a 2015 2500 duramax Ltz on days I decide to drive. im sitting here reading up on this thing, lots to learn about this truck.
  6. Nah, not really honestly. Yes it’s nice but I look at trucks like this every day at work. I’ll be excited when we leave Christmas Day with the 5th wheel, I wanna see how it pulls. Hopefully it has a two hundred miles on it by then
  7. Finally got the truck picked up today
  8. Well the truck arrived at the dealer over the weekend, gonna pick it up Wednesday. It had an expected delivery date of dec 24
  9. Like I said there isn’t much if any rebates currently available. The price will be what is for the time of year and a 2020. We do a lot of work for the dealer and we push a lot of customers to them, they take care of me of me pretty good. By the end of the month they will owe us about 160k.
  10. I have not worked on the numbers yet but the sticker was about 82k. There are no incentives or rebates for the 2020”s yet that I have seen so it won’t be cheap. I’ll know more once i go down look at the invoice and pick it up
  11. You only live once they say

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