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  1. I would assume they will. They know me by name, we take our shop vehicles there for service, their biggest customer is one of our customers as well, I still haven’t paid for what I had done, if they don’t pay I have others ways to convince them it’s the right way to go
  2. They called and prepared me for it , honestly it didn’t help much as I only had it back for a week from the gf texting and driving and getting hit by the electric gates closing , just been a rough couple of weeks
  3. Went and got new shoes for my 2500 silverado. Somebody screwed up, it fell off the lift. Wtf. Not a lot of damage but still, needs new amp step and lower part of body cut out and replaced....
  4. I have a bunch of options available, most are probably too expensive I will say both Truck mounted or on poles. we have Whelen, Ecco/ code-3, Frc, firetech, wil-Burt, federal signal, and a couple others to choose from. i have a pair on my box trailer that are 16000 lumens each from Whelen I’ll be back in the office in 30 minutes 714-397-1700
  5. In Excess

    Wanted: Race Radio

    I’m a Kenwood dealer if the vertex doesn’t work out
  6. These isolators suck, .5 voltage drop across the legs and they generate a lot of heat. We quit using these in the 1980’s
  7. Lol yep I programmed two of these rm60 radios over the weekend to fix that issue
  8. In Excess

    Band saw

    It kinda works, might need a new motor free, come get it, located in lake Elsinore. 714-397-1700
  9. My grandma is 91 and lives on her own still. She was driving and working until 87 years old stocking shelves at Walmart at night until a truck ran a stop sign and hit her and we said no more. She’s been in a 55 plus community for about 2 years now......she takes a cab to the mall to go shopping, doesn’t want to hang out with those old people in the community. we got her an iPhone a few weeks ago, that was a challenge but she’s figuring it out when she goes out for margaritas
  10. I wish I still had the time to paint cars probably had the best times during that period, roughly 18 years old. Painted a few fire trucks for my grandfather, he had a really good painter that taught me a lot in the day and had to fill in now and then. did a bunch of custom cars for awhile, learned to fix all the cars I wrecked and or scratched. I thinks it been 10 years since I picked up my spray gun. Too much work for me now, I have a guy that does it for me now. Wish I had more space to do a project car again

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