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  1. sounds to me like they'd rather see the patient die than risk their career... eff that Dr
  2. My wife recently asked me the hypothetical "what happens if they start locking everyting down and China comes?". My reply was go hide in the basement at your parents place with the kid/s because I'm probably not coming back... I'm honestly ready to start stacking bodies. I'm sick of these effing "elected officials" selling us out.
  3. As discussed last night, I hope all 5500 walk out and give them the finger. I'll never spend another penny on their chit.
  4. Lester Holt is a lying POS... "the stock market has risen" tell that chit to my 401K! FJB
  5. They(VA) just guilted my dad into the 3rd shot(booster) by reminding him that's he's in remission from cancer and that covid could kill him, what he doesn't realize is that the shot could kill him faster. Sad really...
  6. As much as I hate some of the rules, you're right... can't have it both ways.(well, we can't anyway )
  7. this is why so many people opt to live "homeless and free" you can't tax those who do not contribute
  8. they've already effed us into oblivion with our current tax schedules, why not make retirement completely unobtainable... fuk ca
  9. You can believe all they hype if you want, I know covid exists... I also know it was manufactured. Additionally there is proof that the drug co has a patent(can be found on the patent website) on the virus which proves it's man made vs being natural. I have seen panel after panel of Dr's and lecturers state how bad these so called vaccines are so I'll take my chances. I lived though CV19 in Feb 2020 before it was "the thing to have" and doctors didn't even know what the hell it was. My body is effed up enough from the experimental drugs/vax's we got in 91 & 92 when I was enlisted. I'm not doing that crap again. I just find it amazing that until now, there hasn't been a case of the common cold or flu, everything has been attributed to covid.
  10. incendiary devices would definitely need to be used...
  11. https://thetruthiswhere.wordpress.com/2021/06/26/cdc-sued-for-fraud-by-7-universities/
  12. so much for 2 weeks to cure the world
  13. I didn't say it wasn't a complete dik move, I just said it's not CRIMINAL behavior

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