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  1. Well f@k, better cancel Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving etc. I mean they already cancelled Columbus Day...
  2. I caved, been trying not to spend too much time online...
  3. The Joint Chiefs are all conservative now, the canned the "one" liberal
  4. WTF are you holding our on us?!?
  5. I don't know his source, but I do know a group of elders(my inlaws and all their friends) from Redondo, Manhatten and Hermosa that all had the first shot by the beginning of January. They were all of the mindset that they would absolutely perish without it so they all rushed in as soon as it was announced. Wouldn't really be a surprise if the number was close
  6. as an R guy, I'd tend to pay a little more if it's super clean. They go anywhere from 2500-6k
  7. @HEADINJURY may have a difference of opinion on this statement. I know you said proven, but will they ever really tell us if it happens? I mean, knowing how corrupt the system is...
  8. was sad when we saw the news, RIP sir
  9. Congrats to you and your beautiful bride on building your dreams! Hopefully J and I won't be far behind 😉
  10. get in line effer
  11. I'm doing my whole house myself and while the stuff that's done is done to my OCD standards, I'm out of motivation and running short one funds now lol(we bough 2510 sqft of 1973 and it's killing me!
  12. looks awesome! Wanna come finish mine please
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