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  1. Roaddog

    Toys for Big Boys. 4 seater. $15k.

    Yes, call Wayne.
  2. Roaddog

    Already at an impasse on my New to me car

    I think, based on your current cars, if you decide to keep this car, you have to put that V-8 in there or you'll never be happy. What's in there now is okay, but nothing beats the torque or the drive-ability of a V8. You have the motor, and you're a fabricator, you can do it, just be sure you set that motor/trans up properly as Alper said. You gotta get that right so everything else falls in to place, like the proper Cv's and axle angle, and how the motor sits in there. The combo spindles gotta go, they are gonna break and leave you stranded. Mid-boards, don't need 'em. a quality stub axle is fine. Your shock package is limited but will work okay with some tuning but don't expect a lot out of it. The member who said drive it first, to see if you like the ride, is right, but don't know it that fits into your time frame. Do a turn around trip to G and test it? Gonna keep the car? blow it apart, start selling stuff, get a trans, and get to fabricatin' and bending some pipe. Orrrrr, sell everything and put together enough cash to steal a V8, 2d, dual-shock car that will probably pop up this summer as someone decides to dump their car for a new SXS. Those little dune buggies you buy today, finance and insure, and be in the dunes tomorrow.....oops did I say that. : ) Likely you will run over budget, and true, these are the dumbest thing we could have ever bought because we are always spending money on them, and when it comes to resale and investment, losers, but.... it's the most exciting and fun F'ing thing and toy I have ever owned. Good luck, get busy.....H
  3. Roaddog

    Looking for a used truck.

    I still have my 2007HD Classic I bought new, 185k miles, still original brakes and only a wheel bearing gone bad. The price of new scares me off. Never chipped or lifted, box stock. Love this truck, can't sell it. H
  4. Roaddog

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    I agree. I have family in teaching and the pay is just okay. Most have put in so much time, work and money, getting the education they need for these jobs. They are disrespected by the kids and parents who expect the schools to raise them. They put in extra time of their own prepping for class and tutoring. The school where my daughter works is high crime, bomb threats, gangs and fights about everyday. She worked her A## off and has $60k in student debt to get her masters to teach. Sometimes you wonder, take that degree else where and make the money, but she cares about the kids. H
  5. Listing for friend, has not been ridden for two years...elderly. 2003 Ultra Classic, 100 year anniversary model, mint condition, 7500 miles $9500 Call Wayne at 909 725 4096
  6. Listing for a neighbor of mine. I don't have any knowledge of the MH other than it looks nice, this is his description sheet: 2003 Fleetwood Expedition 34 ft RV Diesel Pusher Motorhome LOW MILES! Only 39,500 RARE FIND! Significant top-tier renovations throughout! Freightliner Chassis, Cummins ISB Turbo Diesel, Allison Trans., Air Ride Suspension, Power Awning, Swivel Seats, Level Jacks, Bed Speakers, Surround Sound, Convection Micro and Oven, Onan Quiet Diesel Generator, Inverter!! Replaced and upgraded top-tier components: Fully electric captain & co-captain chairs including electric footrest in co-captain’s chair. All in luxurious leatherette Window treatments throughout with day/night shades. Flat screen TVs Dimmer switches throughout coach and new wall sconces in dining area Bathroom renovated with granite countertop, new mirrors and lighting Mirrors installed on back wall of kitchen and dining area Solar panel and fuel cell equipped Winegard satellite dish with satellite tracking for Direct TV New Michelin tires and aluminum alloy wheels Four new house batteries Four door refrigerator/freezer with ice maker All engine and generator oil and fuel filters replaced December 2018 THIS BEAUTIFUL MOTORCOACH IS TURNKEY AND READY TO ROLL!!! Call 909-838-0637 for more information
  7. Roaddog

    Glamis this morning

    We did air up and had a great time. The sand was smooth and we had some great runs. I did break a hiem but I don't think it was thick sand, it was a damn witch eye got me. Had a spare and we were duning again. See ya H
  8. Roaddog

    Glamis this morning

    lol, yer killing me...... Here's what is not cool, you chiming in about bottles. Not my first Rodeo. is that your quote...Don't worry about what I have? ha ha
  9. Roaddog

    Glamis this morning

    Hi should be let’s get together. Get yer tires/spacers done? Better looking morning today and yesterday dunes were great. H
  10. Roaddog

    Glamis this morning

    We will be laying down tracks. It was wet yesterday and the dunes were good. Nice runs. H
  11. Roaddog

    Glamis this morning

    Rain last night, woke up to this. ?
  12. Toys for Big Boys 4 seater with stock Buick V-6 supercharged motor. Very Low use by elderly owners never abused or driven hard. Great Cruiser and duner. Located at Waynes RV storage in San Bernardino The car is in a trailer and these are the only photos he had, I can try to get more if someone is interested. It is a really clean car. 1/2 the cost of a SXS. Call Wayne at 909 725 4096
  13. Roaddog

    school me on the new Rams/Cummins

    Hi Adam, like you I have a 07 Duramax crew cab 4x4 I bought new. It now has 195k miles. No chip, no lift just stock. Still has the original brakes, I've done one front wheel bearing, a couple of glow plugs, batteries and that's it, and it's lived it's life towing 40' toy trailers and boats and MC's to Sturgis, Havasu and Glamis and has never let me down. The Dodges may be a great truck, but it's hard to beat the D-Max. My next would be a GMC Denali, but I need to win the lotto......Good luck. H

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