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  1. You too bro, I was pushing 49(Feb '20) I wasn't ready for 50. Glad I made it this year, wish I could remember more of the day
  2. It was nice to see the few that we got to see yesterday, see ya again shortly
  3. @Mac I believe had to do this to fit his new boat in their garage, he could probably provide some great input.
  4. My doc told me not to get it because I'd already had the virus. He said the new antibodies could/would attack what my body created naturally and it could basically kill my immune system. I'll take what comes my way, I'm not getting it. BTW, I was 48 when I had this crap...
  5. If 45 were in office the entire left side of the spectrum would be giving it the finger. That was kind of my point
  6. Do you think the number is going to be honestly published? Why do the big 3 all have immunity from prosecution for lasting side effects or wrongful death? Some are reporting more deaths from the vax then the disease this year but of course that will all be refuted by MSM. If 45 was still in office and pushing this do you think we'd see the same push to get it? We could this debate all day, but the truth is WE will NEVER know the truth. That being said, this is a right to choose deal. The right to choose to get it, to not get it, to hang out with or not to hang out with people who have made the same choices.
  7. The one's you missed, big side effect of getting vaxed could also be death. It's happened way to much but they won't tell you that part. I have a friend currently in the hospital on a vent that was also vaxed and his prognosis isn't good. Getting pricked isn't the savior so many are making it out to be.
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  10. Just got a text back from his sister Nicole @TheWrenchWench and she said they will be having a memorial bbq 10/23 for any or all that want to attend, will post more as it becomes available.
  11. This sucks, RIP my friend
  12. never mind the fact that he's a complete piece of S H I T
  13. We're struggling with the same thing but it's compounded by having a 9yr old. If it were just the 2 of us, I'd be gone tomorrow. Eff the job(been at mine for 27 years) I'll either start my own in my trade or learn something new. You're never tool old to learn a new skill.
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