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  1. Can’t wait till it shows up so we can go out this year. ETA of dec 24, it’s on a rail car passing through Utah today. 2020 f350 4x4 cc Drw 6.7, replacing a 2001 with same configuration that I recently sold
  2. I paid off everything including our house, burying the money in coffee cans in backyard this year
  3. Need gone message me if you have any interest, needs head gasket, still runs, barely
  4. Sorry for your loss, we just had to put our pug down last night. Two days ago sitting outside having a good day, yesterday she woke us up at 5am screaming and having seizures. She had lost her vision a year ago. The dr’s are assuming a brain tumor. Very sad to lose these pets. Our girl was 12.5 years old
  5. I would assume they will. They know me by name, we take our shop vehicles there for service, their biggest customer is one of our customers as well, I still haven’t paid for what I had done, if they don’t pay I have others ways to convince them it’s the right way to go
  6. They called and prepared me for it , honestly it didn’t help much as I only had it back for a week from the gf texting and driving and getting hit by the electric gates closing , just been a rough couple of weeks
  7. Went and got new shoes for my 2500 silverado. Somebody screwed up, it fell off the lift. Wtf. Not a lot of damage but still, needs new amp step and lower part of body cut out and replaced....
  8. I have a bunch of options available, most are probably too expensive I will say both Truck mounted or on poles. we have Whelen, Ecco/ code-3, Frc, firetech, wil-Burt, federal signal, and a couple others to choose from. i have a pair on my box trailer that are 16000 lumens each from Whelen I’ll be back in the office in 30 minutes 714-397-1700
  9. In Excess

    Wanted: Race Radio

    I’m a Kenwood dealer if the vertex doesn’t work out
  10. These isolators suck, .5 voltage drop across the legs and they generate a lot of heat. We quit using these in the 1980’s

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