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  1. I took this off my 5'er a month ago. It suddenly stopped finding signal, I think it's because it's outdated and/or the receiver is outdated, so I changed out my antenna and receiver box. If anyone needs it for parts or whatever, you're welcome to it, it's going in the trash. Ladder for Weekend Warrior trailer H
  2. Did you already take the seal out of the Blue Top cap?
  3. I was just talking to friend of mine today who has a 2013 with 170k miles, and his pump just went out. He said the pump explodes internally and the aluminum goes into the injectors. $11k to fix. Yikes. I'm gonna keep my 2007 LBZ, I bough it new and still going strong.
  4. I have the same set up as Banshee, I borrowed a set of this bigger combo and ran it on my car. It was "longer", I was in second where I might have been in third, and they make my car wider where I would have to change the rears to drive into my WW wide body trailer. But, like I said, the improvement in the ride was very noticeable. A couple of guys in my group did the change last season and say once they got used to the small change in the gearing it was not that noticeable and the ride much better. About $2k for all four
  5. You will feel a change in the gearing, but you have the power to pull it. The best thing is you will feel a big change in the ride. It will be smoother over the chop and bumps, and way better diving into holes. Very noticeable. Bigger tires make the bumps smaller. It's worth it.
  6. Really what don't people get, It's easy to understand.
  7. Thanks for the offer, but I'll pass. H
  8. OEM Buick factory supercharged V-6 motor, tuned by CBM, Bus box, hood, windshield. I don't know much about it, senior owned, stored in trailer for 4-5 years, rarely driven, low use. Call Wayne for details. 909 725 4096 Located in San Bernardino Baseline and Tippicanoe Wayne Head Rv Storage.
  9. 3.750 W/10 grooves. Came off CBM LS2 $75 + shipping
  10. Congrats! Now Bill can buy the beer this weekend.....

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