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  1. In Excess


    427 small block
  2. In Excess

    Programming channels / Vertex radio

    Lol yep I programmed two of these rm60 radios over the weekend to fix that issue
  3. In Excess

    Band saw

    It kinda works, might need a new motor free, come get it, located in lake Elsinore. 714-397-1700
  4. My grandma is 91 and lives on her own still. She was driving and working until 87 years old stocking shelves at Walmart at night until a truck ran a stop sign and hit her and we said no more. She’s been in a 55 plus community for about 2 years now......she takes a cab to the mall to go shopping, doesn’t want to hang out with those old people in the community. we got her an iPhone a few weeks ago, that was a challenge but she’s figuring it out when she goes out for margaritas
  5. In Excess

    Paint Like A Pro

    I wish I still had the time to paint cars probably had the best times during that period, roughly 18 years old. Painted a few fire trucks for my grandfather, he had a really good painter that taught me a lot in the day and had to fill in now and then. did a bunch of custom cars for awhile, learned to fix all the cars I wrecked and or scratched. I thinks it been 10 years since I picked up my spray gun. Too much work for me now, I have a guy that does it for me now. Wish I had more space to do a project car again
  6. In Excess

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    Wow that’s crazy about sprinklers. My building is 5000 sq ft in riverside county (built 2006) and no issues hardly at all. Start to finish for me was about 5 months.
  7. In Excess

    Original owners - How long have you had your buggy?

    1997 old school
  8. In Excess

    question for contractors...

    99% of my work is for a municipality in some way, been in business 25 years. Have had some tough pays over time. We get paid within 30 days on almost everything now. Always have a P.O. , all change orders in writing, sign up for eft......
  9. In Excess

    If boobs were motors, what would they be??

    My little a’s will get it done just fine this year........1000 hp is enough isn’t it?
  10. Your hot my love! ❤️

  11. In Excess

    Any plumbers on here?

    I’m following this, my parents are in this boat.... early 1950’s house clay sewer pipe, roots clog it twice a year, it’s under their concrete driveway, length is about 150-200 ft though
  12. In Excess

    Tricks on lifting triple axle to change tires

    I’ve used curbs in a Walmart once, fire wood, and so on. There is always something around
  13. In Excess

    Did the store sell to Polaris?

    I heard that those who bought can ams will be banned from the property and no pizza, can they do this ?

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