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  1. Yes, I saw a recent interview and she's still so full of energy and looks great. Age is but a number these days
  2. Barbara Eden is still HOT all these years later!
  3. showing our age by understanding the fact that very few probably get that...
  4. https://openjustice.doj.ca.gov/data-stories/firearms-data-portal this is why, my guess is it's down because of the millions that have lawyered up, or he was getting death threats...
  5. so in layman's terms, everywhere where people are most vulnerable... again, EFF THIS STATE
  6. Many of us have had way more training than those with CCW's... FFS, many of us have had way more training and life experience than most of the LEO that's carry every day for that matter. CC vs CCW doesn't really mean anything.
  7. this is why I constitutional carry... fuk ca rule and all their bs
  8. my company is one, all I get is anti-white chit every single effing day from our HR department
  9. up for the AK, down for the AR... AK reliability being what it is currently
  10. They know what they're doing... desensitizing the nation into people that just don't care anymore.
  11. still waiting for you to show up
  12. They did my enclosed when I brought it back from Vegas as well, took all of 10 minutes
  13. Sunrise Ford PArts in FOntana, ask for Shawn and tell him you're from GD or SOCAPS
  14. with all the other pics posted, I saw all the property and was just surprised to see a house that close. It's definitely a SBA pad for sure

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