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  1. You hear many stories about good people here on Glamis dunes and I want to thank Chevy5150 (Andrew). In 2015 I posted about looking for homes and a loan company to help me through the headache of buying a home let alone a first home. Andrew made it such a breeze! 5 years later, with some equity in our home I called him up to see if I could re finance at a better rate that I currently have and pull out some money to add a master bathroom and living space. Yet again Andrew did wonders for my wife and I. We pulled out a decent amount and have a lower interest rate on our home. It was again such a breeze! Just want to say thank you to the board, and Andrew. I highly recommend giving him a call if you plan on buying a home, want some equity or refinancing.
  2. Ill ask the guys at my work and see if anyone is looking for a box. (in Mira Loma) thats a great freaking deal!
  3. I have a 2003 Honda XR70. It lost compression. I'm assuming the rings or piston are shot. Previous owner used to leave the fuel on and kill the carb or overflow the carb with the float getting stuck. Anyways, wheres the best deal on getting a cylinder and piston and misc hardware these days. heard I can do a big bore with just bolting on a cylinder and piston for a fair price?
  4. GWTT

    WTB Raptor 125

    look for the TTR125 handbook or info and its practically the same.
  5. What engine is the dip stick assembly out of? I need an LS3 for my holley muscle car oil pan setup
  6. If you knew the part number on the turbos and waste gates would help. Very interested.
  7. <----- Been racing with them for quite some time. I wouldn't want to race a quad in the desert or GP without them. For Mx use where you need to feel the from suspension where you need to preload your suspension i feel they can hinder that. they will save your wrists from poor judgement or lack of power on a landing. IF you buy a used set, id recommend either sending them in or order a rebuild kit.
  8. When the petcock failed I bet is kept leaking into the carb bowl at a slow rate, then into the cylinder, past the rings and then into the crankcase. My CRF70 just gave up the ghost (piston rings) from previous owner leaving the fuel on had vanish build up on the needle and seat thus would always leak fuel into the cylinder as a slow rate.
  9. I’ve been trying to locate a special child seat Teather/anchor mount for my 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 extended cab (newer body style not the 88-98) There was a service bulletin issued back way before I even owned the truck 99-09-40-400a my truck did not come equipped with one originally but have seen others with it. My daughter is almost too tall to be rear facing and I can’t put it front facing without the Teather. I found one in a part out of a truck but they want $80 for something GM in good faith would give a customer free of charge. Any help would be great!
  10. GWTT

    SuperCross A2

    I got section 237 row A you automatically 10 ft up and front row now standing and could see all but one spot of the track due to that stupid lounge in the middle of the field. Everything happened I front of us. The. The right outfield is the closet highest view then I’d say go upper levels

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